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Thread: 3/28 AI 11 Top 9 Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 3/28 AI 11 Top 9 Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Harmony2000 View Post
    Joshua is singing Mariah Carey. Of course he is. Because he couldn't find a male singer that lets him scream his way through every single song. I liked him at first but I knew the screaming would make me turn on him very quickly.
    The original artist, Harry Nillson (a male) recorded this song in 1971 and it was an international mega hit. I think he did a fantastic job with it. Actually, better than Mariah Carey's version.

    Ooops! Somebody said they heard Clay Aiken sing this ___ and even without having heard it myself by Clay __ I feel certain Clay's was better than any of them.
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    Re: 3/28 AI 11 Top 9 Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Is it me? Why am I so bored. Last week I said I probably wouldn't watch this week, but I sat out most of last season, and keep hoping it something will happen and it doesn't sound the same week after week ... unfortunately they all kind of blur together; at least to me.

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    Re: 3/28 AI 11 Top 9 Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by ranger1rg View Post
    Scintillating advice from Steven Tyler: "Keep it up."

    And add in , now and then, its beautiful thing, just beautiful.
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    Re: 3/28 AI 11 Top 9 Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Colton - boy did I really want to like this, but I just didn't. I love, absolutely love Lifehouse and this song, and Colton just didn't measure up. I have to say I was surprised. I am not sure what the judges felt, but I missed it. The good news - he didn't squeak tonight like he did last week.

    Skylar - so I am not a huge country music fan, but Skylar is going to be a bonafide country star when this is over. The girl can sing.

    Heejun - welcome back man. This is the Heejun I remember from the audition rounds. Great job. He redeemed himself from the past two weeks.

    Hollie - good as usual. Enjoyed the performance, it just didn't wow me like some of the others. But still really good.

    DeAndre - have to say I loved this performance. I really love R&B and this kid nailed it tonight. Not a note off key. The way he can go from falsetto to his regular singing voice is amazing.

    Jessica - best female singer on the show. She should be in the final two. Loved her performance.

    Phillip - nothing has changed, he is still my favorite of the season. He performs, and I feel like I am watching a concert. He knows who he is as an artist and it's wonderful. Love him!!!

    Joshua - wow! Wasn't sure he was going to be able to pull this off, but he did, and then some.

    Elilse + Led Zepplin... who'd a thunk? Loved it!

    The whole night was pretty darn amazing. They all (almost all) really cranked it up a notch. Good stuff!
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    Re: 3/28 AI 11 Top 9 Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    My favorites tonight

    I must say I really don't get why anyone that sings Soul/RB/Gospel/Christian music gets accused of yelling when singing. Yet we get none of this when we get a Rock song or even a Country song. It makes no sense to me what so ever. Idol really or the Idol audience really as no appreciation for those genres of music. I enjoyed the Eric Benet song that Deandre sang and I adored the way Joshua handled the song he sang.

    I guess the treatment these types of genres get from voting audience is why I have mainly switched to The Voice it shows appreciation and homage to all types of music and I don't get the same feeling that a entire set of genre immediately has no chance of winning the show anymore like I do with Idol. sad but true.
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    Re: 3/28 AI 11 Top 9 Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    It's great when they let the contestants pick songs on their own and songs that they know they are good at and the result will be the best night yet. If you let them perform in a genre that they are most comfortable in, then the audience will know how good they really are. I think Heejun's was an improvement from past weeks but he has no soul and his diction is a problem. His rendition of that song pales in comparison to Elliott Yamin's or even Ricky Braddy's. And he got a standing O? Some people hate Deandre's falsetto but I digged it and he was pitch perfect despite all those vocal gymnastics he was doing. Skylar and especially Hollie were just alright. Skylar because i'm not really a fan of country and she sings kinda forced especially when belting out. Hollie's idol is not Carrie Underwood, it think she just likes her song and wanted to pander to the evangelical votes. Her Idol i believe is Christina Aguilera and should have sung "Beautiful" which fits her style of singing.

    Bottom 3: Hollie, Skylar, Heejun

    Hopefully Hee who can't sing goes home. I think Deandre did well enough and Elise got the pimp spot this time so I think they are safe this week.

