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Thread: All ten acts rated---purely my opinion-What's yours?

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    Is Bianca performing this week?
    She's NOT my favorite at all. I don't like Bianca. I'm not voting for her.

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    I pretty much agree

    Quote Originally Posted by drkim View Post
    1. At last - pretty good, quite good, best tonight, but not brilliant.

    2. Realis - pretty good, I was hoping for more actually after seeing the commercials.

    3. Vladimir - better the first time, good circus act

    4. Leonid should model. I bet he would take gorgeous photos. His English is really poor, so I'll reserve judgement that he is really strange, could be a translation problem. He interests me for some reason though, such presence on stage.

    5. N Versity screamed a song, but they were on key. It was good for a high school talent show. They tried toooooo hard though with all those riffs.

    6. Natasha played pretty well, several missed notes, but really good for an 8 year old. But sorry, she is no prodigy. I played that when I was ten, and I was nothing special. If she were she'd have been playing that song at age 4. I'm probably the only one watching PBS but there are some amazing piano playing kids out there. But still she was really good.

    7, 8, 9. Hornguy, Mark the Knife and Badfingers were awful.

    10. SHAME on NBC for putting those small children on TV for charity, I mean entertainment. Bless them they were terrible, tone deaf and rhythmically challenged. They should never have been on and really their mom should perhaps worry about their education a little more than trying to start the female version of the Jackson 5.
    I'll give you credit for Natasha...You are right not a prodigy. And I do watch PBS thank you very much.

    I really like At Last...Although they were the best the first time they did Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone.

    You are right about the kids. It was shameless and embarrassing.

    Leonid probably could model but I think his career will be doing exactly what he

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    Reply to Criketteen

    Quote Originally Posted by cricketeen View Post

    If the viewers get final say, I'd guess At Last.

    With the acts that I've seen so far, I'd agree. I enjoyed them and remembered them vividly a week or two later. Plus, I usually don't enjoy that style of music.

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    Where is Syd the kid??

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