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Thread: What are your favorite inventions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by applesauce View Post
    I sure could have used one of those plastic bathroom door holders today...
    That's my favorite invention by far. I would buy one today if it were available. So simple, yet so needed. Even my husband said it was a necessary thing. Then he laughed and said that of course he wouldn't have a way to carry one, but maybe he could borrow mine

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    The Solar Powered Cooler is absolutely the best. IMO. It's genius! I an age where we are paying 3.00 a gallon for gas ( a waning commodity), We are experiencing Global warming to the tune of depletion of our glaciers and no land fill polluting SOLAR IS THE WAY TO GO. The inventor said that the utility company after Katrina abandonned you for 3 weeks if you had this cooler you would have free energy. When they hand out ice for medication (i.e. insulin)
    I could put it in the cooler. You can communicate with your family via the telephone jack It has it all. I don't get the shovel thing? I have lived a long time on this earth and I have never sand bagged!!! I think it would be good for the fire department to have one but…what? This solar powered cooler is putting the future of solar energy in every home. I think it is absolutely AWESOME. A friend of mine is a missionary and works in the D.R. Dominican Republic. There are villages there that can use this product because she said there is no energy at all.

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    the tizzy tube! that was hilarious!

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    I loved that shell dish that those pop singers made up. I don't think it will go very far though.

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    I agree with the bathroom thing. It is the only thing to come up that I would absolutely buy today.

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    The spherical safety seat for babies. Very innovative, practical, and a huge improvement over existing child safety seats. This one is years ahead of its time.

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    The spherical safety seat deserves to win from what I've seen up to this point. It needs a lot of work but the concept is genius. Sure the door clipper thing and several others are nice, but they don't exactly scream 1 million dollar American Inventor.

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    Now that the auditions are over, here are my favorites:

    Bladder buddy (why not?)
    Mr MacCooker (wish we got to see more of it.)
    Walk Buddy (Is it a stick or a wand?)
    The spherical Safety Seat (Good Invention.)
    2 Seater Bike (love it.)
    Shell Dish (won't make it far, but like the dish.)
    Bathroom handle (very handy...)
    Hair liner (hey, this thing is good.)

    Well done auditions, can't wait to see the rest.

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    the Car seat is by far the most promising

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    Quote Originally Posted by tvrocks View Post
    My favorite so far has got to be the fart pad. I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard. I was screaming at the tv "It's a fart pad?!?!" WTF?

    My cat thought I was having an episode. No, not a "episode"... a episode.

    Here is a website selling the undies and pads.


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