    A Song For You Elliott Yamin - YouTube
    Ricky Braddy ó Song For You ó American Idol 8 Top 36 Video MP3 |
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    Re: 3/28 AI 11 Top 9 Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    March 28, 2012: The Top Nine (a good night for Idol; a very good night for music)

    1. Joshua Ledet. When I heard Mariah Carey and Without You I couldnít help but wonder, with so many wonderful R&B (and gospel) ballads at his disposal, he picked this song, but, when the music stopped, I was emotionally spent. What a wonderfully delivered, emotionally invested, and measured performance. It kept feeding on itself, measure by measure, until it literally exploded with passion. He canít win but given the right song, Joshua is a magnificent R&B singer. I think Fantasia was the more consistent of the two, but Joshua is definitely the better singer. When done right, thereís nothing better than old school R&B. I donít get to do it very often, but tonight was special, as I witnessed several good performances, and I will tuck them all away in my favorite folder, with this little gem right on top. Thank you again, Joshua. And a heart-felt thanks to Randy, Jenny, and Steven for bringing this wonder talent to the AI stage.
    2. Holly Cavanaugh. Music is art; it comes in many flavors. The judges largely panned it, but I found no major flaw in this performance. I donít like to disagree with Randy; heís doing his job and he clearly knows his craft. There were issues with her lower register; I know that, but she maintained a solid and powerful vocal integrity throughout. It is the duty of every artist to surrender the soul to each performance; to become one with a lyric, and then express and project their meaning with honest, heart-felt, emotion. But those who do it best are those blessed with the right vehicle (music sensitivity, strong pipes, and musical intelligence). Holly has all of them, in bountiful supply. In my opinion, this was a beautiful, exquisite, and elegant performance, and I loved it. I donít know, maybe the judges are right; maybe I am blinded or biased; I do like her, very much, but in the end it wonít matter much what I think; America decides these things.
    3. Jessica Sanchez. This was, in my opinion, her best work yet. I canít quite figure this kid. She sí the best singer here; I should be more excited about her. But I am not. Iím easy; very easy; so why am I so ambivalent about Jessica? She is immature and only sixteen, but, that didnít bother me with Scotty McCreery, Allison Iraheta, and David Archuleta; I loved all three of them. Iím just not sure if I should believe Jessica. I never had the feeling I was invited inside her performance, and I never felt her passion, her soul; and her heartbeat in a performance. So, with apology to Randy: (he says all this ďfeelingĒ stuff is unnecessary), I need that from her. Musically, I am one with Colton, Holly, and Joshua; Elyse and Skylar, when they gets it right; but hardly ever with Phillip, Díandre and Jessica; and Heejun is an enigma better left alone. And I think the first three do it better because theyíve lived long enough to sing the part consistently, whereas the others simply have not or cannot. Still, she is worthy; a star in waiting; musically precocious and a terrific kid; one that listens and heeds the advice of those who know, but, sheís just not there yet; she lacks the charm and charisma of a superstar, and has no real identity as an artist. So I am not convinced that she is an American Idol. But it doesnít matter what I think; America decides these things. This performance will please and wow music purists but it was more art than entertainment; so certainly won't inspire the kind of rabid voting needed to win an interactive contest like this.
    4. Colton Dixon. While I still believe that Colton is pimping Idol; that he and Idol have two very different agendas; that he is easily goaded and provoked into conversations not in the best interest of Idol or his career; that he talks way too much; and that he would be a horrible ambassador for American Idol; none of it changes how I feel about his performance. This was an absolutely sublime performance; loaded with heart and emotion. I believed him. I respect Lifehouse, but honestly, can listen to only so much of that stuff; not enough muscle for me. Give him props; he knows who he is as an artist. He picks the songs; he learns his lines; he plays the part, and then creates a shared emotional and artistic experience each time he sets foot on the AI stage. Heís definitely not the best singer here, but is nonetheless, a consummate artist.
