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Thread: 5/13 AI 14: Finale

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    Re: 5/13 AI 14: Finale

    I agree about Clark's song with Michael McDonald. Clark was killing it on the piano and vocally. Loved what he did with his part.

    I equally enjoyed Nick. Nick is talented and possibly more marketable. Nick will be much easier to match to songs. Clark will be a bit tougher to match. His sound and style is less mainstream and is a bit trickier.
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    Re: 5/13 AI 14: Finale

    I dont think Clark will be equally as successful as Nick if he wins AI. His style of music is not as mainstream. Thats why i would have preferred Jax in the final 2. She is more marketable and radio friendly like Nick.
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    Re: 5/13 AI 14: Finale

    I have to agree that Nick is easier overall to market. He is sooo mainstream. When he put the guitar down, began to work the stage and crowd, and at last showed some personality - to go with the tremendous "nice guy persona" - I could finally see it in Nick. It showed too also in that last song that really had some umph to it which is something I think he needs to set him apart in the market.

    Clark, on the other hand, has that temendous (and he does!) musicality both vocally and instrumentally that is going to slay his sector of the market. His range is deep, and it allows him to start out low and to end up wailing on those emotionally higher notes which draw people in without going falsetto (although he could if he wished).
    That range and ability w/o going falsetto is something the other guys in the competition do not have, and it is something we don't see (or not much) in the market. I think we will see him find his place somewhere.
    Someone will pick him up who can "see" his vision and who will work/compromise with him until they come up with produceable music.
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    Re: 5/13 AI 14: Finale

    One of the biggest reason's I didn't care for Clark's singing was the high wailing notes. I don't care much for falsetto either, but this just caused me to reach for the mute button. I prefer deeper voices in general - both male and female. It's all a matter of taste. I wish Clark well and I hope he has success, just not my cup of tea.
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