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Thread: 4/17 AI 12 Top 5 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 4/17 AI 12 Top 5 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by DezBelle View Post
    1. Amber
    2. Candace
    3. Kree
    4. Angie
    5. Going home: Janelle

    1. Kree
    2. Candace
    3. Angie
    4. Janelle
    5. Amber (hopefully the save is still in play)
    and by the way I think they would use the save on all but Janelle and mayyyyyyybe angie... but Candace, Amber, Kree would get save if they were the bottom

    Boy ... we all see/hear things so differently. I just don't get the Amber love either, and it seems neither does most of America.
    I wish I could hear what the judges hear in house ... because on TV Amber was off key throughout most of the first song ... and she is no Barbra either.
    How it should be:


    There might be some flipping around among my Top 3.
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    Re: 4/17 AI 12 Top 5 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Echo226, I agree about #s 4 & 5. I would probably, note the word probably, go Candace, Angie, Kree, Janelle, Amber. I just felt Kree was a bit boring (not really the right word) tonight so I would say 3, but she has always been 1 or 2 for me until tonight. Amber has always been at bottom of girls for me. Janelle gets extra points just for choosing a song that wasn't a ballad.

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    Re: 4/17 AI 12 Top 5 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    All these girls are so good. Personally I won't be disapointed if any of them is the winner. Janelle is my least favorite, but even she has it. This part of the Idol season is definitely not a "snooze fest" to me.
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    Re: 4/17 AI 12 Top 5 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........ .................

    Wow....a month left.........lots of naptime I guess. I think they are all great singers, but they just don't keep my attention at all.
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    Re: 4/17 AI 12 Top 5 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    I don't know maybe its because my parents raised us in a home where we listened to any and everything with a beat to it. I have no issues with the remaining ladies. I think they all are very talented in the genre of music they sing. My top 3 are Candace, Amber and Kree. There is no doubt all 3 are truly talented. I found none of the performances boring. I see success for all 5 of these ladies. I really though don't know what Amber has to do to get some respect. The girls vocals speaks for themselves she has the praise of any singer who has any sort of vocal prowess singing her praises. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking smh.
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    Re: 4/17 AI 12 Top 5 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    I thought Amber absolutely killed her second song, I did not watch the first round of songs, but her rendition of Rest of Your Life was spot on.
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    Re: 4/17 AI 12 Top 5 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by TeacherLady View Post
    I think so. They haven't made a big deal about the "end of the save", probably because they will finish a week early if they don't use it. I think nobody will go home tonight.
    They won't finish a week early. The week after the save is used 2 go home. I think they just won't use it unless Kree or Candace is in the bottom.
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    Re: 4/17 AI 12 Top 5 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Amber is so overrated
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    Re: 4/17 AI 12 Top 5 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    April 17, 2013: The Top Five

    Yes, the days of 20 million plus viewers and lofty advertisement fees are over; no doubt, but if Idol can continue to win its Wednesday time slot (and the night) in the all important adults 18-49, adults 18-34, and teen demos (Nielsen ratings), as it has for the last thirteen weeks, it will survive no doubt. Idol is averaging 12-13 million viewers per show this season, which looks bad compared to previous seasons (20-26 million), but is actually very good, and, the numbers are slowly increasing; trending in the right direction in demos that matter. It is also encouraging to see that Idol is #4 among teen, given the hundreds of other television shows and entertainment activities available to them. Because of the recent media reports that Ryan Seacrest may be replaced because of his salary, I tried to find his Q score (a marketing number that measures likeability) but could only find his 2012 score of +23, which is also pretty good. The highest Q score ever recorded is Bill Cosbyís +70, but in todayís market the highest scores belong to entertainers like Tom Hanks (50), Paulie Perette (50), and Betty White (50), all very likeable. The likeability minimum is +19, but Q Ratings can also be negative; e.g., Chris Brown, Snoop Dog; people donít like them as much. Also, 85% of those questioned know Ryan Seacrest, and he is loved by women, especially young women. Whatís the point? Idol ratings are not down because of Ryan Seacrest. Replacing him is not the answer. My non-scientific reason for the showís ratings decline is simple: age. There arenít many Saturday Night Lives out there. Idol is 12 years old, and good television shows average a five year longevity. It is trendy to blame Idolís ratings decline on the success of The Voice and X-Factor (I like both) but if Idol, the primordial god of prime time singing competitions, canít adapt and compete with its progeny of ambitious young guns and upstarts, it will fade. But Nigel, Simon, CKX Inc, and Fox are not sitting idle, waiting for the owl to call their names; they are trying, and I, even if alone in this, have faith that they will find a way to restore to Idol, which is still a Wednesday Night juggernaut, the glory it once knew.

