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Thread: 2/24-2/25 AI 15: Top 14 **West Coast Spoilers

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    Re: 2/24-2/25 AI 15: Top 14 **West Coast Spoilers

    February 24, 2016: The Top Fourteen

    Four Judges Picks: La’Porsha Renae, Trent Harmon, Olivia Rox, and Dalton Rappatoni

    1. Sonika Vaid. This kid has shone throughout; from Carrie Underwood’s Look At Me to Arianna Grande’s One Last Time to Celine Dion’s I Surrender. If she makes the cut, she’ll join Sanjaya Malakar and Anoop Desai, two very clever dudes that dodged bullets right and left to go deep into the competition, as Idol only contestants of Indian heritage. The judges laud her with praise but she’s got work to do if she wants to win. First, Idol voters have never awarded the title to anyone with an Indian heritage. Second, until Nick Fradiani, Idol voters have traditionally and unceremoniously snubbed Northeasterners (Sonika is from Massachusetts). More worrisome than the regional and heritage bias (which is present and real in the Idol demographic), she’s an introvert, has yet to disappear inside a lyric, and is simply just not as interesting as some others here. I think Trent Harmon is the best artist in this competition but the best pipes belong to Olivia Rox, LaPorsha Renae, and Sonika Vaid. Having said that, she could go home sooner tan her talent warrants if she doesn’t open her heart to us. I want her to do well because there aren’t many pop singers of Indian descent. The only ones that come to mind are Freddie Mercury (Queen) and Jay Sean (R&B), two Brits of Indian heritage that moved a ton of discs in this country.
    2. Gianna Isabella. She sang it well; she’s got strong pipes; she can sing; and the camera loves her. But I really didn’t believe any of it. It’s an explosive blues song, with lyrics not easily tamed by the young. This melody requires booming pipes, control, and endurance Even though she sang it well; it doesn’t look good on her. I know she likes the Blues but I think Beyonce’s Best I Never Had and Andra Day’s Rise Up are also perfect for what she likes do, and these are contemporary and more relatable compositions. She’s a good singer but an old soul and in a competition like this, it could hurt her chances. Based solely on singing, this was definitely a top five performance.
    3. Thomas Stringfellow. Harry said Thomas screams and squeaks because he’s emotionally invested in his performance. I disagree. Despite an obvious artistic temperament and sensitivity, I just don’t think he’s a good singer. That does not mean, however, that he’s not a good American Idol contestant. The judges keep saying otherwise but I always believe that Thomas was put through because of reasons that have nothing to do with a singing prowess. Dude is pretty so the Powers That be are hoping that he will stay pretty, sing well, and keep the girls happy. Simon Cowell started this practice and continued it for years. Also, Bob Dylan is the best lyricist (and stylist) ever but is he really a great singer? I don’t think so. Thomas is no Bob Dylan but I make the comparison to show that pitch and pipes are not necessary to have a successful career in music; not if you possess other marketable qualities and commodities. However, good pitch and pipes are absolutely necessary if trying to win a singing competition like Idol. But is Thomas actually a threat to win Idol? I don’t think so. Did Thomas take the place of a more deserving contestant who was a genuine threat; someone not in this present group who should be and does it better than Olivia, La’Porsha, Trent, or Sonika? I don’t think so. The winning contestant was not affected by Thomas' presence in the Top 14. Also, tonight is not a good night to pick on Thomas. He was horrible last week but except for some disconnect brought on by grinning at the girls, he did a good job with One Direction’s Story of my Life. So yeah, he did what he was brought here to do. Good job Thomas!
