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Thread: 3/20 AI 12 Top 9 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 3/20 AI 12 Top 9 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by WinkyD View Post

    Buh-BYE, Jolley Paul.
    Ya really think so? I liked him better this week. Lazaro was really the worst, but I fear for Burnell being so early in the pack.

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    Re: 3/20 AI 12 Top 9 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Misty8723 View Post
    I've hated them all so far, Kree, Burnell, Aubry, totally ruining some very, very beautiful songs. I guess if this is what's popular now and maybe a lot of people aren't familiar with the originals. I hope it gets better. And the show is so darn slow. 8:45 almost and only 3 singers? Why does this have to be 2 hours? Also, why the heck am I still watching it.

    Oh good grief! Mariah had never heard She's Leaving Home??? What the heck?!

    Edited to say, I guess her name is Amber and not Aubrey. Hard to keep them all straight.
    These lines made reading 5 pages of posts about this tired show worthwhile. Thanks, Misty8723!
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    Re: 3/20 AI 12 Top 9 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Best two of the night for me were Amber with "she's leaving home", I love that song, and Devin's "long and winding road". Devin has reminded me of Elliott Yamin since the first time I heard him in vocal style and also due to him being kind of an underdog contestant who has potential to go far in the competition just based on pure talent which he definitely has. I'm glad he sang with more of an r&b style tonight, it really suits his voice well.

    I also really liked Janelle, Kree and Candice. Was great to see Candice switch it up with a rock song.

    Didn't care for Angie, I was so distracted by the god awful hair. And wow Lazaro really stunk up the stage tonight, which for him is saying a lot since I've never thought he sounded all that good.

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    Re: 3/20 AI 12 Top 9 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    My short list and subject to change. Kree, Janelle, Burnell, Amber and Angie. I don't usually like country music but I like the two we have. They could fall of my list though.

    Those who don't do anything for me: Paul, Lazaro, Devin and Candice.

    Either Lazaro or Paul will go tomorrow. That is hard to call since Lazaro may get votes for his back story.
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    Re: 3/20 AI 12 Top 9 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    We haven't seen a good judge since Simon left and I never would have thought that I would be praising Nicki for her knowlege of music and ability to give solid and entertaining feedback. I love her in this position; I know little else about her. I FF through Mariah and often cut Keith and Randy short when I see where they are going.
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    Re: 3/20 AI 12 Top 9 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by CupidGuest View Post
    Why did they change Lazaro's song last minute? I don't understand.
    Probably so when he was defending himself, he could get as nervous as possible and struggle to speak.

    Seriously ,... the fact that it was a last minute change should have been mentioned by Jimmy in the coaching session and Lazaro shouldn't have had to defend himself.

    This was cruel. At first I thought Ryan at least was being compassionate ... until after the break when they had to continue talking about it and act like it was no big deal.

    Mariah may peeve some people with her courageous and brave rewinds, but perhaps she was trying to remind people or at least find something nice to say. Actually, Nikki did it too but with a more upbeat presentation.
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    Re: 3/20 AI 12 Top 9 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    March 20, 2013: The Top Nine

