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Thread: 3/21 AI 11 Top Ten Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 3/21 AI 11 Top Ten Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Colton D, just WOW!!! My new favorite male singer, PP a close second.

    HeeJun dude, I still love you but you need to inject more seriousness in your performances.
    Perhaps you will get better support if you had auditioned for Last Comic Standing.

    My favorite girls are still Jessica and Hollie. Along with Colton and Philip, my choice for Top 4.
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    Re: 3/21 AI 11 Top Ten Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Loving Colton's version of Piano Man.
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    Re: 3/21 AI 11 Top Ten Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I always think I'm not a Billy Joel fan until something like this and then I realize I really do like a lot of his music. I'm not a fan of some of his big hits, so maybe that's it

    "Vienna" is probably my favorite Billy Joel song ever, but I didn't like Elise's version. Too much growling and not enough sweetness. She could have been singing anything and it wouldn't have mattered. I think the problem with so many of the singers on this show is that they focus on hitting the notes, but not on connecting with the emotion of lyrics. If they don't connect, the song is just empty for me. I can't believe the judges gave her a standing O

    ETA: Wow, Tommy Hilfiger kind of doesn't know what he's talking about!

    I think maybe the problem with having young people sing songs written by older people (ie people who were older when they wrote the song) is that they don't have the maturity to really understand the lyrics on an emotional level.
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    Re: 3/21 AI 11 Top Ten Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I am lovin' me some Erika Van Pelt!!!
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    Re: 3/21 AI 11 Top Ten Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    The oversinging by the women has become a constant problem. They all can't wait to belt out the chorus then pull it down for the last two notes to show sensitivity - not. I must be tireder than I thought this evening because there were no wow moments for me. The church choirs can stay in church (Joshua and Jessica) please. All they do is to encourage large notes where maybe they aren't needed. And, I agree that Jessica does use too much vibrato or warble.

    My two for the night are Phillip and Colton, though I wish Phillip would have done it without the guitar and moved more with the rhythm of the song. Whew - so far I'm just not feeling this season at all and I was so excited for the potential at the beginning of the season.
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    Re: 3/21 AI 11 Top Ten Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Well I was very underwhelmed tonight . I dont get why the judges dont have the guts to tell Heejun just how bad he is .Yes he's funny and as they said entertaining , but this isn't America's next stand up comic.

    Deandre, WTH was that??
    Joshua will stay on, he had a good song last week This week meh.

    I dont know why Elise got a standing O.What am I missing?? .I thought she was pitchy.I didnt like Erica's hair, I think she looks even older than she did. She has a good voice, I still dont think she is connecting with the audience at home. I hope she stays on though.

    Skylar with the huge earrings the awful dress that made her looked smaller and wider than she is, poor choice all around Tommy H.Plus she was also pitchy

    Jessica thank goodness, I love Hollie( who wasn't great tonight) but Jessica was. Wow! She is good, almost too good. Great voice.

    Colton Colton Colton. You are such a gifted singer, musician,& performer . And your hair looks fine
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    Re: 3/21 AI 11 Top Ten Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Philip is still the best, by miles. I loved how he stuck to who he is, and didn't change anything just because someone else thought he should. Colton was really good too. He squeaks when he sings tho, at the end of some of the notes, and I don't think that adds anything to the song. Still 2nd best of the night. Jessica and Hollie best of the girls for the night.
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    Re: 3/21 AI 11 Top Ten Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Colton was awesome tonight. I rarely will sit completely spellbound to listen to someone on this show, but he had me doing it. Very beautiful!

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    Re: 3/21 AI 11 Top Ten Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Top 4:
    1. Jessica
    2. Colton (his voice though is getting whiny and squeaky)
    3. Elise
    4. Phillip

    Bottom 3
    Skylar (Jimmy nailed it as I was thinking the same thing when she sings....her singing is always forced)
    Deandre (that was a so what performance)
    Heejun (that was funny and entertaining but vocals are not the best)

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    Re: 3/21 AI 11 Top Ten Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    March 21, 2012: The Top Ten