    5. Phillip Phillips. Another wonderful, if somewhat maniacal, performance. Johnny Lang is so relaxed and comfortable with this song; generates an effortless and emotional web that draws us in. Phillipís idiosyncrasies are now legendary: maniacal facial expressions; maniacal strumming; and maniacally shouting lyrics. But none is more serious or distracting than Díandreís narcissism, Jessicaís bouncing, or Heejunís narcolepsy (he closes his eyes when he sings), so I don't worry too much about it. The most glaring difference between this and the original is musicianship. Johnnyís band is light years better than the one that supported Phillip; some of the blues chords were not quite right, but thatís not his fault. And it wouldn't have mattered which band showed up tonight; Phillip would have drowned them out and shouted them down anyway. I absolutely love this song; easily my favorite Johnny Lang composition; and Phillip's creation was highly entertaining; great television. Maniacal? Yes, but he made it work; I believed him; and I loved it. Good job Phillip. Oh, and nice gear too, man!
    6. Skylar Laine. This was the best version of Gunpowder and Lead Iíve ever heard by someone not named Miranda Lambert. Skylarís place on Idol was made possible by pioneers like Kellie Pickler and Carrie Underwood but thatís where the similarity ends. If Kelly and Carrie suffered domestic battering (the songís meaning), theyíd call the police. I donít know about Skylar; she probably shoot him dead. Iím not making light of domestic abuse here; so Iím sorry if I offended anyone; just trying to make a joke. Keith Urban uses them a lot, but I never expected to hear so many classic rock guitar licks in a country song, but they complimented Mirandaís angry lyrics very well. Another terrific performance from the fearless Skylar Laine.
    7. Elyse Testone. I donít know, Elyse; I donít know. Adam Lambert nailed this song shut on the Idol stage, so it forces comparison. Tori Amos does it and does it very well; recreating the hard edged, super-masculine rock song in her own image, but that's not what happened here. Led Zeppelin is the best hard rock metal band ever, and I will happily debate anyone who says otherwise; and I love the song, but Elyse tried to copy the original. Tori never does that; she accepts that men and women have very different voices; so she wraps them up in a very delectable estrogenic sensuality that leaves men breathless (e.g.; see her Smell like Teen Spirit). I love Elyse, and I liked and enjoyed this performance; it was a bold and valiant effort; but as a copy, it just didnít work for me. God, I hope America disagrees and keeps her safe from harm.
    8. DíAndre Brackensick. This was not the equal of the original; but like Elyse, this was also a bold and valiant attempt. Give him props, he went after it tonight. Even though it didnít match the original, it was, nonetheless, a very good performance; definitely Díandreís best work. Eric Benet is one of my favorite contemporary R&B singers; a terrific and well-loved neo-soul, romantic crooner. Seems like his (and Tamiaís) Spend My Life is now required at every wedding. Good job D'andre.
    9. Heejun Han. This was the only performance of the night that I did not like. Heejun tries hard, and heís a good guy, but I am not a fan. His heart is willing; the sensitivity is there; he just doesnít have the pipes, the training, the technique, not the musical intelligence at this point for a singing competition. But overall, this was probably the best collection of individual performances Iíve ever seen on Idol.
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    Re: 3/28 AI 11 Top 9 Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    It's just not possible for someone to sing Zeppelin.
    Disagree here.

    I didn't watch "RS:INXS," but I saw Marty Casey (and band) open for JD and INXS. MC jumped off stage ONTO the backs of seats! He was a wild man! (But not a fit for INXS.)

    HeeJun has been neutered and humbled, beginning not his resurgence but his demise.

    Phillipís idiosyncrasies are now legendary
    In a very, very small universe.
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    Re: 3/28 AI 11 Top 9 Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    While I certainly do not love every performance, every show, I am very happy the judges chose a variety of styles and the kids sing in their style quite well. That is more than we can say in previous years when Simon was looking for the Pop star and that was all we got.

    Thought Colton appeared a little fake. Skylar also needs to tone down the shoe height since she clomped around the stage during her trio number ( while wearing her second parachute of the night). Jessica is good but I get no warmth from her.....and I am surprised that Elise didn't remember that female rockers never do well on the show....this could be ther end for her.

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    Re: 3/28 AI 11 Top 9 Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I haven't been watching this season, but tuned in yesterday. I have to say that I was suprised that there were so many good singers. My favorites are Colten, Hollie, Phillip, and Jessica.
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