    4. Mackenzie Borg. This little dude has all the right stuff, except pipes. It must be frustrating to possess perceptive music sensitivity while lacking the necessary vehicle (pipes) to express an artistic creation. Because he lacks pipes, he caresses lyrics more than he needs to. Because Idol viewers historically prefer belters, glory notes, and booming pipes, Mackenzie is already hard-pressed, but the judges love him so if he stays in his lane, should do well in this competition. Mackenzie reminds me of Charlie Pugh so One Call Away might be a perfect fit for his limited vocal range. That song is vocally simple and innocuous to a vocal chord, spanning no more than four or five notes, but is blessed with captivating melody and a great, great hook that stays in your head. I’m weird I know but I did not like Roses (his original composition); way too sentimental.
    5. Avalon Young. I liked her version of Beyonce’s XO (audition) but she won’t go far in this competition, with this demographic, with Justin Bieber and Chris Brown songs. Hip hop is a legitimate art form but smart contestants will still pick clever, cogent, and cerebral hip hop lyrics. I love Chris and Justin but neither is a great lyricist. I would suggest some artistic hip hop; e.g., Frank Ocean’s Thinking About You, or, Labrinth’s celebratory Beneath Your Beautiful, both are love songs for the ladies. In addition to these, there’s the excellent and cerebral Unbreakable Smile by former Idol contestant, Tori Kelly. That song is a perfect fit for Avalon. Or, if she really wants to push back the frontier, pick some good rap songs; e.g., The Message (Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five); Lose Yourself (Eminem), Rapper’s Delight (Sugarhill Gang). Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly is brilliant but too explicit for Idol. Avalon is a very interesting and intriguing young lady and should do well in this competition, if she can learn to pick songs that everybody can relate to.
    6. Tristan MacIntosh. I can name several African American male country singers but Mickey Guyton is the only female African American country singer that I listen to. Better Than You Left Me is one of my favorite country songs and is a perfect fit for her. Or Carrie Underwood’s perfectly constructed Something in the Water. She’s loved by the judges but is also an anomaly and that could complicate her journey. She can sing; she’s adorable; and the camera loves her; but honestly, I thought she did it better the first time round.
    7. Lee Jean. I don’t know if it’s possible to win Idol with a steady diet of Ed Sheeran but I guess we’ll find out. Can somebody please introduce this kid to When The Stars Come Out (Chris Stapleton) or Tennessee Whisky (Chris Stapleton) or Beneath Your Beautiful (Labrinth) or If You Ever Want to be In Love (James Bay). The difficulty with Lee has nothing to do with talent and likeability. He can sing but is not a great singer. He can strum but is not a great guitarist. He’s not a stylist; nor a caresser of lyrics; there’s nothing that sets him apart from the rest. This can’t be said of the other nine.
    8. Jenn Blosil. Harry loves this kid but I’m not sold. Like Thomas Stringfellow, she tends to skirt notes, squeeze life from the rest, and swallow vowels; all of which results in loss of melody. She’s mildly entertaining but I don’t think she’s as good as some others here. I didn’t get anything from this performance but if others did, good. She’s often compared to last season’s Jax but in my opinion, Jax was a better performer and vocal technician than Jenn.
    9. Jeneve Rose Mitchell. The judges are fascinated with this young lady, especially Jenny, but this was a confusing and enigmatic performance for me. A beautiful young country singer and Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire? Why pick that song? Johnny Cash left us some gems but this song did not look good on her. Wouldn't it make more sense to peruse the Lana Del Ray songbook? That seems more suited for what she likes to do.
    10. Manny Torres. Love Manny. He’s one of the most likeable dudes I ever seen on Idol. Smiles all the time. He is infinitely interesting. His problem is that he’s not a great singer and his song choices so far have not served him well. He’s a ladies man so is picking songs that reflect that but in my opinion, there are better and more contemporary love songs: Jealous (Nick Jonas) is a good love song; Adorn (Miguel) is an absolutely perfect love song; Pillowtalk (Zayn Malik) is about sex but is very much a celebration of women. Honestly, I would advise Manny to expand his repertoire to include at least some universal and gender-neutral themes; e.g. going back home tugs everybody’s heart string; e.g. Michael Buble’s Home of Naughty Boy’s Home ft Romans?

