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Thread: 6/13 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

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    6/13 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    Please keep all discussion of tonight's show in this thread only until 1:00am Eastern time. All other threads will be locked until the show has finished airing on the West Coast to prevent spoilers. Please do not start any new threads during this lockdown period.

    Thanks, and enjoy the show.

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    Re: 6/13 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    for a second i thought they were actually going to put therapy-buddy thru. i wouldve stopped watching.

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    Re: 6/13 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    Quote Originally Posted by lostonanisland;2439616;
    for a second i thought they were actually going to put therapy-buddy thru. i wouldve stopped watching.
    Oh, goodness.. can you imagine the 'improvement' phase of the invention? Countless variations on the voice for "It's going to be... OOOOKAAAAY" *shudder*

    I was OK with both of the inventions that made it through, but given the discovery (on the boards) about something very similar to the 'guardian angel' and the judges questions about it's operability, I would've put the flowers through instead.

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    Re: 6/13 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    The family with the hearing aid 'holder' (?) was adorable! I was SO happy when whatshisname said he'd give them their $3000 back.
    Apparently, someone said that their idea was great, and charged them $3000 to put together an "informational" book about the product. Basically robbed them.
    That was my point when I commented about the woman who made pee-paper. It's disgusting how people will fuel an inventor's dream, and end up robbing them.
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    Re: 6/13 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    I love this show some of the stuff is so funny it's sad but some of the ideas are really great and you just want to go Why didn't I think of that!!!!

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