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Thread: American Inventor 4/6 Recap - Kidneys for Karma

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    American Inventor 4/6 Recap - Kidneys for Karma

    Finally, it's the last of the auditions, and this is my very late recap. Many apologies, but my cable modem went crazy on me this weekend and I was computer-less for a while (thanks, cable company who shall remain nameless!). Anyway, this is the fourth and final week of traveling the country in search of innovative (and marketable) inventions and all of the sob stories that go with them. Let's find out who our last group of hopefuls are, shall we?


    Starting off the show tonight is a man with a new coffee machine, the Dial A Cup. This contraption has six compartments that can be dialed to make your favorite beverage. Presumably you could make coffee, tea, and even soup in it. He says he got the idea from a revolver, and his very entertaining mobster-like shtick won the judges over and earned him four yes votes, so we will see more of this guy later on in the finals.

    Bringing in the requisite toilet-related invention of the night is a gentleman with his Odor Remover Seat. This consisted of a hollowed-out toilet seat equipped with sponges and filters, presumably to filter out any unpleasant smells before they leave the bowl. An intriguing idea, Doug gives it an enthusiastic yes and compliments the engineering involved. Peter makes the claim that his stuff doesn't stink, making the invention useless to him and making the viewers ask "Just what do you eat, Peter?" Apparently he's never had the guys over for hot wings and beer, or he'd see just how much this thing could be put to use. The creation doesn't get the votes needed and he is sent home.

    A woman brings in her human Centerpiece creation next. I have no idea what this is supposed to be used for. Looking like a Christmas tree, she is so nervous that she can't compete her presentation and the judges mercifully interrupt her, voting her off.

    Checking in for silly invention of the night is the Television Remote Leash. This was basically a long ribbon of fabric in different colors (to match your decor, I guess) that attached to your remote via some kind of sticky stuff that didn't hold very well. The judges were not impressed, even by the "snake" leash. It was made to look like a snake that was holding the remote with its teeth. Get it? The judges didn't, either, and Leash guy was voted out.

    An earnest couple with their Car Armor is up next. This looks pretty much like you'd think, consisting of various plates that attach to a car and protect it from the elements. I don't think it was meant to be used while driving the car, it was mainly to protect it while towing. Mary Lou and Ed give it a yes, but Doug and Peter shoot it down, not seeing a huge market for it.

    A lady with a Character Building Buddy is next. Yep, another "buddy." This is a regular teddy bear shell and comes with a variety of little named "pillows" (courage, love, etc.) that a child can stuff it with, sort of like those build-a-bear things. Supposedly this will help a child learn the different components of character as he stuffs the bear. Doug is wishy-washy about it but votes yes, along with the other three judges.

    Creepy creation of the night is next. This is a Repeating CD with various messages recorded on it, such as "get up!" Except that it repeats it endlessly - "getup...getupgetupGETUP!" in a very annoying sing-song voice. If someone played that thing to me in the morning I'd smash it into a million pieces. Not a good way to start your morning. The judges agree and all vote no, to the surprise of the lady trying to sell them on it.

    Next up is a man with a Coffee Ring Thermos that you can use to brew loose-leaf teas, coffees or certain medicines. He informs us that he has given up a kidney for karma, and I wonder why he didn't just do some good deeds or help some old ladies across the street instead. The all-knowing Doug tells everyone that he has been to the North Pole (aren't you impressed?) and used something just like this. Do these people not research their projects before dumping so much money into them? Anyway, the dejected man takes his son and his four no votes away.

    The sad story of the night closes out the show. A man with a new child Car Seat tells the judges he was inspired to create it due to his daughter's death in a car accident. Hard to explain, this car seat is made to be more free-moving in an accident. It looks like a large bowl that houses the baby in a circular moving cup, supposedly to lessen the force of impact. Peter gives it a no, but the other judges think it could be a great idea with further safety testing and vote him through.

    Well, that's it. Next week we have a two hour show (yes, you heard right!) and begin the process of whittling the top 50 applicants down to 24, and finally to the lucky 12 who will win the money and a chance to develop their inventions further. See you then!

    Hmm. Those wings and beer sound pretty good right now....waywyrd@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd View Post
    Apparently he's never had the guys over for hot wings and beer, or he'd see just how much this thing could be put to use.

    Anyway, the dejected man takes his son and his four no votes away.

    Hmm. Those wings and beer sound pretty good right now....
    Hmm, I'd sure like some of those wings and beer right now, too, yum.

    Excellent job, Waywyrd, with a show that doesn't give you much to work with, because after all, cut out the crying, and it doesn't leave much. Great work.
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    go Car Seat!

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