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Thread: 5/16 AI 12 FINALE **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 5/16 AI 12 FINALE **West Coast Spoilers**

    Congratulations Candice! That last duet with Kree was the best of the night.

    Did you notice that Mariah sings the runs like Candice (I've not really heard Mariah sing before) yet Randy kept telling everyone that Candice was taking them to school. Mariah did appreciate that Candice has similar vocal ability.

    Janelle and The Band Perry brought down the house with the opening number. Why couldn't the girls and boys all move like that during the show?

    Instead, they need backup singers and dancers to fill out their blank spots. That was especially noticeable tonight. I wonder if the backups will tour with them to cover the flaws in no choreography or blending of voices.

    After Janelle the next best performance was by Angie, Adam and Jessie J. Poor Adam seemed the after thought rather than Jessie J. Why couldn't Angie have displayed that energy on the show?

    The first "conspiracy" comedy bit was much better than the second "make fun of the judges" which was pretty lame.

    The tribute to Randy was fine. I kept waiting for other announcements, but that will come in the next week, I'm sure.

    No rock and roll, but the five girls did well - much better than the five boys in any case. I don't think this is a tour I would buy a ticket to see.

    CONGRATULATIONS CANDICE!!!! The girls said they were going to party, let's join them!
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    Re: 5/16 AI 12 FINALE **West Coast Spoilers**

    Congratulations to Candice and Kree! It must have felt exilarating after 3 tries, to actually win Idol! Even though Kree is the one (of the two of them) that I will probably download songs from, it was wonderful to see Candice so happy. Both of these girls are winners, Angie too. I have no doubt that she will get a record contract and a career from her experience on Idol. Only thing I noticed, was that Nicki seemed either subdued or disinterested in the show, and she wasn't featured in a song moment. I confess that I am not familar with her music and I am not a fan of rap, but I do think she should have had a moment. I didn't see the point of having JLo and Pitbull. Why not NIcki and Pitbull? They have collaborated on songs before.
    Other than that, I liked the show and the music. I did read today that Nicki has decided to not return next season, and Ryan should have acknowledged her contributions to the show this Season. But perhaps it was just too late to work something out on that. Since Randy has been with the show since the beginning, it was fitting to spend a little time reviewing some of his highlights over the years. I just wish he had given more constructive advice to the contestants and hadn't been so biased towards his chosen ones. But that is a complaint that has applied to all the Judges, every Season, imo.
    All in all, a good finale.
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    Re: 5/16 AI 12 FINALE **West Coast Spoilers**

    ďEvery New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginningís EndĒ (Closing Time, Semisonic).

    Goodbye Randy. Thank You for twelve years of wonderful primetime television. You handled yourself with class and honor throughout. In my opinion, you and Simon are the best two American Idol judges ever. I will miss you, Dawg. ďDwell on the beauty of life (my friend); watch the stars; and see yourself running with themĒ (Meditations, Marcus Aurelius). I wish you the best.

    Congratulations Candace Glover. I feel good. I am convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that the best singer won Season Twelve. Special thanks to Candace and Kree for all the wonderful performances and moments of joy they gave us this year. They are beautiful souls. Good luck, ladies. I wish you the best.

    The Top Twelve (+ four) Performances of Season Twelve. Sorry, but I couldnít narrow it to just twelve. There were so many good performances this season. Usually I have trouble finding even ten such performances).
    1. Lovesong-----Candace Glover
    2. Youíve Changed-----Candace Glover
    3. You Set Me Free-----Angie Miller
    4. Cause I Love You-----Vincent Powell
    5. Somos Novios (Itís Impossible)----Devin Velez
    6. I Believe in You and Me-----Amber Holcomb
    7. I (Who Have Nothing)-----Candace Glover
    8. My Funny Valentine-----Amber Holcomb
    9. Up to The Mountain (MLK Song)-----Kree Harrison
    10. Temporary Home-----Devin Velez
    11. Here Comes Goodbye-----Kree Harrison
    12. Ordinary People-----Candace Glover
    13. Ready For Love-----Burnell Taylor
    14. I Will-----Janelle Arthur
    15. Try-----Angie Miller
    16. Rocket Man (I Think itís Gonna Be a Long, Long Time)-----Charlie Askew

