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Thread: Television/Radio Appearances

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    I'm watching it now, they are both on together.

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    i dont' get cnn. do they have videos on a web site or a radio feed or something? anyone?

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    Ok, had I known in advance about this Clay appearance, I would've posted for everyone.... but I will give the story to all those who missed it.

    Just on the verge of drifting off for a 5-minute power nap around 5pm this evening, I was jolted awake by the shrieking of my 9-year-old daughter in the next room:
    "Mommmmmmeeeeee!!!!! Clay's on Nickelodeonnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!"
    After scraping myself off the ceiling, I quickly switched my set onto Nick's "U-Pick Live", and there, to my delight, is Clay in a black leather jacket hanging out with the young U-Pick hosts. Answering questions, and then doing something I never, ever thought I'd see Clay doing in my wildest dreams: bouncing on a big red rubber ball while singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat..."

    He chose CatDog as the next cartoon (good choice, Clay!) and came back on later to play a round of "This or That" with the hosts (a rapid-fire quiz of which one would you choose, i.e. Ruben Studdard or Rueben Sanwich? Clay chose the former, of course).

    Clay ended his appearance by singning a lyric-altered version of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" (Mary had a little oyster, it's umbrella was white as jellybeans) I kid you not....

    Anyway, many of you probably missed this, and the best part was, even though it was so ridiculously silly, Clay seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself.....

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    I don't see a video thing on their website.

    Ruben and Clay are really fun to watch together.

    Ruben stopped himself from saying "me and clay" and changed to "clay and I" and said his mother told him to stop saying "me and clay" - pretty funny.

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    Just saw them on Larry King. OMG, they are so good together! They really compliment eachother's personality.

    I am sure they will be life long friends now. They are going through something together that only each other can understand and that will bond them forever. They are too cute together.

    I am now happy with the outcome. Tonight's interview proved there was not a loser this year.

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    Ruben and Clay were great on Larry King CNN!

    They both giggled when a telephone caller said she couldn't believe she was talking to them. I guess Ruben and Clay are still new enough to showbiz to be tickled by that.

    Ruben said that he thought Frenchie is one of the best female vocalists around.

    Ruben and Clay joked about their competitive friendship.

    Yep, it was funny when Ruben said "me and Clay" did this or that, and he corrected himself and said "Clay and I," saying that his mother had told him not to say the ungrammatical construction.

    Clay said he would be the first to buy Ruben's CD and that Ruben better be the first to buy his. They were delightful together on the show.

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    On CNN with Larry King: American Idol

    (it's not exact, but i think close enough...i tried to get as much as i could.)

    Larry: ruben have you too become friends?
    R: yeah, that's my boy man.
    L: tell me ruben did you want clay to win?
    R: we really didn't care who won man, we both won
    L: Clay, there's a big story in the NY Post that you knew before hand, true?
    C: I don't think it's true that I knew beforehand....Wednesday right before we went out on stage in that last act I uh, we glanced over and and ryan was perusing the card and i noticed that his card had a long name on it...Long name was not Clay Aiken, that's kind of short...i kind of pieced it together...there was no guarantee."

    L: what did you win ruben?
    R: recording contract and other things.
    L: do you get cash too?
    R: we get a little bit of money... (laughs)
    C: we don't do it for free. (laughs)
    R: we're not hurting (mini high five each other)

    On the confusion about voting process: 134000 margin
    L: what's pretty important is that the percentage that ryan said at the beginning is correct...tough season... close race.

    R: i really wasn't going to be part of the show at all...thought the show was cheesy...look at where I am right now?
    C: "the king of cheese".
    C: mother of boy with autism convinced him to do the show.

    L: have you ever been criticised about your weight ruben and do you intend to do anything about it or do you think it's part of your schtick?
    R: always was a big dude...played footballs...always had lots of self confidence...i've never my whole life been teased about my weight.

    A reporter, Jason Drake at the national enquirer reported that Clay emailed him saying the show was rigged. In email: quoted Clay saying: concerned about the producer's anger, feared they would fix the vote to get rid of him.

    Clay: never heard of it before now...trust producer so much , "there is absolutely no, no doubt in my mind that the show's voting process is completely honest"...."absolutely untrue".

    Ruben's Goal: i want to make good music that appeals to all people... branch out...and have lots of months to plan an album...perform.
    L:what you're saying here tonight is you want to become a star?
    R: I love music...my dream in life is to become a recording artist...live to perform...whether it's in sports, band or with my singing.

    Clay's goal: my goal thoughout my life has been to be a teacher so um, i'm kind of taken a different path...everything's new to me now...i think i can handle the multi platinum thing too... (laughs with ruben).

    (clip of Ruben's victory song: flying with out wings)
    (clip of Clay singing "Wings of Love)

    On the Judges:

    R: all of them were great...so much to offer in terms of knowledge of the music industry...esp randy and paula...b/c they were artist in the industry.

    L:simon too cruel clay?
    C: simon is not a cruel person, he's a really nice guy... but he just doesn't have a filter that some of us have...honest guy and you have to respect that b/c he knows what he's talking about.

    On Fame:

    R: it's pretty different...fans great...supportive of me and clay...two most unlikely people...personality won people over and that's why we're here.

    L:enjoying fame?
    R: i am, we have a good time
    C: hard to get used to...all of us were thrown into the fire, we became, somewhat household names within 3 or 4 months...sometimes hard to understand...can't imagine that people really like me, you know what i mean? [pic of clay singing with black suit on]...or like that picture... (laughs)

    L: did you ever imagine that you would ever be tossed off?
    R: worked really hard... everyone in top 12 deserved to be there...if i was off. i would be ok, i gave it my all every week, so I would have been ok with it
    C: there's is a chance...mathematical thing...very talented people...even people who came in last place... had millions of people voting for them...definitely could have been me.

    (audience question) To: clay talked to people at home and how do they feel about success?
    C: i try to talk to my mom every other day...talked to grandma just the other day...not much free time...maybe some free time later on in the week.

    r: "frenchie is a wonderful person, great individual...an extremely talented individual...check out rent"
    L: are you going to see her clay?
    C: (laughs iwith ruben) i don't even know what i'm doing after this...our schedule is so fast...i hope we our schedule are free so we can get out to see her.

    L: competitors? after this record for different companies?
    R: (makes fist in front of clay's face, and makes a funny face) me and clay always have a little friendly competition...we keep each other on our toes man...(he keeps saying me and clay and interrupts himself to talk to clay saying, "my mom told me to stop saying me and clay") continues with "Clay and I". (both laughs).
    R: i think we'll both do really well in terms of record sales.
    L: I would imagine. Clay do you regard yourself as a rival?
    C: not a rivalry but more of a competition for myself...definitely not a rivalry at all...I support him.....I would be the first person in line to get his album and he better be the first person in line to get mine. (looks over at ruben and laughs).

    Audience question: Once you get your big big paycheck what will you do with it?

    L: that's a good question
    R: pay US gov't $4000 student loans (laughs)
    L: wow that's great
    Clay: pay US gov't lots of taxes (smiles and laughs with ruben). I have bills I have to pay off, give mom money to pay for the house.

    Larry asks them to sing them to break...accupello: "ain't no stopping us now..."
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    Doesn't Larry King repeat his shows? If so, does anyone have a fix on the time of that?
    Just take a breath and relax...everything's going to be just fine...

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    they were both very poised on larry king and from what i could tell, they have very good comraderie..seems they get along tremendously...they interview well together

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    Larry King repeats his show two more times in three hour intervals, so if you missed it, you can see it again in three hours =). Everyone should see it, they were great together!

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