    1. Hollie Cavanaugh. I didnít like this performance much. I know Randy, Jenny, and Steven were disappointed with it but I donít think it was anywhere near as pitchy as they claimed; she stayed true to the melody for the most part. I tried to play it back but couldnít; itís a boring song and gives bad television. I have reserved this spot for her, and until I hear something as spectacular as When a Man Loves a Woman, wonít move her; because I like Holly immensely; I like her style; America likes her; I think she can be molded into a star; is a great role model and ambassador for American Idol, and I am convinced she has the best chance to win, flaws and all.
    2. Jessica Sanchez. This performance had all the right stuff to be one of the best Idol performances ever, but fell short of the mark. It was a good performance; she sang the heck out of it; brought down the house; as only she can do. It was something other than the singing that annoyed me: why so much little girl rocking, swaying side-to-side; and bouncing up and down on one foot? All that physicality diminished the performance value for me. Why so much attention to beat, rhythm, and signature? All manifested in metronomic physicality? All that physicality created a contradiction between the messenger and message. I couldnít appreciate the performance because I wanted it to stop. I was able, eventually, to engage the performance, once the choir took stage and the swaying stopped. I donít know; she is a kid; thatís what kids do; so maybe, because of those big pipes, I was expecting a level of maturity she simply does not yet own. But sheís clearly the best singer here; no denying that.
    3. Colton Dixon. This was a minimalist version of this Billie Joel classic, and he sang it very well; in my opinion, the best performance of the night. But itís become obvious that Colton, like Phillip, is hard-headed and naive, with absolutely no understanding of the music business. Idol (ckx?) invested millions of dollars and years of sweat to create a #1 talent show. Because of that money and sweat, it has launched the careers, generated a public exposure, and fulfilled the dreams of many young singers, even the unknown. In addition, the Idol machine also invests million in A&R, tours; recording contracts, marketing, and distribution, and they make it possible for contestants like Colton to realize a lifelong dream and reap the benefit of money and exposure only they can provide. In exchange, it asks Idol contestants to carry themselves and behave in a manner consistent with that of someone who appreciates and respect this wonderful, miraculous vehicle made available to them. This is not an unreasonable request, considering the money and risks. Colton, my man, if you want a career in music, and you want Idol to help you do that, do as youíre told. Accept the wisdom and advice of those who know and understand this business. On the other hand, if what you believe is more important than Idol and its expectations, then do it your own (with your own money), but you canít have it both ways. No investor in the world allows that much individual and personal freedom. Music is a two way street, and it requires compromise; plain and simple. Recalcitrance and a bad reputation is the quickest way to finish a career before it even starts.
    4. Skylar Laine. I loved the second half of this performance, when we got to see the feisty little tyke weíve all come to know and love. The first half was largely inaudible and boring. But sheís a fantastic entertainer; and she got game galore; she enjoys the fight and loves the heat of battle.
    5. Joshua Ledet. I thought his a wonderful interpretation of this melancholy classic. It certainly wasnít the equal of last weekís phenomenon (what is?), but I found no fault in it. I enjoyed the gospel flavoring.
    6. Phillip Phillips. I like Phillip, so tonight was an unexpected treat; a cause for celebration. This was a wonderful performance; his best work to date; a perfect marriage of singer, song, and song writer. I loved it. But he shares the same ignorance and naievte of the music business as Colton. Wearing a light colored shirt or stylish jacket is a very small price to pay; a miniscule compromise, to secure a lasting career doing the thing you love most. Again, music is a two way street; others invest money in you and you help them create a marketable image , style, and look worthy of superstardom.
    7. Elyse Testone. Finally, she got it right. This, too, was a wonderful performance; a perfect marriage of song, singer, songwriter, and style. This is the Elyse I fell in love with during the early rounds, and it warms my heart to see that same talent on full display tonight. Great job Elyse!
    8. Erica Van Pelt. I loved the way she looked, and I also love the song, but not her interpretation of it. I donít know what was going on with Erica tonight, the camera loved her tonight, but she was totally disconnected from these lyrics. It was more a happy go lucky recital than honest emotion.
    9. DíAndre Brackensick. I would never have picked this song. Thereís no value in it. I love Billy Joel but this song is a campfire sing-along. DíAndrea and dancing are oil and water; nothing good can ever come of it; a very bad omen.
    10. Heejun Han. No. Not for me. But I think he might have found a way in; e.g. to incorporate his comedic genius and timing: Randy Newman (Short People) and Weird Al Jankovic (Eat It, White and Nerdy). Eureka! This could work. Good for you, Heejun.
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