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Thread: 4/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I think poor Holly is a goner after tonight. The judges threw her and Elise under the bus by mentioning EVERY other contestant's name as stand-outs tonight. It was pretty brutal!

    Also, it really is getting creepy how J-Lo is practically drooling over DeAndre! He is a teenaged boy and she is a 40 yr old woman.

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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Loved DeAndre tonight. I thought his using his lower register so much just continues to show that he is much more than a falsetto singer. I think this was his best performance so far.

    Elise - didn't like it at all. She was flat the whole way through. She's B3 for sure.

    Phillip - what can I say that hasn't already been said. He just takes me away when he sings and I am at his concert. I thought it was great that he got to play with his brother-in-law. He's still my favorite!

    Joshua - I hate this song, but... he made me like it, and that's hard to do, make me like a song I normally hate. Very well done.

    Jessica - this girl just has star written all over her. Not my favorite song she's ever done, and to me it was a bit karaoke, I just wish she'd changed it up a bit so it wasn't exactly like Whitney's version.

    Hollie - I agree with the judges tonight. It took her awhile to get it right, the beginning made me cringe a bit. She's so adorable though. God I sound like Paula!

    Colton - ack - he went back into squeaky mode! He needs to lose that, it hurts my ears. When he doesn't do that he's good. Just ok for me tonight.

    Skylar - I thought she did really well tonight. Good choice for her. It was nice to see her finally do something different. Good on you girl!

    Gwen and Tony were good mentors too. They both had a lot of good suggestions.
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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by maude~flanders View Post
    I think poor Holly is a goner after tonight. The judges threw her and Elise under the bus by mentioning EVERY other contestant's name as stand-outs tonight. It was pretty brutal!

    Also, it really is getting creepy how J-Lo is practically drooling over DeAndre! He is a teenage boy and she is a 40 yr old woman.
    She cant do anything right They tell her to loosen up and have fun.They tell her to move around, make it her own and look what happens.
    J'lo does really favour Deandre doesn't she? I agree with Tyler for once, I can hear Colton making really good music as well
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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    That was a pretty lackluster night for me. I'm not sure if it's because I'm an 80s kid or because these are GenXYZers and they are truly connecting with the songs to do them justice.

    That being said, I think Colton was my fav of the night because instead of murdering one of my favorite songs from Cyndi he used the other arrangement and truly made it his own. It forced me not to hear Cyndi or others versions. His was different and unique and it totally worked. Now, Colton is not the strongest singer but I did feel like he was not a contestant but a guest performer. He needs to be careful not to try to emulate other indie rockers. *Cough* Adam Lambert *Cough* Did I mention I absolutely love "Islands in a Stream"? I don't take kindly to folks messing with the Dolly and Kenny classic. However, I wasn't mad at Colton. I was surprised by that...he did bring a more modern vibe to it.

    Jessica has a very strong voice. She is one of my top listers but tonight was not the best song choice. I never liked the song much anyway but because Whitney was such a great singer, I tolerated it. Jessica was able to make me tolerate the song too but I feel she needs to do something to separate herself from her idols. She sounds too much like Whitney, Beyonce, and Jennifer Hudson even when not singing one of their blockbuster hits. She needs to find her own unique sound. She tries here and there but it's not an entire package of Jessica and only Jessica. The "wow you are only 16 and I can't believe that is coming out of your mouth" phase has worn off on me and I bet others are feeling the same way. I don't want a WhitBeyFer and I definitely don't want a WhitBeyFerJess either. I wish these shows would allow them to sing their own songs or ones created especially for them by someone else. Not just the finale tune.

    Joshua Ledet-Yes, he can sanggg. I really like the suit with the vertical stripes on him. I like when he old school vibes it. But, he does remind me of a Mantasia in a way. Once again. I get bored if I start thinking the contestant reminds me of someone else. It's fine in the beginning but now they should sound like a "new" artist.

    Deandre-I heard him during audition and was blown away. Unfortunately, I haven't truly been blown away since. He too reminds me of Maxwell eric Benet, and Terence Trent Darby but with a Milli Vanelli look. I wish he'd rock it more in a Lenny Kravitz way more so than singing love songs. That boy has no idea and it seems weird for me. El Debarge could hit that high note and make girls melt but Deandre just doesn't have the swagger nor the smooth cool vibe to do El's song justice. There was a disconnect for me and I can't help thinking he isn't "Man" enough to hit those high notes and still seem "Manly". He really needs to sing in his low register most of the time and as an added, "Hey girl I really mean what I am saying to you" as a climatic extra give the high note. Yeah, he is young and has noooooooo clue, yet.

