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Thread: 1/16 AI 13: Audition #2: Austin/San Francisco

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    Re: 1/16 AI 13: Audition #2: Austin/San Francisco

    I really hate the early auditions. Hate them. I'd rather watch two hours of the judges bantering back and forth. In contrast, I LOVE the early episodes of The Voice. Maybe this has to do with the fact that AI producers still seem to enjoy putting bad singers in front of the judges. I'm just embarrassed for them. I don't find it entertaining.

    At this point, I mute about 70% of the episode.
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    Re: 1/16 AI 13: Audition #2: Austin/San Francisco

    The bad singers don't seem as many as previous seasons. I only say that because I've only popped in off and on and haven't hear a really bad, embarrassing one yet. Previous season every time I popped in, was a bad one.

    I like the Voice early rounds better too, and I think it's because they're actually on a stage with music instead of a capella or just guitar like Idol. I'm not a fan in general of a capella singing.
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