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Thread: Lauren Gray

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    Lauren Gray

    I just heard on the radio (Lauren is from here so she is kept up with) she has been asked to appear on Ellen on Thursday. And the Idol producers have asked her to be a part of a Worldwide tour next Summer on a tour of military bases to perform for the troups.

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    Re: Lauren Gray

    Why in the world was she cut? I still don't get it.

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    Re: Lauren Gray

    LOL! How is that she has her own thread and not even one from the final 13 contestants? While I still don't understand why Eben was selected over David Leathers Jr. in the top 24 or even over Johnny Keyser (who obviously have more fans) in the top 42. I also don't understand why Shannon Migrane was selected over the more polished Lauren Gray. It's apparent that sometimes the judges misses real talent and let some mediocre ones get though only because they think those kids are cute though 'way beyond their years' when in fact they could come back next year to even improve. Letting them through this year actually means doing a disservice to them. As taken from the mouth of Jimmy about Eben, "He's not ready for primetime" which is code speak for "why did the judges put this kid through when it's obvious that he still needs work?"

    It's because of these choices that the audience is getting frustrated with American Idol and may be one of the reasons too that their ratings are taking a tumble. If they use real talent scouts to pick contestants, I think we'll even have a better set of finalists.

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