    1. Burnell Taylor. I wasnít very enthusiastic about most of the performances tonight but Burnellís Let It Be was an elegant, classy, uniquely soulful, and clever neo-Jazz interpretation of this wonderful Beatles classic. Heís very effective at re-creating originals in his own unique image. This was easily my favorite performance of the night. I loved it so much that I played it back again and again, so I had to add it to my Top Twelve Performances of Season Twelve. Thank you, Burnell. Good job, Bro.
    2. Janelle Arthur. When I first heard this version of I Will I thought it was Dolly Parton. I looked up and saw Alison Krauss, smiled and thought, I should have known. So you can imagine my joy when Janelle brought this beautiful love song to the Idol stage. Itís a simple song with simple lyrics but wrapped up in memorable, mesmerizing melody. Thatís why I love it so much. This performance put a smile on my face and joy in my heart. Thank you, Janelle for this beautiful and elegant performance. Itís already safely locked away in My Favorites folder. God job, kiddo. Remember the phrase, ďinsanely and irreversibly likeableĒ? If you want to see it, look no further than Janelle Arthur; she has it in spades. This kid is absolutely adorable with beautiful, beautiful soul.
    3. Devin Velez. I continue to bring this kid to the top of my rankings because he has such a beautiful voice and a wonderful feel for music. Keith said he did not feel connected to this performance. I wonít put words in his mouth, only he knows the reasons, but I wonder if the source of his discontent is not something else. I think Devin definitely feels his music but is not a good actor so doesnít emote and/or project well, and this sometimes gets reflected in his performances, which displeases Keith. But Devin is not alone in this. Devin and Angie are stone-faced performers, whether it is a rehearsed smile (Angie) or a desert wasteland (Devin), so rely on eye contact, vocal inflection and tonal variation to get home the message and project emotion. I think each of them feels the music; they just need to play the part better. But, from here, this was yet another beautiful and elegant R&B flavored performance from the very courageous Devin Velez.
    4. Angie Miller. If you heard this vocal from a distant room, it would reduce you to tears. Like Jeff Buckleyís Hallelujah, Yesterday is one of those songs that automatically touches the hearts of all. The only thing required of the messenger is to not mess up. And Angie certainly did not do that. This was a brilliant, lyrical, mellifluous, ethereal, and elegant vocal. I felt passion; Iím just not sure whether it was her passion or the song itself. We know, beyond a shadow of doubt, we know, she can emote; show us her heart (You Set Me Free), and since I know itís there, Iím left wanting when itís not on full display. But thereís no denying this was a beautiful vocal; absolutely angelic.
    5. Kree Harrison. This, too, was a good vocal but for me, a bit tepid, tame, and restrained. There are loads of references to getting high (The Beatles were notorious drug users) and sexual innuendo, but in the end, I still think the heart of this song is a joyous celebration/appreciation/affirmation of friendship. So I wanted more from Kree than a good vocal; I wanted more fun, energy, joy, playfulness, and celebration; e.g., Danyl Johnson (UK, X-Factor, audition, season 1). This was my least favorite Kree performance but I remain her #1 fan. She is a wonderful singer. By the way, this kid never fails to show us her heart; share it with us; she is the most transparent performer to set foot on the Idol stage.
    6. Candace Glover. I didnít like this performance much either. It was largely a waste and/or misuse of an otherwise enormous talent. Why not Aretha Franklinís foot-stomping R&B version of Eleanor Rigby? Jimmy said these lyrics were esoteric, but I think he knows (surely he must know) these lyrics were influenced by drugs; they make no sense whatsoever (even John Lennon didnít know the meaning). These wild and crazy lyrics require an equally wild and crazy performance, and for me, that wasnít there. It needed more energy and physicality; e.g., attitude, sass, and swag. Candace and Kree are serious and sincere singers but missed the mark tonight. Come Together is a silly, fun song filled with ambiguous schoolboy double entendres about drugs, sex, and care free living, and should be presented that way on stage. Even though I didnít like this performance much, Candace is still in my humble opinion the best singer in this competition.
    7. Amber Holcomb. As I suspected, sheís not a good Idol strategist and entered this competition without a clear game plan. Every prospective Idol contestants should find and learn a Beatles song because itís an annual theme. Do you think Janelle picked I Will two days ago? I doubt it. She came prepared; sheís playing the game. There were so many opportunities in this song to soar, rise above, and bring down the house, but Amber let all of them pass her by. Why? An As Is version of Sheís Leaving Home on the Idol Stage? I donít get it. The composition has no hook, lacks melody, offers no glory notes (her specialty), and is soul and R&B-challenged. In short, this was neither a competition song nor a good fit for what she does best. It could expose her to the Bottom three tomorrow night and thatís never a good thing.
    8. Paul Jolley. He can definitely sing but I have never been a Paul Jolley fan. Heís a good kid but Iíve heard him five times now and didnít believe any of them. He continues to say that he picks songs that mean something to him but thatís not reflected in his performances. I begin to worry that he doesnít listen to the judges or to Jimmy Iovine because he continues to do the same thing, bring the same thing, to the Idol stage each week, even though he's obviously struggling to connect with voters. I wonder if Mariah is on to something. I doubt he would even consider dance/house music but maybe a feel good song; e.g. Beautiful Day (U2), would work.
    9. Lazaro Arbos. I cannot believe Jimmy Iovine allowed this kid to bring that song, in that key, to the Idol stage. He was doomed from the start. The irony here is that this kid has excellent taste; he picks great songs; just doesnít sing them very well. Thursday will be interesting since we all know Lazaro has a huge following (my ranking is not based on popularity) and is not likely to go home, and thatís bad news for contestants of average likeability and popularity; e.g., Amber Holcomb, Devin Velez, and Paul Jolley.
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    Re: 3/20 AI 12 Top 9 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by WinkyD View Post
    Only one of two reasons: First pick didn't get clearance (hard to accept that TPTB wouldn't have a standard list); or a different (Read: More favored) contestant had also chosen it.

    I think Laz would have sung "Yesterday" better than Angela, who went completely off the rail there.
    In season 2 the same song was performed by 2 contestants in one night. Both Josh Gracin and Clay Aiken performed "You Don't Know What It's Like To Love Somebody" by the Bee Gees and we were down to top 4. Josh actually spanked Clay on that one. Even Simon said so. With that having happened, can we no longer have the same song twice? Maybe they're afraid the chosen one will be showed up by the contestant the producers don't want just like in season 2?
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    Quote Originally Posted by WinkyD View Post

    Kree up: "With a Little Help From My Friends." I already hate her attempt-at-Joplin version.

    KU: "Great way to start. You're Kree, you know?"
    Do what? That was Joe Cocker,

    Quote Originally Posted by CupidGuest View Post
    LOL Nicki says they should stop putting Lazaro in the same room with Jimmy. She's right.
    They should stop putting him in any room with anyone with any talent cause this kids sucks the life out of whatever it is he attempts to sing. That was just awful.

    I have to give it up to Janelle for her version of I Will. Very nice, very well done. Kree is still my favorite, but putting her first last night did her no favors. All things being fair, Lazaro " the pitch limited" would go home, but I suspect he will remain to drub yet another great song into obscurity next week.

    By the way, I hate to post after post, but I forgot to add:

    I can sort of understand some of these younger kids not being familiar with The Beatles. I say sort of, because I wonder if their parents never listened to the greatest group of all time, you'd think some of it would have rubbed off, but what I didn't get was Mariah Carey admitting to not knowing the music from Sgt. Peppers...the greatest album of all time as voted by the rock listening pubic many many times.

    Oh and if you need to hear the definitive Idol version of She's Leaving Home go back & listen to Carrie sing it on the finale night a few years back.
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    Re: 3/20 AI 12 Top 9 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Jimmy's advice to the singers is edited down to about 2 minutes, if that. I wish we would see more of him. He told Lazaro that he didn't think his rendition was a good choice. The judges did not remember that. They blamed Lazaro's failure on bad coaching from Jimmy. Not true.

    Jimmy has a fine line to walk. The singers must make their own choices because that is part of the judging criteria. He mentors, guides, gives his opinion but the final word comes from the contestant.

    I understand completely why none of them were familiar with the Beatles. Their parents were too young in the Beatle frenzy era and may have not even liked them. There were conservative people out their who recoiled at the drug references and dismissed them as hippies. I adore them, had most of their albums yet didn't remember that one song either.
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