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Thread: Doug Hall - Judge

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    He is credited with inventing the Eveready Lead Free Battery and
    Crystal Pepsi. That is what his press releases have said. I will say
    this, Doug was the only judge who said NO to the solar powered cooler.
    Conflict of interest maybe? Hmmmmm!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SQUATMAN View Post
    The issue wasn't making the hole, but rather the retractable cup bottom, which could possibly be not very cost effective to make. The added bulk and dimension to the thickness could have packaging and storage drawbacks . On top of that, there is a very limited practical use for the item.

    I'm gonna give Doug a break on this one.
    I will grant you the drawback in practicality, and I probably would have said no myself based on that, but "the technology doesn't exist" is a nonsense argument. Every bit of brand new technology, including that which produces post-it notes, started off as non-existent and cost a bundle to develop.
    And so it begins, the end of times..

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    New News on Doug Hall

    Quote Originally Posted by pattycake View Post
    It is beyond my comprehension as to
    why the plate thing can't be produced.
    I am a graphic designer and we create
    dies for paper cutting all the time. How
    hard can this be. He is just a little
    nasty person. He has said that he is the
    "truth teller" but I think he should re-examine
    his own truth detector.

    I just read that he is credited with inventing Eveready's Lead Free Battery.
    If that is true (and I have no reason to believe it is not as it was in the Gannet Newspapers) no wonder he said no to the Solar Powered Cooler. He has a great big conflict of interest IMO. I wonder if the producers know about this. It struck me kind of strange when he said that there was no marketability for this but then the inventor lady said "No C & D cell batteries polluting our land fills" and they showed his face with a smirk on it. Someone should let the producers know about this one I think that the Solar powered cooler is awesome as I have posted before. Hmmmm!

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    I've enjoyed seeing all the inventions so far on each show, but I just don't know how long I can keep watching if that bald-headed worm wearing the flowered shirts doesn't get the boot soon. He's rude and condescending, not to mention uncaring. I would like to say to Simon Cowell....get rid of him or you won't have a show for much longer.

    Obviously, he's supposed to be the 'Simon Cowell' of the show, but it's not working. With Simon, you love to hate him, but with this guy, you just plain hate him. One huge difference in the two of them is that Simon has personality, but baldy is a big bore. Also, Simon can spot talent....he knows what he's talking about....he just doesn't say it in the most diplomatic way. Actually, with time, this becomes part of Simon's charm. Is it a coincidence that Mr. Flowered Shirt disagrees with the other judges so often? I think not....he just doesn't know what the heck he's talking about!

    They need to get rid of this idiot fast. Let Simon be the fourth panel member....at least until they find a replacement.

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    Is it a coincidence that Mr. Flowered Shirt disagrees with the other judges so often? I think not....he just doesn't know what the heck he's talking about!
    But he's an expert on everything! Just ask him!

    I don't get this guy....sometimes he gets all teary-eyed over the stupidest things, and sometimes he's rude as hell.
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsox girl View Post
    I like him. Not sure why people think he's a jerk- anyone who takes the time to talk to a kid about not giving up, talks to the mom to let her know she has a great son and tells off that red haired lady is all right by me. Out of all of the judges he is the least annoying, imo.
    he's good, you can tell the producers want him to act in a certain way, but he does think rationally and logically about things. everyone needs a Simon

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