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Thread: 5/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 5/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Man, Haley is IT! That last performance was crazy good! Only other person who sang in tune was Scotty. The rest of the performances... garbage.
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    Re: 5/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Just heard Jacob's second song.....ouch!!! Just so much more wrong about that than what was just ok...a few good notes at the end does not make a performance even bearable when it goes off like that did.

    Tyler: "...kinda got lost in the song..." wow, that is putting it mildly! Just hurt my ears....

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    Re: 5/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Scotty's gotten some coaching in relation to his performing, it looks like. Not nearly as "goofy" looking when he sings, and he isn't holding his mic so strangely either anymore. I like it! This was a good night for Scotty.

    I have always loved "House of the Rising Sun" and Sheryl said it was interpreted like she's never heard it. And JLo said it's never been sung like that before? Well, I didn't really get that - and I didn't like her voice's acrobatics this time. It was too much. Her voice can be so pretty when she JUST sings, not when she does all the ups/downs/squeaks/growls, etc. It's like she's trying so hard to show us what she's "got" but I think her talent gets lost in all the extras.

    I loved James' second song - wow, how touching. His first song was forgettable, but I'll definitely vote for him because of the second song!

    I also liked Lauren tonight - she sounded great and looked pretty too. But when she said that song was her parent's song, I thought back to her audition when she sang Aerosmith's song w/Steven because it was her parent's song - or am I remembering it wrong?? Maybe that couple has LOTS of songs!!! haha!

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    Re: 5/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    For me, James is 1, Haley 2, and Scotty 3. Lauren 4, and Jacob 5.

    I think that they all improved in one way or another. Too bad Haley didn't sing a more recognizable song for her first selection, The House of the Rising Sun was fantastic. James had me crying with him, the emotion was so palpable. I thought Scotty really did good with his rocking first song, and he finally showed he can move around! Lauren greatly improved by reaching more, but in the Righteous Bros song she backed down on the big note.
    Jacob looked better with a more masculine stance...but I didn't care for either song.

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    Re: 5/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    For me, the perfect F2 would be James and Hailey, with James winning. This was his first "off" week of the season and he still was pretty good. Not on par with his other performances but heads and shoulders above most of the competition. Hailey has improved immensely. I thought she nailed House Of The Rising Sun. Now I want to hear her sing some Joss Stone.

    Lauren...pretty girl with a pretty voice. During the auditions, I agreed with Steven when he said "that one might just be the one". Then she made the top 12 and lost her personality and I her confidence.

    Scotty...I like him, I do. But I think he was much better the first half of the season. I'm not enjoying his performances as much as I used to. He's kind of boring and I like most country music.

    Jacob... I have no idea how this boy has made it this far. He was just horrid tonight..on both songs. I was cringing and my husband was begging me to FF through his performances but we were watching in real time, not DVR time, and I could't. Or I would have. I've never been on board with him but now I've chopped the board in half and thrown it on the campfire. If he's not eliminated tomorrow..I honestly won't watch the show in real time next week just so I can FF past him. My ears can't hack it. I was a soprano in show choir back in the day and he sings notes I've never heard before and hope to never hear again.
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    Re: 5/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I like power ballads. Showing my age I guess, lol. But I do enjoy James when he belts it oout.

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    Re: 5/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by libgirl2 View Post
    I like Haley better then Lauren.
    Me too. Haley really rocks it! She got most of my votes tonight. James is good too. Though I sometimes wonder if he'd be able to take the fame of being American Idol. Not that he hasn't already found fame. Scotty is too country, even when he attempts other tunes. Jacob has a unique voice, but should be next to leave. We'll be seeing and hearing from all these people after this show has ended. Very talented group.

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    Re: 5/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Haley totally rocked it on that second song tonight. She was the best of the night for me. First song, wasn't feeling it but man did she make up for it.

    James - I just love this kid. Again, the first song was good, but not my favorite of his. Second song, blew me away. His emotion was overwhelming. I can't wait to hear the studio recorded version, I bet it's amazing.

    Scotty - loved the first song, was not a fan of the second song at all.

    Lauren - she performed well both songs, but wasn't outstanding.

    Jacob - he was horrible. Hated the first song, and the second wasn't much better. He needs to go home. He's just not as good as the others.

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    Re: 5/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I think Hayley did have a unique version of the Animals' song. However, I don't like the vocal theatrics that she added to it. And, it was too pitchy for me.
    Didn't like Lauren's version of Unchained Melody. I normally like her voice; this was just too much like Pia's performances - good vocals, but absolutely no connection to the song.
    Missed Scotty' s first song. Didn't like what he did with Elvis'. I'm still not a fan of his, though.
    Just saw about 10 seconds of James' 2nd performance. Not enough to judge.
    Saw Jacob's 2nd performance. I actually enjoyed it.
    Nobody has blown me away, though. But, I'm really not expecting this group to do that.
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    Re: 5/4 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Babbred View Post
    Scotty doing "Always On My Mind." I'm melting...

    I didn't know Elvis did the original on this. Wasn't it Kenny Rogers who did the cover?
    Actually Willie Nelson.

    And here is the Elvis version. I love it!
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