    Sklyar-I liked in the beginning too but I'm tired of the mini Reba comparisons.
    Hollie-Eh...she has nothing "special". Sometimes I think I may overlook her and she could be a dark horse but then she gives me nothing to grab onto. Skylar was tolerable but I'm sorry I love my Dolly. However, she did a good job alongside of Colton.

    Elise-I liked her during the audition but her voice though it has a nice tone doesn't project. I also feel she truly doesn't know what type of artist she wants to be. She is all over the place. I loved when she rocked out last week. I also love when she goes jazzy bluesey. She needs to figure out her style and stick with it.

    Phillip Phillips-I like him. But, he is starting to sound the same and remind me of previous contestants on AI et al. But, I can watch him and enjoy the performance for entertainment value. But, he too needs to find a special other than a growl, a prowling tic and that guitar.

    I think Elise, Hollie and Deandre could be in danger tomorrow. As far as a winner, I always think in terms of if I were a producer/investor. Who would make me the most money? Who is more marketable? Who screams !STAR! to me? Who can headline and carry an entire concert? Who can perform at the Super Bowl?

    I choose Jessica Sanchez. I could make some money off of her and I'm truly surprised she isn't signed now!

    However, Colton most especially, Joshua if he crosses over more and makes the old school new, or Deandre if he tones down the falsetto either of them could displace her if they morph a bit. Colton actually could take her because little girls buy more tickets, fanobilia, than dudes. Jessica would have to be relate able to her fans and not seem like a 40 yr in a 16 year old body.

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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    That's my bottom 3 too

    Deandre <---sang first but 1st safe
    Hollie <--- 2nd safe. She finally sang an uptempo song. Didn't work. Maybe a mid-tempo will work better. She has no singing style, she' just a belter.
    Elise <--- Going home, no save. She was off. That song was bad for her. She should have selected Halelujah and have a sensitive moment.

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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    April 04, 2012: The Top Eight

    1. Skylar Laine. As race track aficionados would say of a long shot, ďthat little filly would have trouble winning if she left the starting gate yesterdayĒ. I donít know if Skylarís chances are quite that bad but they definitely arenít good. And she is certainly not the best singer here (Jessica is) but this feisty young lass certainly won this leg of the race; an absolutely perfect pick; a marriage of singer and song. I really admire her courage; her spirit and her iron will in the face of overwhelming opposition. She is a fighter; a worthy and admirable opponent; and this performance was an arresting beauty; best of the night. I loved it. Good job Skylar. I know Jenny wants us to vote for the person with the best chance of winning; thatís not Skylar; but I canít do that; not just yet. So, I will continue to vote for my favorites. Sure, I will come round at the end; I, and you, will vote for the best, but until that time, I will continuing voting for the contestant(s) that I want most to see next week. Otherwise, whatís the point?
    2. Colton Dixon. I donít care that he stole this version. Idol contestants have been ďstealing versionsĒ since the very beginning. And itís not really stealing anyway; that would imply copyright infringement, and Nigel is not stupid; and neither are the monitors at BMI (or ASCAP and other PROs). I loved this version. Colton is never going to be hard rock (my favorite genre); thatís not who he is, but I have come to respect and admire his carefree contemporary alternative styling; it reflects perfectly who he is as an artist. Heís not a great singer either, but like Skylar, attacks everything and leaves nothing back stage. This, too, was a perfect pick; a perfect marriage of singer and song. I donít know why, but this was the first time since the start that Iíve seen him so nervous on stage. Is he finally feeling the pressure?
    3. Jessica Sanchez. As I said last week, this kid is an enigma. She was absolutely brilliant on Knew You Were Waiting; her talent on full display, but picked How Will I Know for the main event. Itís a fun song; very popular; and thatís more than enough I know to make us feel good, but artistically, itís a campfire sing along. I would prefer Jessica to use her talent differently; to sink her teeth into something with a meaning and a message. But I certainly canít fault what she did. Hers was technically proficient and full of fun; good television. I should be satisfied but I canít help wishing sheíd picked something that maximized her enormous talent. I don't get it. With an instrument like that, she should be light years ahead of the field.
    4. Joshua Ledet. Let me say this outright. I love Joshua Ledet. I look forward to his performances more than any other. I love old school R&B, especially his R&B, and I am a devoted Teddy Pendergrass fan (lead singer of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, and clearly Joshua's inspiration tonight; not Simply Red), but this beautiful, melancholy, intensely personal, romantic ballad was bullied a bit too much. Oh, man, I donít know; itís so hard to k now when enough is enough. It took Patty Labelle almost ten years to find the right mix of melody and artistic freedom. Itís a difficult and very delicate balance that gets worked out with time and experience; so perhaps Joshua will also need time to find his center as well. But it left me humming, Close The Door, so I'm good.
    5. Phillip Phillips. I like the hell out of Phillip but I donít like the song (its awful) and I didnít like this performance either. Wrong song! But thereís so many good things to like about this kid; so many redeeming qualities; I had to rank him here.
    6. Holly Cavanaugh. This one confuses me. Again tonight, I heard no major singing flaw in the performance. The first six weeks, she was a technically proficient machine, blessed with perfect pitch, but the last two weeks, if you believe the judges, she canít carry a tune in a bucket. I donít agree with them. Make no mistakes, these judges are experts in the field; they know what theyíre doing; theyíve been there, but I just donít understand this sudden reversal. Were they wrong the first six weeks? All of these contestants make mistakes (Phillip and Elyse are flat most of the time); but we forgive them that because of other more redeeming qualities. The real difference between Holly and the other mistake makers is this: short her technical excellence, Holly has no other real redeeming qualities. So, even though I am disappointed with the inconsistent judging, I canít get mad at them. This was the first Holly Cavanaugh performance that I did not like. I disagree with the judges though; I thought she sang it well, but it was all smoke and mirrors; oil and water; I didnít believe a single word. It reminded me a bit of a music wind-up toy; robotic; without heart or soul. If she survives this ill-advised adventure, I hope she rewinds; rededicated her self to the thing that got her here; the thing that can heal and save her; the power ballad. We tend to forget, the power ballad did alright by Adele, Celine, Whitney, Mariah, and hundreds more. Whatís so wrong with it?
    7. DíAndre Brackensick. This was a very good copy of an El DeBarge original, and it was a very good marriage of singer and song; good television; but itís hard to judge. El DeBarge was one of the few R&B boy bands to successfully crossover but their music is nowhere near the equal or even on the same elevated level of consciousness as Eric Benet, EW&F, and Maxwell. So even though this was a good match of different falsettos, and he performed it well, its hard to appreciate this composition compared to some of the others.
    8. Elyse Testone. Oh man, this was really bad singing. Itís a wonderful song. I remember the night Anthony Callea (Australian Idol) used it to bring down the house and reduce the judges to groveling Muppets. The problem here was not song choice; it was delivery; poor tonal quality and horrible technique (is something wrong with her vocal chord?). The shouting and growling reduced and minimized the very thing that worked so well for her last week, performance and entertainment value. This was a difficult listen, and I think she knew that. Tough night for Elyse, but she looked fantastic.
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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I really enjoyed the songs tonight and thought most did a great job... I have a couple of comments though:
    1) D'Andre PLEASE stop tossing your hair. It's annoying; and
    2) Phillip - you are starting to sound the same every week. And you look like you are in pain.

