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Thread: Season 11 Prediction Game

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    FORT Fogey
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Thanks jcsiv!! This gets me to actually watch, and think hard about the contestants...my highest finish!! (trying hard to go head over heart, but lost that battle in the end...)

    Anyone else going to the tour in Syracuse? If so - see you there!

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    FORT Fogey Debb70's Avatar
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    May 2010

    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Quote Originally Posted by jsciv View Post
    I suppose it's fitting that this busy year where I've had some late updates completes with a late update on the contest, but as you can see, we do have results!

    Winner: Phillip Phillips

    WGWG#5 need I say more?

    Finale Results:

    Arielflies: Phillip Phillips = 8
    BuckeyeAddict: Phillip Phillips = 8
    Debb70: Phillip Phillips = 8
    echo226: Jessica Sanchez = 0
    Fanny Mare: Phillip Phillips = 8
    Gutmutter: Phillip Phillips = 8
    ilja: Phillip Phillips = 8
    Jaceegirl: Phillip Phillips = 8
    JLuvs: Jessica Sanchez = 0
    jsciv: Phillip Phillips = 8
    kenny2604: Jessica Sanchez = 0
    Madison_2008: Phillip Phillips = 8
    mesachick: Jessica Sanchez = 0
    Misty8723: Jessica Sanchez = 0
    NFL1: Jessica Sanchez = 0
    norm: Phillip Phillips = 8
    r2maybs: Jessica Sanchez = 0
    razorbacker: Phillip Phillips = 8
    TeacherLady: Jessica Sanchez = 0
    TLynnMartin: Phillip Phillips = 8
    TNKY: Phillip Phillips = 8
    Vote4Makar: Phillip Phillips = 8
    xmaskat: Jessica Sanchez = 0
    zanthia: Phillip Phillips = 8

    We guessed Phillip two to one so I guess corporately we're on the ball.

    However, we did have a bit of a shakeup near the top. None of the three who were Top 3 last week guessed correctly (thanks kenny2604 for guessing incorrectly and making it look close!), resulting in a bit of a shake up at the top. TLynnMartin and norm, you'll have to duke it out to figure out who will take the crown should kenny2604 be unable to perform his duties on tour!

    Meanwhile a tie for tenth means that we have a top 11 again, though since the bus was only designed for 10 BuckeyeAddict and razorbacker will have to take turns hanging out the window on tour.

    So your AI 11 Prediction Game winner is officially... kenny2604!
    Congratulations! Drop the confetti and play the music. What's your single???

    Congrats also to norm, razorbacker, Gutmutter, echo226, Arielflies, and JLuvs; all of whom made at least one perfect guess during the season. Well done!

    Final Standings!

    1: kenny2604 - 153
    2: norm - 146
    2: TLynnMartin - 146
    4: zanthia - 144
    5: TeacherLady - 142
    6: jsciv - 139
    7: xmaskat - 138
    7: TNKY - 138
    9: NFL1 - 137
    10: BuckeyeAddict - 133
    10: razorbacker - 133

    12: Gutmutter - 132
    13: echo226 - 127
    14: Vote4Makar - 129
    15: r2maybs - 124
    16: Arielflies - 121
    17: Tigerusty - 110
    18: Misty8723 - 108
    19: RyMac - 107
    20: mesachick - 106

    21: Fanny Mare - 91
    22: Madison_2008 - 81
    23: JLuvs - 71
    24: mindy384 - 65
    25: Debb70 - 68
    27: Jaceegirl - 57
    26: Helenmaco2 - 43
    28: ilja - 31
    28: Tirlittan - 18
    30: LT1 - 17
    30: fan*addict: 17
    32: DezBelle: 13
    33: Ellen - 12
    34: Magnum - 6

    Finally, on a personal note, thanks again to everyone who participated this year. While I'd probably still be watching AI even if we weren't playing the game, participating in this every year makes the AI experience so much more fun for me, and I hope that everyone else had a great time with it. I can tally numbers and such, but it's the participation of all of you that makes the game so much fun and I can't thank everyone enough for joining in this crazy game of prognistication!

    Congratulations to everyone again, and we'll see you all in 2012 to do it one more time!
    Thanks to you jsciv! This has been so fun.

    And Congratulations to Kenny 2604 and to all those runnerups! Great game! I hope I am able to return next year.

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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Even though I was never close to a seat on the bus, I glow when I see my name underlined. First time EVER I've had a perfect score in this game.

    Thank you so much jsciv for keeping the spread sheet going week after week.
    The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker, (attributed)

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    Skylar Laine FTW Vote4Makar's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    I think me and echo should be switched

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    FORT Fogey Misty8723's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Well, hey, I made it to the top 20, I'm happy As poorly as I guessed all season, I'm surprised.

    Thanks jsciv for doing this, it was a lot of fun. As some people have said, more fun than the actual show! And congrats to kenny2604 and all the guys on the bus! See you all next season.
    If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. - St. Francis of Assisi

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    Reality Junkie jsciv's Avatar
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    The OC

    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Vote4Makar View Post
    I think me and echo should be switched

    Yes, you should be at #13 and echo at #14. And Debb70 and mindy384 should be switched as well.

    Edit fail.

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    FORT Regular zanthia's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Thanks jsciv for running the game. quit e pleased with how well i did overall, it was a lot of fun - hope to see u next year

    congrats to kenny and the others who made it on the bus

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    FORT Fogey xmaskat's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Woohoo! The wine and cheese party on the 70's bus sounds like fun . We still have a gigantic boom box in the storage room, I'll bring that so we can listen to some tunes on the bus ride LOL.

    Thanks for doing this prediction game for us this year, it was more fun than the actual show!!

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    FORT Fogey ilja's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Woohoo! What fun this game turned out to be even for a late arrival. Thanks so much jsciv for doing the hard part, the math!

    Congratulations Kenny and all of you who got a ticket to ride. schoolbus2.gif

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    Urban Renewal - a new era BuckeyeAddict's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Quote Originally Posted by razorbacker View Post
    Only a late season surge got me to the bus, but being the gentleman I will give up the seat to Buckeye Addict. Just treat me like Romney's dog & strap me to the top, as long as someone remembers to feed & water me every once in a while.

    Thanks again for handling all the toting up chores jcsiv. Let's do it again next year on the White Guy With Guitar Express Tour!
    You are quite the gentleman!
    Everything has an end. Only the sausage has two. - Monroe, from Grimm

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