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Thread: Season 11 Prediction Game

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    Animals over People :) Fanny Mare's Avatar
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    Jan 2011

    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    First safe Erica

    Second safe DeAndre

    Going home Heejun
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    FORT Newbie kenny2604's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    First safe Heejun
    Second Safe Erika
    Going Home Deandre

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    FORT Fogey Tigerusty's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Until Idol voters prove to me that they are able to vote for a woman, I'm not putting another guy in the bottom unless I have to.

    1st safe: Holly
    2nd safe: Elise
    Going home: Erika
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    RENThead JLuvs's Avatar
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    1st Safe: Hee Jun
    Bottom 2: De'Andre
    Going Home: Erika
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    Reality Junkie jsciv's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    I have to agree somewhat with Tigerusty: I just don't think the girls are getting the votes. Even with the praise I'm guessing Elise will see the bottom again (and though I'm not officially guessing it, if she's on the bottom I am thinking the judges will save her). That said, I would love to see Heejun on the block (even though I don't think it'll happen). Still, I do think DeAndre didn't get there so I guess I'll allow that he might be B3. I bet that because I'm guessing this way it'll be Holly.

    First Safe: Elise Testone
    Second Safe: DeAndre Brackensick
    Going Home: Erika Van Pelt

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    FORT Fan
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    Apr 2004

    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Random guesses based on having watched half the show:

    1st Safe: Elise Testone
    2nd Safe: Erika Van Pelt
    OUT: DeAndre Brackensick

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    FORT Fogey Debb70's Avatar
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    May 2010

    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    I'm going out on a limb here. LOL IF they are TRULY the bottom 3, (sometimes Ryan will slip in that it's in no particular order. IF that happens, then only the one going home is truly in the bottom. The others could be at the top. I think they do that for drama.) then I predict:

    First Safe: Skylar
    Second Safe: Elise
    Out: Heejun

    HeeJun will be my test contestant. If he's not in the bottom tonight, then that proves the guys will not go home for a few weeks and means that girls will vote for them NO MATTER what they do or don't do. Skylar, Elise and Erika will go before any of the boys do.
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    Skylar Laine FTW Vote4Makar's Avatar
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    Feb 2006

    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    If Elise is in the bottom 3 AGAIN there is no justice...

    1st safe: HeeJun
    2nd safe: DeAndre
    Gone: Erika

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    Urban Renewal - a new era BuckeyeAddict's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    I'm making it an all-guy B3 this time. Hoping the voters felt remorse for last week and gave the girls extra votes this time.

    1st safe: DeAndre
    2nd safe: Joshua
    Going home: Heejun

    If by chance Joshua is the low-vote getter, I'll bet they save him. But since I am banking on him being safe, and the judges wouldn't use it on my other 2 picks, I don't think they'll use the save this week. (Hope that's not confusing - bottom line, no save - and I sure hope Joshua is safe, even if he isn't B3!).

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    FORT Fanatic
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    First Safe: Joshua Ledet
    Second Safe: Erika Van Pelt
    Going Home: DeAndre Brackensick

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