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Thread: 3/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    just a nother word game thing

    Quote Originally Posted by MsFroggy View Post
    Just another word game thingy. There's a lot of these out there.
    But he did cry real well. I am over it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by a_canuck_01 View Post
    For the plate, why not have a paper cup holder (like a CD-ROM/coffee cup holder in a car) that slides or flips out from the bottom of the plate. Glues on, easy to add to the assembly lines since you don't have to change the original plate design.

    Or have a reusable plastic plate that fits under the paper plate with the cup holder.
    Or say, "Sorry, my hands are full"
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    The toe jam thing actually made me
    Urrpy! I got that pre-pukey feeling as
    I say the jam oooze out of the little
    doll toes. EWWWWWW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat View Post
    Wendiness, not sure what you mean. Any body fluids quickly degrade and are environmentally friendly.
    It's been awhile since I had a baby but there was a big contraversy about disposable diapers vs. cloth, the main point being that the manufacture of all those disposable diapers uses up resources and creates byproducts released into the environment (not the end result, pardon the pun). The other side said cloth diapers resulted in phosphates in the water system because of laundering.

    Bottom line is disposable or cloth (diapers or sheets) aren't exactly environmentally friendly anyway. I don't know the data, but I'd think cloth has a less negative impact.

    I'm just bothered by all of the disposable things being invented. They don't just disappear when we're done with them and their manufacturing has a negative impact.
    What?! Am I still here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott View Post
    Disposable sheets. That would be like sleeping on those paper roll things they have at the doctor's office.
    That's what my brother said! He also faked actually being on one of those paper roll things: "Wait ... hold on ... [fidgeting] ... oh, I gotta turn over? Wait a minute... [more fidgeting] F***, it ripped! Roll out some more!"

    I guess you had to be there, but it was hilarious.

    Also, he had this to say about the Spelling Game Guy: "Can they zoom in on his face any closer? I can taste this guy's tears."
    "Don't piss off the chicken gods. :nono" -Stargazer (on Lydia, Steph and Danni eating the sacrificial chicken on Survivor)

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    I really don't get why the disposable sheets could get three votes especially one from Doug. This is not an invention at all, didn't she buy those paper from the store?

    I think the issue is not whether the plate can be manufactured or the costs to do so. It's just not going to work, the food is going to fall through the hole when the cup is not there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stump View Post
    Okay, you have me curious now. What is the reason you get implants if you're not a woman?
    That reminds me of a crude joke I once heard...
    "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat View Post
    I think his idea of having the spiral bottom in the hole, that retracts when the cup is removed, is to eliminate the possiblity that you would lose some of your dinner when taking a sip.
    But what happens when the cup is removed and food migrates over the hole? Then you have to use the bottom of the cup to plow away the food. Maybe the solution is to put a rim around the hole.

    Quote Originally Posted by Quemoni View Post
    I was wondering the same thing. Perhaps there is a rim around the hole. I think the holder shoud be attached to outer perimeter of the pate. Don't take away surface area for my food.
    earlier post......surprising the inventor didn't think of it first,

    ditto with taking away food space.
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