    John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16 , by Keith Urban, is a perfect song, with beautiful lyrics and kaleidoscopic images. Good job, Keith! If left to me, I would have awarded it a Grammy, but Chris Stapleton is as good as it gets.
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    Re: 2/24-2/25 AI 15: Top 14 **West Coast Spoilers

    Thank you, liedenfrost. I always look forward to seeing your analyses.

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    Re: 2/24-2/25 AI 15: Top 14 **West Coast Spoilers

    Two of my intended 3 made the judges cuts...Trent & Olivia, now we just need to get Avalon in & all will be well. LaPorsha? Gag me with a spoon. I suspect that Manny, Lee Jean, Giana & Thomas will perhaps be the unlucky 4 tonight. But then that would include to of the cute guys, so perhaps all 4 exiting stage left will be girls.
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    Re: 2/24-2/25 AI 15: Top 14 **West Coast Spoilers

    I wish they had sung songs that they haven't done yet in the competition- it seemed lazy on the producer's part to have them redo ones so soon that we've already heard this season.

    I wish Jeneve would ditch the hat- or at least switch to one that didn't look like it wanted to swallow her.

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    Re: 2/24-2/25 AI 15: Top 14 **West Coast Spoilers

    Now this is all my opinion (and mostly my husband's as well) so no getting upset with me!
    The ones I for sure want to go on are:
    Mackenzie--I love this guy, to me he has to be top 3 if not the winner! Cute, works the camera well, and talented!
    Lee -for such a young guy he has soul! Not all his songs have been good but he does get to me at times and want to keep him in it for a while longer
    Sonika-she seems to be the only pure singer type this competition-ballads wise and I like to keep someone in it like that -she is not that sure of herself but I like her voice
    Jeneve-yes, i agree, some love her and some don't but I do like her a lot! She is unique! She won't win but she
    should be top 10 in my eyes but don't think she will be due to the polarizing personality
    and lastly, Thomas-I love this guy if for nothing else how cute he is! yes, his little hiccup thing is distracting but
    i think he has more to him and want to see him do different styles. I think he might be safe since I can't see them getting rid of more than one guy but if they cut two, I am sure it will be him but I hope they don't
    As far as the others I wouldn't be that upset if any of them go.
    I am positive Manny is leaving, the judges did not do him any favors. I myself cannot take Jenn very much.
    She should be an actress-she is very cute and interesting but her voice gets on my nerves after a while. (sorry).
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    Re: 2/24-2/25 AI 15: Top 14 **West Coast Spoilers

    Liedenfrost is back. I was holding my breath you'd give us your analysis this final season. I don't always agree, but I respect your knowledge.
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    Re: 2/24-2/25 AI 15: Top 14 **West Coast Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Griss View Post
    I don't get why Gianna (or the producers) thought it was a good idea to change her look midway through the qualifying rounds. We grew to know her with her curly hair, and now last week and this, she's straightened it and looks like a different person when performing. But on the voting page, it's a picture of the curly-haired girl. She's confusing people whose votes she needs. Not smart.

    Edited to Add: They did the same thing to Tristan. Not cool. It's fun to be able to switch up looks, but it's so not smart while we're still getting to know the contestants.
    I agree, but one person I would like to see them do something with is LaPorcia. I'm not a fan of R&B so I don't really get her appeal, but her hair is such a distraction for me and so is that key hanging from her ear. She has a pretty face, from what I can tell under that bush of hair, she doesn't need to hide behind it.
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    Re: 2/24-2/25 AI 15: Top 14 **West Coast Spoilers

    I truly think that is a wig. Yes, very distracting. She doesn't need to create a character in order to showcase her voice or performance.
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    Re: 2/24-2/25 AI 15: Top 14 **West Coast Spoilers

    I have always thought that 3-4 of the final contestants could be the AI and the others were all cannon fodder.

    This year, just about all the kids are excellent with their own style. I might not like them all, but nobody can be quickly dismissed.

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    Re: 2/24-2/25 AI 15: Top 14 **West Coast Spoilers

    It looks like Giani has a fan club. I think she is cute and sings well. I just did not like hearing the spell on you song again.
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