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Thread: 4/14 Results Show *Spoilers*

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    Re: 4/14 Results Show *Spoilers*

    One of the best Results show I've seen. Totally love Scotty and Lauren's duet. They really sound amazing together! I've watched it a few times already. Haley and Casey were good together as well. Haley does a great job at scatting, although Casey's was just okay for me. The quartet of Stefano, James, Jacob and Paul was good, but I think Paul's voice didn't quite blend with the other guys' voice, which surprised me because I thought Jacob would be he one who wouldn't blend in, but he was fine.

    The guest performances were great as well, especially their vocals. When you can sound like the live, you're an amazing performer.

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    Re: 4/14 Results Show *Spoilers*

    mushybrain, I agree with your posts above, 100%.

    Jennifer acknowledged that viewer feedback was asking them to offer more criticism and her reply was, "but you are all so good." Of course they all sing well; that is why they made the top 12. It is their job to help them create a style and star image through critiques on their stage presence. They are failing to do so. This season is illustrating just how important the judges rolls are sparking viewer interest.

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    Re: 4/14 Results Show *Spoilers*

    I love how talented this season's Idols are. And Jennifer is right..they are all so good. BUT....not a single one of them are ready to go cut an album and be propelled into the whirlwind that is fame, touring, the press...etc. There are area's where they could use some serious critique (and you don't have to be mean to give it). If for no other reason, than to prepare them for life after Idol. Jennifer should know this best because her music gets ripped on all the time. They need to be doing two things here....toughening them up for what's to come and actually giving them advice they can incorporate each week.

    I wasn't a fan of Kara's but I thought she did both really well.
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    Re: 4/14 Results Show *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Love_Me View Post
    Are you talking about mega producer Clive Davis?

    Thank you!

    As for Jennifer's words, there are lots of people out there who can sing well. The point of the show is to make a star, somebody who sounds well enough to sell albums and who performs well enough to sell concert tickets. All of the remaining contestants need help in one of these areas.
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