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Thread: Randy Jackson AI 12 Judge

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    Randy Jackson AI 12 Judge

    Might as well start a new thread for Randy as the new season begins.
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    Re: Randy Jackson AI 12 Judge

    Randy has just announced to Enews that this will be his last season. Regardless of whether he leaves or not, it would have been nice to wait until the end of the season.

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    Re: Randy Jackson AI 12 Judge

    Maybe they are trying to raise ratings with a sentimental draw.

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    Re: Randy Jackson AI 12 Judge

    I think they don't want to take away from the Finale for the contestants and there have been a lot of rumors and "leaks" out there. But you are right .... they should have just waited a month or so and start announcing things.

    There is also word that they will likely want to do a tribute to 12 season judge Randy on the Finale. Hey, maybe Simon and Paula and some of the early season Idols will turn up!
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