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Thread: Season 11 Prediction Game

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    Unhinged Paradox Magnum's Avatar
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    Feb 2009

    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    First safe: Elise
    Second safe: HeeJun
    In danger: DeAndre

    First time guessing this season...

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    FORT Fogey mesachick's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Wow, I posted my picks this morning, saw that it posted, came back from dropping my kid off at school and it was gone! So here they are again lol...

    First safe: Hee Jun
    Second safe: Elise
    In Danger: DeAndre

    I don't think anyone is going to go home though, what with Jermaine already being eliminated.
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    I do hope someone goes this week, and they "save" the non-elimination for later in the competition when EVERYONE was great one week! We tried to vote based on who we wanted on tour...

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    FORT Newbie kenny2604's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    First safe: Shannon
    Second safe: Erika
    In Danger: Deandre

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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    First safe: Elise
    Second safe: DeAndre
    In Danger: Hee Jun
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Bottom 3: Heejun Han
    Bottom 2: Erika Van Pelt
    OUT (maybe): DeAndre Brackensick

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    FORT Aficionado echo226's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Thanks for the calcculations j

    Since I am not sure if they are actually going to present the lowest vote getters as the Bottom 3, I am having a difficult time here. I guess I am wondering if they may present someone as part of the B3 and so "in danger" ... but not send anyone home ... in order to stimulate more votes next time for one of their favorites. As an example,it seems that they are trying very hard to keep Elise and Erica ... but I think they may select another just to keep it interesting.

    Thus, another hip-shot ... Subject to change later in the day

    First Safe: Skylar
    Second Safe: Heejun
    In Danger: Shannon
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    FORT Fogey xmaskat's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    first safe: Elise
    second safe: DeAndre
    going home (?): HeeJun

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    Reality Junkie jsciv's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    Okay, I'm going with

    First Safe: HeeJun
    Second Safe DeAndre
    In Danger: Erika

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    FORT Fogey Misty8723's Avatar
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    Re: Season 11 Prediction Game

    I keep changing my mind. I really have no idea. I've struggling this season, partly I think because most of them are just not very interesting to me, but none of them are so bad, or so annoying, you can predict who won't be getting the votes.

    First Safe: Erika
    Second Safe: DeAndre
    In Danger: HeeJun
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