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Thread: 3/3 Results Show *Spoilers*

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    Re: 3/3 Results Show *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by mindy384 View Post
    OH! I almost forgot, what did yall think about the judges not being ready to give their [likely already pre-selected] wild card choices? I loved how Ryan asked and they delivered their poorly rehearsed "what, oh no! its live, we need more time..hehehe." Lucky us they had Jennifer Lopez's new song/video to debut so the 10 million viewers wouldnt be forced to watch a blackout or something....gah, what poor acting! Makes sense to not show the video at the end because many people would change the channel or select the "Stop"...scroll..."Erase" but they dont have to act like we are a bunch of fools.
    Ugh.......terrible acting. I was watching that little exchange thinking, "they really think we're gonna fall for that!" Everyone knew they were going to show Jennifer's video, so just go and show Jennifer's video. Don't pretend you're not done making your decision.

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    Re: 3/3 Results Show *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Eastcoastmom View Post
    So sad that hometown boy Robbie didn't make it. I would have swapped him for Ashton... I like Naima so good for her! I'm sorry that Louisiana girl Lauren Turner didn't make it. I really enjoyed her performance yesterday.... so good to hear something different. I was talking to my sister this morning and we never agree about any of the AI contestants. She thought I meant Lauren Alaina and she went on and on about how much she liked her. AI is smart... shove someone down our throats and we may just buy what they're selling. I guess most of America agreed.
    I was sad about Robbie too but I wouldn't replace him with anyone in the top 15 instead of maybe Paul. I think Ashton has a sound and a look that people will want to promote. Add to it the fact that she can sing, and there is a star in the making. Naima's sunny and happy and I love that she'll be on a real stage, performing, instead of cleaning auditoriums after other people sing
    I was also sad about Lauren Turner. What can you do, so much talent! It must have been tough to choose.

    I'm guessing that humble pie is tasting SO bad right now because Clint and Jordan didn't even get the shot at the wildcard. Personality IS important! And Karma is a bitch.
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    Re: 3/3 Results Show *Spoilers*

    Yes! All my favorites made it through (though 3 made it through the wildcard). I was surprised Haley made it. I think Lauren Turner would have been in the running for the wild card if she didn't. But I liked Naima, Kendra, and Ashton making it over Lauren. The Laurens are a little too similar to both be in the top 13 (Curly hair, similar voice, overweight, medium talent). Kendra was a waste of space tonight though so maybe they should have given Lauren the chance. I think it would have been hard to have both Kendra and Haley in the top 13 too and Kendra fell apart tonight. Too bad. She had a shot. How did Haley make it over her? Vote splitting, maybe?
    I think the 3 guys selected for the wild card round were all similar. I think they wanted a guy of that type in. Otherwise, I would have liked to hear Jordan and Clint again. I thought they might have been great singing a different song. I think the judges didn't want them in the top 13 because who needs either of them when you have Jacob Lusk? Stefano is adorable but I really love his voice. It is very sweet.
    Ashton deserved it hands down. I can't believe others don't believe so. I thought it was clear she was the best. But I do believe that there is a huge bias against R&B on this show. There has been since season 7. For that reason, I think it will be tough for Naima, Ashton, and Jacob to make tour. At least, I hope that the bias is against R&B and not something else.
    This is the first season all my favorites made the top 13!

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    Re: 3/3 Results Show *Spoilers*

    OK...I hate the fact that they didn't let the WC perform next week so we can vote again. But they let the judges choose so they CAST the finalists. I figured that the finalists lack some african american women so Naima will be in....but Ashthon??? Kendra even sang better than her. And WTF, what is Jovany doing in the WC? And Stefano over Robbie? I thought they would pull an Anoop on Robbie but sadly they didn't (they ran out of time). I'm surprised that Kendra and Jovany even made the WC round since they were just canon fodder. I thought they will choose Lauren T. and Clint the big voices who are actually not boring performers. I really think that Robbie and especially Lauren T were robbed. I hate the fact that Haley and Karen made the top 5 although I was expecting Karen to make it.

