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Thread: 7-26-06 All ten acts rated---purely my opinion-What's yours? Come on. Donít be Shy.

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    Reply to imajunkie2

    Quote Originally Posted by imajunkie2 View Post
    For all the talk about this is a talent show blah blah blah, well then WTH is granny still there for????
    Sensationalism, ratings....Maybe to get people to vote so she doesn't win...

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    Quote Originally Posted by drkim View Post
    I missed the end of the show. Had to take my dog to the puppy ER! I can't believe the judges put through Granny! What???

    1. Nathan the magician - Was he the guy who had the ladies changing outfits so fast during the auditions??? I loved that act.

    2. Elliot the hip hop magician. I loved his first act when he threw the microphone out. Tonight was not as good, but still OK.

    3. Acrodunk - very entertaining. I've seen similar acts

    4. Kenny - didn't drop anything this time. Confidence is underwhelming and makes it hard to like this guy.

    5. Bianca - Loved her during auditions, didn't like this at all. Had some off notes and some screaming. Sorry but she blew it.

    6. Sonie violinist - screeching noise, has talent, but should have listened to Piers

    7. Caitlyn - Oh they should not have had her sing with Bianca. She's just very average to me.

    8. Stilt World - fall, enough said

    9. Granny - funny one time, but really not a talent

    10. 10-13 band - way too fast. They got off time with each other. A complete mess as Simon would say. Sorry guys.

    I think many of these (and other)acts did their "best" during auditions. And they can't repeat, so they don't know what to do the second time around.
    Yes, they really did put granny through.

    Yes, I think Nathan is the quick change guy but I'm not 100% sure. Does anyone know for sure?

    I liked Elliot's first act much better too.

    I pretty much agree with the rest but I didn't even enjoy Granny the first time.

    A lot of the acts were better the first time. Part of the contest will definitely be if they are one hit wonders or have staying power.

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    um im not sure if anyone can confirm this, but I live in Las Vegas and one of the commericals made a reference that the magician is actually Lance Burton's son.

    Can anyone confirm?
    Alison sure digs that pot

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    Reply to drkim

    Quote Originally Posted by drkim View Post
    I didn't think the show was that bad compared to the others. I think they are all bad! But I watch every week anyway - it's entertaining.
    I like the show... But I like train wrecks too.
    Some of the acts are good but they are few and far between.

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    Reply to Bof_Cof

    Quote Originally Posted by Bof_Cof View Post
    Nathan Burton - I'd pay to see him
    Bianca Ryan Ė wow, I think she is chanelling spirtis from beyond the grave
    Team Acrodunk - If you can put thru a yodeler, a harmonic player, and a gymnastic pair, there is no reason you can put these guy thru. Team stuns are VERY hard to do

    Elliot Zimmet - oh look birds .... 2nd rate class boring
    Kenny Shelton - oh look fire... stil boring
    Caitlyn Taylor Love - Jennifer Love Hewitt singer wannabe

    Rappiní Granny - the best of the worse. Get a keg tapped and ask RG to rap. Pure gong show material
    1013 Concept - Uhmm, a college mtv band with a trumpet and trombone? Ugh what a mess, can get gigs af UF thats about it.
    Sonya Lee - Wow, It sounded to me like she was just scratching. She should have just done it solo without backup.
    Treynight Stiltworld - crash

    I can't believe granny went thru. What a joke.
    I'd pick Nathan and Bianca. Or if th
    We mostly agree but I wouldn't put 1013 that low...As bad as I thought they were, the bar was set very low last night.

    I think I'd pay to see Nathan too.

    I can see the talent of team Acrodunk but it just leaves me totally cold.

    Granny would have been gonged so fast...What's RG? Reeg as in Regis?

    Even though Treyworld crashed. It was interesting...But as I said, I like train wrecks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cricketeen View Post
    Amadeus, I pretty much agree with you on everything this week. I don't understand why some people made it through to this round when it was obvious all three judges didn't like them?
    Bianca Ryan, for all her talent, is too young for the songs she selects.
    I think I liked the stilt walkers best, tumble and all - everyone else just seemed like the same old. Except for the granny - I can't believe that Piers loves her act .
    I wonder if Nathan Burton - Las Vegas magician - is related to Lance Burton - Las Vegas magician "par excellence".

    Oh, and I wish the director would stop cutting to shots of the audience and judges during the acts - I want to see the performances, not the peanut gallery.
    Well thank you.

    I liked that Treyworld was unique too. Still, they wouldn't have made it without the crash. With the nosedive, they were toast.

    My ignorance kicks in, I have no idea who Lance Burton is but it seems to be highly likely - two magicians with the same last name. And unlike most unknown magicians, his act is a large production with expensive equipment and a lot of assistants.

    Finally, I agree. Were here to see the show not the audience.

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    Reply to William

    Quote Originally Posted by William13 View Post
    I liked Nathan the Magician and I don't usually like magicians. I had even lower expectations for him after seeing Elliot. Elliot the Hip Hop magician couldn't get off the stage quickly enough for me. The 2 girl singers weren't bad. Singing a Janis Joplin song takes courage at any age. I liked Sonie the violinist, but I would like to hear what she can do with a non-electric violin. Even without the fall I would have been bored with stiltworld. Acrodunk was fairly entertaining but it reminded me of that show that used to be on Saturday night, on Spike I think. I could never watch more than a couple of minutes.
    I just don't understand the popularity of Rappin' Granny at all. About halfway through her performance I had to switch off. Even watching a commercial was better than sitting through that.
    We all seem to agree that we liked Nathan.
    Courage is an understatement. For a not so pretty woman with a raspy voice, Janis was amazing.
    I think Sonie does have talent...She was just hiding it.
    I agree, the Acrodunk thing isn't new.
    Almost anything is better than Rappin' Granny!

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    To all

    Thanks for the replies. It makes the site fun.

    We all had the top two picks. Unfortunately in the wrong order...Oh well, it makes it all the more likely that my favorites...All That or Yodel Girl will win.

    Go Yodel Girl!

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    Nathan is not the quick-change guy--that team is on next week.

    I would have chosen Nathan to go on. Bianca has talent, but it's not developed and she chose a song too big and old for her. Plus, the Janis Joplin inflections that she was trying to use were annoying.

    We couldn't stand Rappin' Granny at our house, and couldn't believe that the judges put her through unanimously. Just because she's 70-something and raps, that doesn't mean that she's the most talented, which, crazy me, I thought was supposed to be the point of a talent show.

    I would have liked the violinist better had she played something more tuneful. I think that it's obvious that she has talent--like LD Miller--but she just spouted noise. Like LD Miller.

    Even the Crazy Acts were pretty lackluster, although the last "one man band" was actually tuneful, and the Spanish guitar with a mixer was great.

    I'm afraid that while the show is a perfectly acceptable summer series, NBC is going to kill it by trying to air it during the regular season, unless the other shows are in reruns. Then again, I thought the same might be true of DWTS, and that show really took off last January.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba's_Bubbles View Post
    um im not sure if anyone can confirm this, but I live in Las Vegas and one of the commericals made a reference that the magician is actually Lance Burton's son.

    Can anyone confirm?
    Really? Lance Burton seems too young to have a child that age to me, but I could be wrong.

    Personally, I am disappointed that Nathan didn't go through (even though I knew the public would rally for Bianca). I am dying to see more of his magic, so I hope the judges give him another chance now that there is going to be a Wild Card round.

    Am I the only one who loves Rappin' Granny in here? I'm glad the judges passed her through.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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