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Thread: 3/27 AI 12 Top 8 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 3/27 AI 12 Top 8 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Angie's song choice was bad. That song has no hook and not much melody. I see where Keith was coming from, I get him. Angie may be in trouble this week but her worse is still better than Lazaro's best. I don't see the standing ovation for Amber. That wasn't the best of the night, in fact in may be the most boring. I think Candace and Janelle were hands down the best of the night followed by Kree. I actually liked Burnell's version of My Cherie Amour but his enunciation was weird adding random consonants at the end of verses.

    1. Candace
    2. Janelle
    3. Kree
    4. Devin
    5. Burnell
    6. Amber
    7. Angie
    8. Lazaro
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    Re: 3/27 AI 12 Top 8 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    I liked that Nicki said what I was thinking...GET OFF THE STAGE! Weird night. The whole show felt forced and then I took mini-naps through the extra long commercial breaks. Not one for the favorites book.
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    Re: 3/27 AI 12 Top 8 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Today (the 27th) was Mariah's birthday, so maybe that was why some thought she acted loopy? I didn't see it myself, I thought she just seemed to be showing more personality and is getting more comfortable at the judges' table, which isn't a bad thing since she has come off to me as pretty shy much of this season. A few of the girls (Candice, Kree and Janelle) acknowledged it by telling her happy birthday but I'm surprised Ryan didn't announce it, especially since they made a pretty big production of Steve Tyler's birthday both of the last two years
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    Re: 3/27 AI 12 Top 8 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    March 27, 2013: The Top Eight

    1. Janelle Arthur. I know there are better singers in the competition, several of them, and parts of me are uncomfortable with this placement, but this was my favorite performance of the night, so I brought her here. Hers was a subtle, understated, and very clever arrangement of an otherwise boring song; ingeniously structured; beautifully performed. For as long as I can remember, this song was considered house music. I could never dance and/or party to lyrics about a woman scorned and played for the fool. Some of my friends still laugh because I continue to rank Ace Young’s Father Figure one of the best Idol Performances of all time. Ace is not a great singer either so why do I rank Father Figure so high? Because he picked the one song; the only song, in the universe that fit him like a glove and nailed it shut on the Idol stage. In his case, it ended there. Janelle has taken it one step further. I thought she too, had picked the one song in the universe that fit her like a glove (I Will) and exhausted the source, but, as we witnessed tonight; she, unlike Ace, has learned to magically manipulate other compositions into clones of the perfect fit; even when they appear, at first glance, total misfits. What a smart strategy! Janelle is playing the game and executing brilliantly. I am in awe her strategy, tactic, and high music acumen. And even though she’s not the best singer I am hopelessly caught up in the magic of her counteroffensive against superior technique, booming pipes, glory notes, and power ballads. Will it work? Only America knows. But my respect for her is through the roof. Good job, Janelle. No matter the outcome, “you make good fight” (Karate Kid).
    2. Devin Velez. This was another brilliant performance from the mystic mind of Devin Velez. I do not expect to find Janelle or Devin in the Finale but, as of this moment, they are my two favorite performers. Yes, his face is still a wasteland and the message was sacrificed to style but his was a very good, clever, and masterful vocal. America does not seem to care much for Devin so his tenure on Idol is likely to be a short one, but he is a very intelligent and courageous musician, with a beautiful voice, and I love what he brings to the Idol stage. His R&B is actually quite good. Well done, Devin!
    3. Kree Harrison. I have to be honest, Kelly Clarkson did it better, but, this was a wonderful copy of Aretha’s Don’t Play That Song (for me); from the supremely talented Kree Harrison. This was not the perfect song for Kree but she presents such a magnetic presence on stage; like a Black Hole that pulls you in and won’t let go. A student of American Idol will recognize this rare quality at first glance and know that she is a genuine title contender; so very mature, real, likeable, and honest. Working class women, mothers across America, and Baby Boomers will bond with her; see themselves reflected in her face; and support her with their votes. That’s why I picked her to win. So what if I prefer the R&B version? What she did tonight was a perfect, honest reflection of a miserable, melancholy lyric about a woman scorned, camouflaged in snappy syncopation and toe-tapping beat, but, Kree wasn’t fooled at all; she deconstructed the lyric brilliantly.
    4. Candace Glover. In my opinion, Candace left her best backstage last week but not tonight. This was a terrific performance; loaded with sass, R&B, soul, and commitment. She invested heart and soul and delivered a beautiful, powerful performance. In my opinion, the best singer here, but will have trouble winning this thing because, more often than not, she doesn’t really look like an American Idol and sometimes seems uncomfortable with publicity. That can be fixed with media advisors but will negatively affect her chances to win a talent/likeability contest decided by interactive television participants.
    5. Amber Holcomb. This, too, was a fine performance; one of her very best. I have a cd with twenty-five of the very best R&B songs of all time, and Lately is among them; but not the original; not Stevie Wonder; rather, it is Jodeci that touched my soul. Apparently, Amber prefers it as well because what we heard tonight was definitely Jodeci’s version of this wonderful R&B classic; and she performed it brilliantly. This was a masterful vocal; beautifully delivered and loaded with heart-felt emotion and passion. I loved this performance. Good job, Amber.
    6. Burnell Taylor. This was yet another fine performance from Burnell. He is a wonderful singer, blessed with a natural and uncanny knack for rhythm and blues. He gets it; he understands it; he owns it. His road to the title will be fraught with difficulty though; he can definitely sing; no doubt about that; but I am just not convinced that his intangibles are strong enough or his niche diverse enough to win this title. Let's see what America thinks.
    7. Angie Miller. I don’t get it. I don’t understand what she was trying to do and I didn’t believe any of it. It seemed to conflict and contradict the Angie I’ve come to know. Sorry, didn’t get it. I expect her to be safe this week, which is likely to expose Devin to harm yet again.
    8. Lazaro Arbos. I have come to the conclusion that, while he is the fifth best male singer of the season, he is completely and irreversibly out of his depth at this point in the competition. But he is an Idol favorite; America loves him; so we’ll see just how far his popularity and good will can take him. But he's a good kid and I wish him the best.
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    Re: 3/27 AI 12 Top 8 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Maybe he intended to, but she talked right over him. Did anyone notice that they had to restart the intro to Smokey's mentoring because she was talking loudly the first time they started it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arielflies View Post
    I liked that Nicki said what I was thinking...GET OFF THE STAGE! Weird night. The whole show felt forced and then I took mini-naps through the extra long commercial breaks. Not one for the favorites book.
    Not only did I take mini naps, but I turned it to another channel somewhere during Burnell's song. That had to be the most boring night of Idol ever. And why do we need 2 hours for 8 people to sing? I could have hung in for an hour, even if it was boring. The only one I consistently like week after week is Janelle.

