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Thread: All ten acts rated---purely my opinion-What's yours?

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    All ten acts rated---purely my opinion-What's yours?

    1. At Last - Fantastic harmonies, I think they are excellent. I did like "Ain't no Sunshine when She's Gone" from last time better but that's purely because that's one of my favorite songs. I think they stand a really good chance of winning the show and even more importantly I think they can have a lasting career I even remembered them days after they performed. "There was an oriental fusion rap/jazz/ a capella group that was really good. I think they have a great chance to win."

    Please don't harangue me for using oriental. There's nothing wrong with it. It means east. You can call me occidental all you want. Besides, I'm 1/2 Asian but I'm Caucasian. Asian is far too vague and politically correct...Which is invariably incorrect.

    2.Natasha Lee - Incredible piano. I love Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" and she played it flawlessly. Whether she wins or not; she won't starve! She is a virtuoso in the making.

    3.Realis - Impressive, gymnastic, exciting, no mistakes but I wouldn't pay to see it. It's somewhat like the Olympics without the competition. I think they are truly good and I was impressed with the tosses but still they only rank third for me.

    4.Vladimir - Was better last time. He wasn't as stable or exciting this time. For a similar act, Rialis was far more interesting

    5.Bobby Badfingers - Definitely a unique talent. His dancing is theatrical but doesn't necessarily help. Although he can be a bit funny. He was much better last time. I didn't think he carried the rhythm of the song like he did last time. Guilty pleasure is apropos.

    6.Mark the Knife - Toddler flame, not cute, funny or interesting. Catching the doll, no more interesting than catching anything else. Now the lawnmower- interesting but not very. The crack about the British food was the funniest and most interesting thing of the act.

    7.Diversity-BORING!!! If you want a capella, just look to At Last. Brandy is the most honest, most accurate judge. Who'd'a thunk it? Although about the clothes, on stage I think they were fine. Out on a date probably a bit much. They did look cute.

    8.Leonid the Magnificent - Our favorite enormous gay Russian. "I'm not only freaky...I'm nice." I love honesty. Priscilla Queen of the Desert revisited. The third acrobatic performance. The spinning cube was interesting but too long...It wasn't that interesting. The Hoff was right with "Victoria's Secret from Hell". I also agree with the Christmas tree without lights. He certainly does get emotional...Like an eight year old girl!

    9..Dave the Horn Guy - I was surprised that he made it this far. I had him last until Sugar and Spice performed...at least he did carry a tune.

    10.Sugar and Spice- Singing sucks. Can't carry a tune. If you want a talented kid, this show has plenty...but you need to look elsewhere. Brandy was the only judge with the gonads to say the truth. Brandy told the truth and did it nicely at the same time.
    Is Piers on crack? (Simon Cowell he isn't...He's Simon-lite, the Margarine of British Talent Show judges. He's quasi-Simon. He's milquetoast.) WUSS!!
    Hasselhof just gave a sympathy check but Brandy did the right think the truth will set you free.WUSS!

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    Should be advancing...
    1. At last - Love them. I'd probably buy thier album
    2. Realis - Best non-singing act. I kept thinking... well I can't say on the boards... let's just say 'sans oufits'

    ...but maybe these will get lucky
    3. Natasha - Beautiful but boring
    4. Bobby Badfingers - dumb act but fun

    Nice acts for a highschool talent show
    5. Dave the horn guy
    6. N'Versity - With all those runs, should be called NNnnnnnnNNNNnnnNVerrrrrsiiiiii tttttty

    One trick ponies
    7. Vladmir - bor...
    8. Leonid - ...ring

    Just bloody shoot me
    9. Sugar and Spice - Ah look, cute kids that cant sing.
    10 Mark the knife - The crowd doesn't like jokes that make fun of kids or dogs. Remember dog guy from last week.

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    1. At last - pretty good, quite good, best tonight, but not brilliant.

    2. Realis - pretty good, I was hoping for more actually after seeing the commercials.

    3. Vladimir - better the first time, good circus act

    4. Leonid should model. I bet he would take gorgeous photos. His English is really poor, so I'll reserve judgement that he is really strange, could be a translation problem. He interests me for some reason though, such presence on stage.

    5. N Versity screamed a song, but they were on key. It was good for a high school talent show. They tried toooooo hard though with all those riffs.

    6. Natasha played pretty well, several missed notes, but really good for an 8 year old. But sorry, she is no prodigy. I played that when I was ten, and I was nothing special. If she were she'd have been playing that song at age 4. I'm probably the only one watching PBS but there are some amazing piano playing kids out there. But still she was really good.

    7, 8, 9. Hornguy, Mark the Knife and Badfingers were awful.

    10. SHAME on NBC for putting those small children on TV for charity, I mean entertainment. Bless them they were terrible, tone deaf and rhythmically challenged. They should never have been on and really their mom should perhaps worry about their education a little more than trying to start the female version of the Jackson 5.
    Spay and Neuter your Pets!

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    Who gets the final vote - judges, viewers or both?

    Piers has already stated that they are looking for an act that will do well in Vegas. If that holds true in the final judgement, this is what I imagine will happen:

    At Last, The Millers and the yodeler probably already have record companies knocking at the door. The judges know this. The yodeler needs to prove that she is not a one-trick-pony. I'd consider one CD of yodeling, but not two. Because their earning potential is so great I think that, more than a million dollars (what am I saying!), they all need good contract attorneys.

    That leaves Realis the winners - Vegas worthy and needing the money for more costumes, music, choreography, legal advice etc....

    If the viewers get final say, I'd guess At Last.

    As for Leonid the Gorgeous I Mean Magnificent - don't worry about him, he will survive:
    "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti

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    I thought that At Last was the best!!!
    They were fantastic and entertaining!
    I totally agree with Brandy about N'Versity!!!
    It was boring and I hate the clothes!!! Very inappropriate for 16-17 years old.

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    What happened to Leila Stepanova? I thought she was "moving on" but have not seen her since.

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    WHo's Leila?

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    OK - Lilia Stepanova. The bow and arrow contortionist. He first appearance was amazing and the judges loved it.


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    Oh!!! I thought he was Vladimir?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rssrara View Post
    What happened to Leila Stepanova? I thought she was "moving on" but have not seen her since.
    There are 4 shows with 15 acts each. They have only done the first 2. She will be in one of the next two. Most likely the last week

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