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Thread: 5/3 AI 11 Results Show: Top 5 **West Coast Spoiilers**

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    Re: 5/3 AI 11 Results Show: Top 5 **West Coast Spoiilers**

    It was as lame as it could get with Scotty McCreery.

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    Re: 5/3 AI 11 Results Show: Top 5 **West Coast Spoiilers**

    In regards to Jessica sounding 'over rehearsed' I think it's almost the David Archuletta syndrome. These kids have amazing voices, but I think they have been trained since a very young age. I remember Archie's father being such a "Stage Dad" and almost being barred from the set because he wanted to push/poke/prod his son's success so much. I think when you're that good that early you are so wrapped up in technique you forget how much you actually enjoy it. If Jessica could remember she is having fun with it she might put more emotion into her song.

    On a side note, over the holidays I happened on a PBS special with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing. I heard the most glorious male voice singing lead and looked closer and it was David Archuletta! He sounded wonderful, and he looked so at home and comfortable on stage. He's older, he's grown into his voice, and I think he showed more emotion then than he ever showed on Idol. Hopefully Jessica will grow into her voice too and get better as she gets older!

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    Re: 5/3 AI 11 Results Show: Top 5 **West Coast Spoiilers**

    Yes, I think you are exactly right! I didn't like David A. back in his season for the same reasons I don't prefer Jessica. While recognizing that both are gifted with beautiful singing voices, it seems too perfect, too coached, too precocious, too "stage kid" -- and like they'd been pushed toward this destiny since they were in diapers.

    With both David (back then) and Jessica, to me it's just kind of unseemly, almost unnatural for a 16-year-old to sing like that.

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    Re: 5/3 AI 11 Results Show: Top 5 **West Coast Spoiilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by echo226 View Post
    I recall watching the season that Carrie won, and I was voting for Bo. I really didn't think Carrie had star potential. I really like Carrie now, and I do think Hollie has the vocal talent and just needs to keep working on her performance skills. Hollie has the same sweet appeal that Carrie had at that time, just not quite as mature and confident. (Hollie is 18 and Carrie was 21.) I think Hollie has worked the hardest of all of them, and she listens and takes direction from those with experience. She has taken the assault of the judges and survived.
    BTW, when Carrie was asked what makes an American Idol, Carrie answered "Someone who is nice, talented, and deserves it." Hollie certainly meets that criteria ... which they all do at this point.

    I was a Bo voter too! We don't often vote here, but dh and I had dueling phones going that season. I was voting for Bo and dh saw something in Carrie. Only other season I voted was for Taylor.

    Of the now TOP 4 ...

    Phillip is OK, but he's no Joshua
    Jessica is O.K. ... but she's no Hollie.
    First season I voted was for Bo! Dh was voting for Carrie. Yes, we had dueling phones also to see who could vote the most. I don't think we've ever done that again.

    I will be watching tonight, will see if anyone inspires us to vote again. I doubt it. I do agree that Hollie is the most improved. The others are mostly the same ole', same ole' thing every week. Joshua will sound gospely <is that a word? LOL> and the judges will stand up and applaud, P2P will do a Dave Matthews type song and play his guitar and make crazy faces, Jessica will sing amazingly but not connect and Hollie will try and do something different.

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