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Thread: Simon says, "I *WON'T* be back"

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    Aww. That really sucks! Simon was the whole show for me sometimes! j/k...
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    Simon really did bother me some of the time. I agree with those who said he is a liar, cuz he sure would change his mind a lot and really fast.

    I did totally agree with him when he said Kimberley deserved to be voted off in that one week that Josh went instead, cuz he actually praised Josh that same week, it was like,"Woah," he's actually praising Josh!

    SillyMamma, we're going to have to agree to disagree cuz I still think Carmen and Kim C have good voices!

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    They need to get a few judges who have absolutely zero invested into the financials of the show and who know what they're talking about and who can string together a few MEANINGFUL words rather than that non-sensical blather we heard from you know who (I had to laugh on the last show when Simon said "I STILL can't figure out what in the world you're talking about" or however he said it).

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    The backlash against Simon being a manipulator isn't another sour grapes reaction or conspiracy thought of by Clay fans. Simon admitted he doesn't give proper judging and his comments are to influence the audience. Even if Simon doesn't like the style of Clay in his everlasting love or grease performances, to simply say it was horrible is very unfair considering Clay was on pitch and powerful. Even in other performances where Simon pointed out how he didn't like clay's broadway style, he still finished it with a well done comment. No horrible bs. The horrible comments cannot solely be explained because he didn't like his style.

    In a thread a while ago where we were supposed to give a 1 word description of the AI crew, my word for Simon was manipulative. It's not just the unjustifiable put downs of Clay and the always superb comments of ruben even when ruben's had a few off key performances, it started last year and showed in the wild card. Last year, Simon admitted he had a crush on Christina Christian. Even though she wasn't always good, she could do no wrong in his eyes. This year, though he didn't admit he had a crush on the very beautiful Nasheka, a wild card contestant, my thoughts was here's another Simon crush after his jaw dropping praise of her in the wild card. After her performance, I thought she didn't do well at all. Randy didn't like her performance. Paula avoided commenting on her singing but chose to praise her performance. ie. paula's way of putting someone down. What was Simon's comments? She was brilliant. :rolleyes: In the wildcard results show, he admitted that listening live gives a different interpretation than listening on tape. (Then that'd make him pretty useless) He said some people he thought were great were actually horrible. ( Next to clay, his only other great comment that night was for nasheka so he was obviously referring to her here) Why is it that Randy and Paula had no trouble giving an accurate assessment hearing her performance live yet Simon went to the other extreme??? He probably realised it would of been a terrible mistake putting her in the top 12 and didn't pick her for his wild card. George Clooney said Simon is on the show to pick up girls. Though that isn't the entire truth, he has lied about performances because the girl is attractive.
    I was irked by how manipulative he was with those 2 girls but Clay's situation is much more significant and his manipulation has really ticked me off.

    Simon for the most part is truthful and doesn't mind telling someone they're no good. He's very articulate and thinks fast on his feet. He makes the show interesting. But if his presence is at the price of manipulating the idol winner and manipulating the audience then I'd be happy if he left. There must be more than 1 person with music credentials who can replace simon.

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    Simon will be back. It's an obvious tactic used in sports, known as the hold out. He knows he can get more money, and this is how he'll achieve it.

    As much as people might like/dislike Simon, he is a HUGE portion of what makes the show entertaining - no other judge's remarks are so eagerly anticipated by the audience and/or contestants. Randy and Paula could be replaced easily, maybe even Ryan, but if Simon leaves it will hurt American Idol.
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    Well there are two points to that...good then bad

    1. I don't have to be scared for my audition for the third one cause Simon would be the one that I would be all wierd around.

    2. I would want Simon there cause I would like to meet him and I kinda liked him here and there as a judge....he adds something to the show and without him there won't be anything really to laugh about...well unless somebody not so good ends up in the final 12 again lolz...

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    FoxNews.com reports:

    Simon Not Leaving American Idol: Stake Too High

    Simon Cowell is not leaving American Idol.

    I'm sorry I'm so late to the AI craze, but I did catch Cowell giving interviews last week to the effect that he "didn't know what he'd be doing" about a third season of this freeze dried, shrink wrapped phenomenon.

    Let me tell you right now, lest anyone worry: Simon will be back. How do I know this? He's a part owner of the show!

    For full story, follow link: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,87857,00.html

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    I think Simon Cowell is in love with himself and he likes to say negative things about the contestants to draw attention to himself. He knows his criticisms have been credited to the shows popularity. But I think he has gotten out of hand. I don't really care if he is on American Idol 3 or not because I will not be watching it. I do not like being manipulated. I know talent when I hear it and I do not need Fox or the media to tell me who I enjoy listening to.

    Clay Aiken is ear candy -- The only good thing that ever came out of American Idol.

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    Originally posted by fluff
    In answer to your final question OSB, I doubt it.

    It's not as though Simon never praised Clay, he did on many occasions that readily spring to my mind.
    Overall he didn't like his style.
    People might want to argue that a judge should remain impartial, but of course that would not be the cry had he lavished praise on their favourite each week.

    I agree with Simon, Grease was horrible, absolutely dreadful.
    It was Manilow imo, something I doubt Simon wanted to see from the next "Idol".

    The comments that Simon is a manipulator and a liar seem to stem from the fact he didn't think Clay was as good as many people here.

    Simon makes this show for me.
    Please no one say "that's just because you like Ruben and Simon praised him every week", that is getting so old.

    Whatever we may think of Simon, the contestants clearly coveted praise from him above the other two judges.

    Simon is the reason I tune into the auditions and why I start watching the show. If it wasn't for Simon, I would not be interested enough to stay tuned long enough to form faves and get attached to certain contestants.

    I really enjoy the chemistry between the judges (all of them) and would hate it if they didn't come back. I probably would not watch the show.

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    I enjoy the chemistry of the three, but if I could vote one off, I would vote Randy. Hey, I just thought of an idea, for next year grand finale, a judge should be voted off. Let the two with the least vote have to stand up front and go through the agony, like the idols. I think Randy would definately lose!

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