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Thread: 3/16 Show Discussion **Spoilers** - It's Simon-a-rific!

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    I think this show would do better if it had less sob stories and more talent. It doesn't help that Simon Cowell helped with it.

    I could use a bladder buddy right about now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    To run a cell phone, sure. But so would ANY solar panel array with a cigarette lighter jack. The cooler neither helps nor hurts things, except it takes up room where you might be able to store (folded up) additional solar panels. The gist of this is that everybody should own solar panels without a useless gimmick attached. Not solar panels attached to what is basically just a drink/sandwich holder. It would be different if the solar panels somehow magically ran a refrigerator system to keep things even cooler. But they don't. That's too ambitious, would weigh about 20 pounds, and require a few hundred square feet of solar panels and 20 MORE pounds of batteries.
    This is an excellent way to introduce solar power to everyone. It has a stereo system with an Ipod dock for your tunes at the beach and for communication in emergencies. It also has solar energy inverted to 110 VAC to run appliances for a very long time. Over 7 days on one day of sun power. It does have a battery but the wheels on the cooler help with transport . I saw this on his website. Also it does need ice but it can be used as an entertainment tool as well as a survival tool so you don't have to waste your precious closet space
    with something you will never use. The cell phone jack is just an added goody
    My family sails and this would be awesome to have while sailing. We also live in Earthquake country and I bet this would come in real handy. I don't think that you should poo-poo this idea without doing a little reasearch. Go on his website at www.solarpolarrockandroller.com. It shows what this thing can do
    I am impressed.

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    I am actually liking this show. I think the woman judge is over the top sometimes but I like the rest. Love seeing what someone has put their life savings into.

    What classifies something as an invention. I feel certain the paper sheet idea has been done in hospitals and clinics she really didn't bring in an invention did she? Just some paper samples with the idea of making them into sheets right?

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    That kid at the end was full of himself. I liked him at first but I'm glad they rejected him. I mean...his invention was what? An AC?

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