    As much as I like most of these singers... the only ones that I personally can hear making it to the radio are Colton, Skylar, Jessica and maybe Phillip.
    I am just not a fan of the type of music that Joshua sings, even though he sings amazingly.
    Unfortunately Holly is just not memorable/special enough in this group. I do love her singing though.

    Honestly, this is a wonderful group of singers this year (they can sing circles around most of the Voice contestants) and I wish them ALL good luck and wonderful careers.
    It will be interesting to see what kind of offers they get when AI is over.

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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    My favorite two, hands down - Joshua Ledet, and Jessica Sanchez. They were outstanding last night!
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    Quote Originally Posted by angelic_one2002 View Post
    My favorite two, hands down - Joshua Ledet, and Jessica Sanchez. They were outstanding last night!
    I totally agree. I haven't liked Jessica much prior to this, and her singing of yet another Whitney song didn't change my opinion. However, that duet certainly did. If she can keep it up in that direction, I might actually become a fan.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fanny Mare View Post
    I love Colton .Philip was pitchy tonight - I like him as long as I dont look at him.
    I actually enjoy him more when I'm looking at him. I told DH last night, I like Phillip, but I wouldn't buy a CD.

    Quote Originally Posted by navybelle View Post
    Jessica doing Whitney again - man, that girl can sing!
    I wish this show would ban anyone from ever singing any Whitney song ever again. I didn't like them when Whitney sang them and I sure don't like them when the Whitney wannabes sing them. But then, I just don't like the belters in general, so I would guess it is just me.
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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    It was a strange night for me. I actually liked Deandre and Skylar, who I never like, and Phillip, who is one of my favorites, I just thought was so-so.

    I so wanted Elise to do well. I really like her and wish her well, but I don't see her getting much farther.

    I'm still loving Jessica, but Joshua and Colton are quickly climbing up my favorites list.

    And Hollie? I just can't like her but I think that mostly stems from the fact that she really reminds me of an annoying little girl that I work with, so I may be judging her harshly because of that.

    ETA: I may be the only one, but I kinda liked Randy's crazy, loud shirt!
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