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Thread: AGT - Ways to Improve the Show

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    Re: AGT - Ways to Improve the Show

    Ditch the judges and find a host that isn't annoying. I enjoyed watching the acts (most of them), but I hated listening to the judges. After the auditions episodes the judges were superfluous and their advice was often contradictory. I really don't care what David Hasselhoff thinks about anything.
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    Re: AGT - Ways to Improve the Show

    I wish in the Finale they would just leave the horrible performers to our memories. It seems like such a waste of space. I'd rather see the finalists from last year come back to perform one more time like the quick change people.

    I also dislike this on AI. They've already been given their 15 mins. and really don't need more face time for bad performances.

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    Re: AGT - Ways to Improve the Show

    How to improve, hmmm. Keep Piers. Keep Sharon. Keep Hoff. Keep the crappy acts, including the singers who for whatever reason couldn't make it on Idol. Oh yeah -- keep Springer, and rename this train wreck America's Got Problems!

    P.S. Gotta say, though -- I liked Terry Fator.
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