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Ashthon: I really had high hopes for this girl. During auditions, I fell in love with her voice and her personality. Where did both go? She needs to show her vulnerable side a bit more and her diva side less. And she needs to freakin' relax. I think she's something special, but she's letting her nerves or ego (haven't decided which) get the best of her.

Casey: Love him. He's unique and a little bit funky.

Haley: Someone up ^^ there said 'cartoon dog' and they nailed it on the head. Her voice is sexy and sultry but she tries TOO hard.

Jacob: Gonna admit...I don't get the love for him. Last night was awful.

James: Quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I was surprised last night to hear his actual singing voice. It was quite lovely.

Karen: She's trying too hard to be someone else.

Lauren: She doesn't seem 'country' to me. I think she'd do better if she went in another direction. She's got the pipes, for sure.

Naima: WTH was that last night? The idea was interesting but she sounded like she couldn't catch her breath and her dancing was atrocious. Yikes.

Paul: My favorite but I wasn't on board last night. Not at all.

Pia: Love love love her! Hated the song though.

Scotty: He was okay last night. I can see him making it big in country music, but I'd like to see him try something else, as well.

Stefano: I really enjoyed his performance last night.

Thia: No denying the girl has major talent but I can see her being swallowed up in this competition.

I don't understand why some of these kids are choosing songs that are way too old for them. They don't have the life experience to really nail some of those songs.
I don't know if I have ever agreed so much with so many different points. I think you nailed it on the head, imo.