    1. Kree Harrison. I didnít like She Talks to Angels much because, for the first time this season, Kree neglected to read her lyrics. These lyrics describe an unhappy and loveless, almost schizophrenic and claustrophobic introvert, trying to cope with drug addiction, an unhappy home life, etc, so resorts to escapism; e.g., the comfort and forgiveness in the arms of imaginary Angels come to save her, and, of course, the hallucinatory conversations that follow. Kree presented the song as joy to the world, when it is not that at all; so for me this was a classic disconnect between singer and song. Have You Ever Been in Love, however, was pure emotion; magical; the Kree weíve come to know and love so dearly. It was absolutely beautiful; one of her best; also great television. I loved it. Good job, Kree!
    2. Candace Glover. Straight Up? Iím not seeing it. Why? I love Candace and I am in love in Paula Abdul (would marry her in a heartbeat) but I do not feel the same about this song. Sure, itís a fun song but not a competition song; it wonít win you any new fans or new voters. Strategically, it was an Idol mistake. More importantly, I thought it a waste of an enormous talent. When You Believe, on the other hand, while definitely not the equal of the original, was classic Candace; elegant, vocally exquisite, and wonderful connection with her lyric. I am not very religious but I was definitely caught up in the rapture and inspiration that she created here. I loved this performance as well. Good job, Candace!
    3. Angie Miller. The judges loved these two performances more than I did. The first half of Iíll Stand by You was mesmerizing, ethereal, but that magic disappeared in the chorus. Angie is at her best when caressing lyrics in soft soprano and whispering their secrets. The power chords do not support her soft soprano as well and interferes with her creations. Also, for me, I donít know why she sometimes bangs her piano. Is it the integrity of the hammer, piano voicing, or acoustics? I donít know, but, even the quality of sound coming from her piano is at its best when the keys are caressed. Halo was very good, but as a matter of preference; I like the Beyonce version better because she disappears inside the lyrics and project them with both tenderness (the verses) and raw power that Angie cannot duplicate (the chorus, a classic southern Baptist gospel revival). Having said that, I liked it; it was entertaining; it was a good listen; it was a good watch; it was good television; it was enjoyable. Thatís more than enough. Good job Angie!
    4. Amber Holcomb. She gave us two wonderful performances this night; beautifully presented. I disagree with the judges. I played back Without You and didnít hear any bad or wrong notes. My problem was that I kept comparing it to the original, and it didnít measure up. I prefer the Mariah Carey version because she creates more passion; a passion that was not matched by what was done here, but it was definitely good. What Are You Doing With The Rest of Your Life was also beautifully presented. Barbara Streisand is a singerís singer, but this is a very old song; one that young viewers will not know so will not vote for. I do not think that this performance will gain her the necessary votes required to compete successfully with Kree, Candace, and Angie, but we will see tomorrow how America feels. The judges and Jimmie seem baffled that Amber continues to end up bottom three or bottom two. But the reason, for me anyway, is simple: we love Amber, but others have simply connected better with us, especially Kree, Candace, and Angie. It has nothing to do with singing; we know she can sing, but, at this point in the competition, likeability and popularity are just as important. She is a magnificent singer. Good job, Amber!
    5. Janelle Arthur. Song Selection has failed her for weeks now, and tonight was more of the same. When I Call Your Name is a beautiful love song but presented without passion or purpose. I love Janelle but I did not feel the same passion the judges felt. Dumb Blonde? With so many wonderful Dolly songs from which to chose? I donít get it. I think I know what sheís trying to do here; e.g. set her self apart from the others who clearly own bigger pipes, vocal prowess, and better technique, and I believe that such a drastically different and stealthy counteroffensive strategy could actually work for her, but, but not with songs like Dumb Blonde as her secret weapon. Didnít get it.

    ETA: What the heck is LIBERTE?
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    Re: 4/17 AI 12 Top 5 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by WinkyD View Post
    What a complete and utterly repetitive BORE that Angela song was.

    As KU reminds the audience that she is the last part of the Triumvirate.

    And Kree was OFF-KEY.


    This whole show, to ME, has been a snooze-fest; the remaining weeks will be snooze-fests. The resulting CD sales will be snooze-fests.

    Well! Maybe TPTB DO want Amber in the Finale! Hmmmmmmmmmm............

    Fanty will school them ALL tomorrow.

    Nightmare school is probably not what these girls need.

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