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Thread: What did Doug stake his reputation on?

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    I think Doug got over his distaste for that remark, maybe seeing it for what it was, and championed that invention. We may never know.

    I know, for sure, it can't be the car seat because the woman judge was in favor of it.

    I just don't see anything else on that list that the other judges would fight him on other than the training pole, perhaps.

    I hope someone comes along soon for you.

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    Looks like, according to Peter Jones, it was the car seat. Excellent Insider article.

    Peter says the same things most of us have been saying. That the car seat and bike are impractical and the football thing is good but a limited market.

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    Re: What did Doug stake his reputation on?

    Doug Hall staked his reputation on Sharon Clemens' Restroom Door Clip.

    I can't post a link here, but if you google "doug hall staked my reputation on" and scroll half way down the page of the first link you see for American Inventor Spot, you'll see him admitting it during a live blogging event.

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