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Thread: 4/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    For the end, we had Celine Dion last week, and Enrique Iglesias this week. Is Simon Cowell regretting that he signed for more seasons of American Idol? There has to be SOME reason that he's okay with completely losing any music credibility he's had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacobson00 View Post
    I think the bike guy made because of his story. i don't think it is that good of an idea. it's a little hazardous.
    There come nila. Oh my god! the sings the recording studios kind of didn't like the song, neither did i, but i like the global appeal.
    The gym guy, well there are enough gym stuffs on the market right now.

    i am still looking forward to seeing the kid car seat guy next week.
    i can't remember who made the week prior

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    It just occurred to me today that the title of the show is "American Inventor." (Yeah, like you all didn't know that, too?) What I mean by that is that it's not about the invention, it's about the inventor. So the quality of the product doesn't matter as much as the character of the inventor does.

    I felt bad for the E-Z Gym guy and his test video. It looked like it would be a handy thing if you travel a lot. And the Naya doll would have perhaps been innovative 20 years ago, but now it's just another doll in an oversaturated market. Where did she find those girls who were so fascinated with learning about foreign cultures? They seemed rather an anomaly.

    It seemed from the test video that very few people had success at mastering the bike. I have a lot of doubts as to its success. The price point is going to be a big issue, I suspect.

    Someone on TV Squad pointed out that the bike is already on the market. Check out this link: http://www.bilenky.com/viewpnt.html. It's not identical, but it's close enough.

    I wonder, do those who are not picked for the final 4 still have the rights to their inventions, or does ABC get the rights to everything that seems like it might be remotely successful?

    edit: The guy with the football trainer won last week.
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    I was just glad the doll didn't win. Looks like a great product but how can a doll be an invention? We have talking dolls.

    I agree price is the big thing with the bike. I'd guess it's too expensive to be a big seller.

    Was disappointed in the video for the exercise thing. Things break all the time in beta testing. It says nothing about the product, especially since it was fixed. It seemed much more marketable than the bike. Though I like the idea that the most innovative product won.

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    Glad the bike kid got through, I like him.

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