    Naima's performance was weak vocal-wise but there was intensity in her delivery. That's probably why she made it. I really think that she would have made the top 5 if she sang this during the semi-final round in place of Haley or Karen. Otherwise both Robbie and Stefano sang very well and I could have taken out Ashthon over Robbie. That being said Top 5 girls should have included Naima and Lauren T. instead of Karen and Haley.
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    Re: 3/3 Results Show *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay View Post
    Casey looks like a member of Fraggle Rock.
    I loved Fraggle Rock.
    My hero - My Dad 3/25/34 - 4/1/09

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    Re: 3/3 Results Show *Spoilers*

    I'm satisfied with the top 13. Not exactly who I would have chosen, but good, solid talent and several that will make useful cannon fodder while the others jostle for the cream position (mixed metaphors anyone? ) I hope Loewenstern gets picked up to be a commentator somewhere like past Idol cast-offs have been. He didn't have the strongest voice, but he's so darned entertaining and memorable. I really liked Robbie going in, but both Tuesday and last night, I thought his songs were wobbly and inconsistant. Poor Clint looked like he took a laxative right before going on air.
    Does anyone else think each judge got one wildcard pick but they just didn't present it that way? Past years, judges have had to "defend" their choices when they start to tank.
    Somewhere, a darling boy with the voice of an angel is chuckling in vindication (I'm talking to you, Clint and James)
    Count your blessings!

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    Re: 3/3 Results Show *Spoilers*

    Is Jacob Lusk (black man in lavender shirt) the one who over sings?

    Scott? I am shocked. He is a one trick pony and not current! The country viewers are loyal to their genre and he will probably make it far.

    Ashton over Lauren Turner? That was a shocker.

    Lauren Alania is only 15 but looks 25. I hope a stylist gets ahold of her and tames her 80's hair and educates her on jewelry and clothes. Not a good look.
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    Re: 3/3 Results Show *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by sunny73 View Post
    I think if Ashton doesn't make the top 10 they'll pick her for wildcard. She was too good during the audition process.
    That, and they see that she projects Beyonce so exactly (I really kept wondering why Randy kept naming other people when this girl SOUNDS exactly like Beyonce speaking, and close enough when singing).

    Quote Originally Posted by Lupa View Post
    A good group, overall. But I think Naima is terrible and Ashton is rather weak. I feel Lauren Turner deserved a chance to sing more than either of them did.
    Naima IS terrible. And Ashthon is doing a credible Beyonce imitation, as I said above, but we should keep in mind that maybe the world only NEEDS one Beyonce.

    Quote Originally Posted by JavaJo View Post
    I'm happy with the top 13. I was so hoping they'd pick Stefano. I was really surprised they didn't pick Julie to sing tonight. I thought she was great during the audition process.
    Yeah, but they were in the same position as with Rachel and Jordan. Like with those two Julie stank up the room SO badly this last time that it might have cut down the seeming credibility of the show to put them on again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Quemoni View Post
    Yes, I liked his vibrant personality. He's a character like Carrot top who can perform.
    Well, different strokes for different folks. Because to me, Brett Loewenstern managed to irk me once again on his (all too long) way out the door. He just came off as a total camera/attention hog. That, and him pulling more lame "I'm like a" comparisons out of his @ss. It's like he was playing to "That Site Where People Support The Most Out There Performer (aka 'The Worst')".

    Quote Originally Posted by mindy384 View Post
    Lucky us they had Jennifer Lopez's new song/video to debut so the 10 million viewers wouldnt be forced to watch a blackout or something....gah
    "Gah" is a much better term to describe the quality of J. Lo's new whatever that was. Oh, I know what it was! It was 2001 or so. Straight out of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by live4romance View Post
    So there were 3 wild cards? I thought it was only 2.
    It was ALWAYS going to be 3, and anything they did to "pretend" otherwise was B.S./acting. The episode title for next week was set to include the number 13 in it some time ago.
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    Re: 3/3 Results Show *Spoilers*

    It I am pretty happy with the top 13, though I would have put Lauren instead of Ashton in the group, imho.
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    Re: 3/3 Results Show *Spoilers*

    I am content with the 13 but any of the kids would have been OK since they seemed really to have found great singers this season. Good for AI in making the changes they did this year. What was most noticable was that the show is fun....I so do NOT miss Simon who seemed to just suck the fun out of the show with his snarkiness directged at young kids who were just trying to get a break. I had to laugh at some of the posts here decrying the lack of ridicule from the judges.
    Really, now that you think of it, was the nastiness really needed?? America always voted and they voted ( except I guess for some people who relied on Simon to tell them what they liked) for their favorites...no different from last night. But the show was dramatic and joyous.

    One thing that did strike me was the situation with the tall kid who sang Usher and it didn't work----supposedly he was "given" the song to sing. With all the judges' talk about what he would do more appropriately the next time, the did not give him that chance. Nobody picked him to wild card it. I thought that was so odd.

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