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Thread: 8-16-2006 Who should win – Purely My Opinion. What’s yours? C’mon, don’t be shy!

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    8-16-2006 Who should win – Purely My Opinion. What’s yours? C’mon, don’t be shy!

    Amongst the filler, fluff and commercials there was some show. Finally, when you omit the repetitive acts and bad acts, there was a good five to ten minutes of entertainment.

    I had a harder time rating the acts than usual. This is not the order that I would have expected.

    1. Taylor Ware – Yodel Girl!!! Anyone who has read my posts knows that Taylor is my favorite. OK…I’m a sucker for adorable and talented. And it’s so nice to see a girl act sweet and charming and not tough and “cool”. Furthermore, in today’s world, she has a unique talent. If I had been asked how I felt about yodeling before Taylor, my response would have been. “Huh? Yodeling? Uh,…I saw the Sound of Music.” But she truly makes me enjoy it. I’m glad she’s starting to show her singing more too. She can sing and I think she can grow her career into a singer. I like her singing much better than Bianca’s screaming and screeching. She can totally belt out a song and be pleasant at the same time. She is alive and sweet and talented.

    2. Passing Zone – Jugglers/Comedians – Their act was snappy and fun. I’ve liked them all along but they were even better than I expected. Forcing Hasselhoff into the mix was fun. Everyone loves an uncomfortable situation. I loved the “dropping” of the sickle to increase the tension. They are funny too. “Are you nervous?..Yeah…Actually, I wasn’t talking to you.” Their act really sucked me in…I ranked them higher than I thought that I would. I loved the get up and they torches and “risking” the Hoff’s life. I think they have a career too. They also switch up and have a unique twist every time. Chainsaw juggling is always fun…As is making fun of quick change. They’re spontaneously funny too.

    3. Realis – Gymnastic Dancers –At first I though that they are very good but I’m not so sure that it’s a marketable act. OK, that was pretty amazing. Yeah, I’d pay to see that. I agree with Piers about the music but that is a minor detail in their act.

    4. Celtic Spring – Irish Dancers/Muscians –They can totally out tap and out dance All That and they play music to boot. However, that was not their best and they weren’t the best. I think they are talented but they are not the best cloggers or Irish folk musicians that I’ve seen. I think they might be on their way though.

    5. At Last – A Cappella singing group – They were very good. They had a good song selection with “Killing Me Softly”. Their harmonies were great. I liked the drums and enlarging the act. I can see them really having an album and concert tour. Win or not, they will have a successful career.

    6. All That – They really stepped it up this time. I thought they were much better than before. They were better but still not the best of the genre that I’ve seen. To win, they should be the best of the best of what they do.

    7. Spazmonica and his Brother - The Miller Brothers – Musical Duet– First of all, I can’t stand the kid. It’s like watching Joe Cocker without the musical talent or dashing good looks. (I know I already used that line but it still holds true.) I call them a musical duet because the brother can play and sings OK… Well, actually, no, not really. Anyway, the little brother aka Spazmonica is so annoying that it ruins all semblance of being music. I will say that this time I did actually see him carry a tune here and there before he spazzed off. Another thing it is the same act every time. They are a mediocre cover band with some additional spazzing.

    8. Quick Change – True it is the same act as always but what an act. However, it gets old after a few times. I think that they can make it in Vegas and touring but they probably won’t get many repeat customers. Would I pay to see them? No, seen it; done that; been there. Also, this time I did see the purple dress drop down with the curtain. I think that the outfits are connected to the curtains. I like the act but they don’t rank at the top. Their arrogance is a bit annoying too.

    9. Bianca Ryan – I’m pretty sure that I’m way off base with most people’s ranking of her but as I said, it’s purely my opinion. To be fair, I really don’t like that type of wailing and screaming in lieu of singing. She started boring and developed into annoying. I do think she can sing and belt out a song. However, there have been so few people that can belt out a song without being annoying. She isn’t one of them. Furthermore, I also just don’t like seeing little girls playing grown up. She’s emulating adults without having the experience for the emotion and it comes across false. If it was a loudness and wailing contest; she’d win. Even though she can sing, I think she’s awful.

    10. Rappin’ Granny – Ugh!!! Why are people so afraid to say she sucks…She takes an ugly yet boring genre to new heights of uselessness. She isn’t worth a million pre-WWII Deutsch Marks. (For those of you that don’t know…In 1923, at the most fevered moment of the German hyperinflation, the exchange rate between the dollar and the Mark was one trillion Marks to one dollar, ....) Would I rather listen to Rappin’ Granny or have my underpants full of fire ants…Hmmmm.

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    I'm not afraid to say that Rappin' Granny is terrible; why she got in ahead of Nathan Burton is beyond me. No way is her "talent" worth $5, let alone a million.

    I don't care for Bianca, either. While her song was better tonight (I *hate* it when children sing love songs) I still think that she forces her notes too often, and tries to put little vocal flourishes in that come across as fake. So she's loud--so what?

    I like Taylor, but not $1M worth. She is adorably cute, though, and doesn't talk back or act older than she is.

    I liked QC the first few times that I saw them, but they needed a different routine. If they do an hour-long show, where was the rest of it?

    At Last--eh. I liked them before, but wasn't crazy about their song tonight.