    The Best American Idol Live Performances of All Time (Seasons 1-12): An Update (I had a change of heart as I revisited these performances so the rankings changed). The list is also expanded since last year.
    1. Lovesong (via Adele)-----Candace Glover
    2. A Song For You (via Donny Hathaway)-----Elliott Yamin
    3. House of the Rising Sun (via The Animals)-----Haley Reinhart
    4. Uprising (via Muse)-----James Durbin
    5. Itís a Manís World (via James Brown)-----Joshua Ledet
    6. Whipping Post (via The Allman Brothers Band)-----Bo Bice
    7. Whole Lotta Love (via Led Zeppelin)-----Adam Lambert
    8. Jealous Guy (via John Lennon)-----Casey James
    9. There Will Come a Day (via Faith Hill)-----Melinda Doolittle
    10. Imagine (via John Lennon)-----David Archuleta
    11. Bridge Over Troubled Water (via Simon & Garfunkel)-----Clay Aiken
    12. Hello (via Lionel Richie)-----David Cook
    13. Mad World (via Gary Jules)-----Adam Lambert
    14. You Set Me Free (Angie Miller)-----Angie Miller
    15. Youíve Changed (via Harry James)-----Candace Glover
    16. When a Man Loves a Woman (via Percy Sledge)-----Joshua Ledet
    17. I Believe (via Tamayra Gray)-----Fantasia Barino
    18. Father Figure (George Michael)-----Ace Young
    19. Somos Novios (Itís Impossible) (via Perry Como)-----Devin Velez
    20. Cause I Love You (via Lenny Williams)-----Vincent Powell

    A Good Year: So Ryan Seacrest is the last of the original cast? He has slowly evolved into the best host on television. Love that dude. This was a good year. We were blessed with seven good singers, four magnificent singers, and one truly great singer. See you guys next season!!
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    Re: 5/16 AI 12 FINALE **West Coast Spoilers**

    Congrats to Candice, but let's be honest here, the winner should have been Zoanette!

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    Re: 5/16 AI 12 FINALE **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by razorbacker View Post
    Congrats to Candice, but let's be honest here, the winner should have been Zoanette!
    Ha Ha! I had mercifully forgotten all about Zoanette.

    Congratulations to Candace! My favorite from the get-go.

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    Re: 5/16 AI 12 FINALE **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by mesachick View Post
    Glad this season is over. Now that the producers and judges finally got their female winner, albeit fixed from the start, maybe next year they will allow some real talent in. This is the first AI season that I did not watch all the way through to the end.
    I didn't watch much either. I tuned in and FFed to hear what Jimmy had to say most weeks. I don't agree with this being fixed but if it was, what were they thinking? American Ballad should have been the name. Terrible season. Terrible. I didn't care who won. Big yawn from me.
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    Re: 5/16 AI 12 FINALE **West Coast Spoilers**

    I thought Angie was the star of the night. To think that girl is one year from HS graduation. Her maturity and poise is remarkable. Going to UK to sing with her idol makes her the big winner. Even Adam mouthed "wow" when the offer was made.

    I hope that Candice learns to do more than stand on the stage, unmoving with a sour look on her face... seriously, after three tries to get on AI, she might have figured out how to change things.

    And it is possible since the JHud made some remarkable changes in her style.
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    Re: 5/16 AI 12 FINALE **West Coast Spoilers**

    I was pleasantly surprised at the Finale. It was such a departure from the show this season. It was upbeat and energetic. Why didn't they do that earlier in the season as others have posted upthread.

    The Band Perry and Janelle were pretty good. Actually, Janelle has a much better voice than the lead female in the Band Perry. That band is full of members with average voices. They could use Janelle. Really.

    Keith Urban never sounded so good. I was surprised.

    As much as I dislike Nicki, I think that not allowing her to perform was tacky. Especially, when we had to endure Jennifer Lopez. OMG, how horrific. Why was she repeatedly grabbing her crotch? Male teen singers may do that, but a 40 something woman? PLEASE. Why can't she go away?

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    Re: 5/16 AI 12 FINALE **West Coast Spoilers**

    We don't know if she was not allowed to perform or if she just didn't want to. She has seemed pretty much not into it the last few weeks.

    No dispute with you on JLo. Nothing about her or the performance was interesting to me......and do not bring her back as a judge!!!!!

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    Re: 5/16 AI 12 FINALE **West Coast Spoilers**

    You do know the Band Perry are all siblings right?

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