    Quote Originally Posted by DezBelle View Post
    Well While Burnel and Devin's were not the best, they were good, Lazero is just not in anyone in the top 10 league...
    I would rather listen to Lazaro than either Burnell or Devin.
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    Re: 3/27 AI 12 Top 8 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    I voted 30 for Devin to keep him in and 20 for Angie because she is my favorite. I think Kree will probably win. The facebook app for voting is nice. I never really voted before.

    Those makeovers are AWESOME!
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    Re: 3/27 AI 12 Top 8 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Mariah. You can give feedback, wow. Keep taking whatever you had last night. Wear you hair like that more often and nice dress, too. Your boobs look better when they fall into the top, not pushed up and out of it. You got in a zing to Jimmy again. "I know Jimmy likes you to hold back but..."

    Devin. If you insist on red hair go for a vivid and deep mahogany, lose the carrot top.

    Nicki. You are my favorite judge! Love your pet names and bold critiques. I also like to watch Keith enjoying your take. You crack him up.

    Now for the contestants. Time for Lazaro to go. I expect to see him in the bottom 3 but Angie is the one who will leave. She has not measured up to the song she wrote and sang on the piano.

    Kree and Janelle aka Marshmallo (love that) are the only stand outs for me. Candice is good but for some reason is not catching my heart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeacherLady View Post
    Loved Candice's bluesy version of Grapevine. How can anybody top that?
    Turns out to have been not to hard. Kree & Janelle & perhaps Amber all topped her.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gutmutter View Post
    Janelle doing an interpretation of "Why Don't You Baby?" that she came up with when she was 14.
    Do What?

    It was You Keep Me Hanign On & I thought Janelle stole the show with it. Still rooting for Kree, but this is the second week on a row that Janelle was top of the lot for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gutmutter View Post
    4 standing Os from the judges for Amber.
    Mariah has to be bleeped. She is really hammered or something tonight.
    Mariah had one of the weirdest moments I have seen on this show, when she castigated the audience for not responding to her "tour de force" comments. Just plain weird & sort of uncomfortable.
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    Re: 3/27 AI 12 Top 8 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Sitting behid the piano and singing worked very well for Billy Joel. It was all he needed to be tremendously successful; however, Billy Joel was a man, he performed in a different time to a different market, and to me artistically gifted as he was, Billy Joel was not particularly physically attractive.

    In today's market, how well does a "stay behind the piano" singer do? I felt like Angie was trying to show the total side of her gift as an artist. Last night she showed she has a physically attractive appearance, she showed she can work the stage while interacting with the other musicians, and she showed that there is another side to Angie. In my opinion, she accomplished some things last night.

    Unfortunately, that wasn't a good song for her, so people are focusing more on the song than they are on the other factors.
    I do not think this girl needs to stay behind the piano. In fact, I think putting her in that box would limit her appeal to fans and could hurt her career greatly.
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