    Celtic Spring is good, but as I saw stated on another board, they should have drilled it into the youngest boy's head to smile as he danced. Then his lack of prowess wouldn't have been so front-and-center.

    The Millers--I concede that LD is talented, but I still prefer something with some musicality and a melody, not a bunch of spazmodic notes connected together.

    My three favorites tonight were All That, Passing Zone and Rialis. Even though Passing Zone's stuff throughout the show was all part of an act that they've done before, I still found them funny and fun to watch. All That was energetic, well-coordinated and entertaining. Rialis just made me ooh and ahh, and wish that I could do what they did.

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    I only saw a few acts tonight, but based on consistancy, I'd say either Passing Zone, All That, Celtic Spring, Quick Change, Bianca Ryan, or Rappin' Granny should win. Agh, that's too many, I'll narrow it down. As far as talent goes, I'd say All That, Celtic Spring, Quick Change, or Bianca Ryan. Passing Zone and Rappin' Granny made me laugh, and I really enjoyed their acts, but there's not much talent in either, IMO. Tonight wasn't All That's best performance, they do better with a fast song. Celtic Spring was great, I can't believe the real little kids! Quick Change is just amazing, I can't even begin to imagine what goes into that act, I can't figure it out! Bianca Ryan is a POWERHOUSE! Her voice is better sounding than young Christina Aguliera's if you ask me!

    So overall, if I had to choose only one, it would probably be Celtic Spring .. they have the most raw talent.

    Oh, and I don't understand the infatuation with Taylor Ware. She's just a cute girl who yodels, and who tries to sing. (I feel bad for saying that, but it's true.)
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    My favorite by far tonight was Bianca. The girl is ABSOULTELTY amazing. She will definately win this competition and I don't think anyone has much of a chance at beating her.

    Congratulations on winning the first series Bianca!

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    Well I just got to say that all 10 of my votes went to Bianca. I wanted to throw a couple to Taylor, I loved the way mixed it up tonight, what the heck is Brandy talking about?, but I couldn't bring myself to vote for anyone but Bianca. She's more than just a big voice, that girl commands the stage and makes you stand up. I just watched her "And I Am Telling You" audition again. I think that's one the all time great performances on Reality TV.
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    Well, its time for the last episode of America's got medicore talent, where we saw a geriatric grandmother shout, a yolder, a harmonic player, people changing clothes, not one but two groups banging thier feet.

    Worth a million
    1. At Last – A Cappella singing group - They are going to make more than a million. They will not win. America votes for crap, so I expect Biance the oversigner to win. Nevertheless, At Last got the exposure and will be making a ton of cash

    I'd pay to see
    2. Quick Change
    3. Passing Zone
    Both Quick change and the Passing zone will be headlining in vegas. They are both solid acts.

    Someone needs to hire them
    4. Realis – Gymnastic Dancers
    5. Taylor Ware – Yodel Girl
    No way Realis can hold an entire show solo, but those zoomani poeple should hire them.
    Taylor's yodeling is pretty silly, but she'd make a good country singer

    Heck guess what folks, you don't need talent, just oversign it or over play it
    6. Spazmonica and his Brother
    7. Bianca Ryan - Nice backstory, a modicum of talent, oversings it. But heck it worked for Fantasia, from nowhere, to winner, to 4.99 cd bin, to movie of the week.

    They tap. wow. *tap* *tap* give me a million. BFD
    8. Celtic Spring
    9. All That

    10. Rappin’ Granny

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    I was pleasantly surprised that the acts were so "fresh". Actually, a lot of them were fresh when we first saw them. The yodeler seemed to me to be too polished w/her entourage. I much preferred her yodeling by herself. I thought torch singer was much improved-sing what you know you can sing. I loved all the dancing, altho' the Celtics need to learn humility (to me). I thought Realis was great and, (in my humble opinion) should have stressed the athleticism rather than the showmanship. Quickchange should have stayed home. They did not do any different things except change the music and have more people on the stage and use Brandy. Ho hum. I absolutely love the juggling act and the harmonic Millers.

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    Well I don't think Bianca will become a star until she's older. It's sort of like how all the young girls started out on Star Search and when they became of age they were major stars (Brittany, Beyonce, and Christina)

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    To win, they should be the best of the best of what they do.

    Amadeus, I don't know if I can agree with this statement. Very few (any?) of these acts are the best of the best. It's time to choose the best from what was presented, and I am having a hard time comparing apples to oranges to grapes. After second and third looks, based on talent only and not an ability to carry a solo show, I liked - not necessarily in this order:

    1. Taylor Ware - even though I do not like country music, she has loads of talent.
    2. All That - for the energy and enthusiasm they generate within the audience. I thought they danced better last night than in the past.
    3. Passing Zone - originally not a favorite, but I liked their humor.
    4. Realis - for some reason, I find them mezmerizing and I liked the music they chose.

    I would not want to see win:
    5. Bianca - it's creepy to hear those lyrics come out of a child's mouth.
    6. Rappin' Granny - it's creepy to hear those lyrics come out of anyone's mouth.
    7. Quick Change - needs to change, quickly.

    My kids say the world doesn't need another boy band, and I have to agree, so At Last doesn't get my vote. Harmonica Boy and Celtic Spring - meh.
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    The only acts in the finals that I enjoyed were Bianca Ryan and Taylor Ware. I hope Bianca wins.
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