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There was not a link in your post, but I believe I saw it elsewhere already and do recall Elliott being on it. His success has not come in this country though. My point was every year for the longest we were convinced that the finalists were going to become big stars. For the most part that did not happen. Sure you can cite Kelly, Carrie, Chris, Jennifer Hudson, Adam, Katherine, and Scotty as big stars but that's about it. The OP stated that LP will be a big star and I just don't see it happening because Idol does not create big stars. It creates working musicians (Kris, David Cooke, etc) and Broadway cast members (Constantine, Diana, Tamyra, etc) but few big stars. While Elliott has achieved financial gain from his Idol tenure, he is not the big star I always thought he was going to (and should) be. That was the whole point of my rant. The odds just aren't in Trent nor LP's favor.
Sorry I forgot to put the link, here it is, the Top 12 Net Worth.

American Idol Alumni Net Worth - Bankrate.com