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Thread: 3/2 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Definitely enjoyed the girls' performances more than the boys' last night. It will be difficult to winnow it down to 5 out of the 12. I'm wondering why they are not starting with the top 24 and voting down to top 12 like they usually do. Off hand I can say that I think Rachel should go-- that was g-d awful with her trying to vamp it up or sumthin' and I didn't know the song. No, no, no to Ta-Tanisha, just no. It's so obvious how this is the year for a girl winner and the judges are trying to steer the viewers to certain types. Ashton is a pretty lady and looks the total part of the diva but that song was rough. Obviously the judges lapped it up and told her she was the diva, but in a good way. Lauren Alaina- ugh- what a tart! And she's only 16? Way too much makeup and suggestive moves. Gosh, I feel old. But I don't know why they love her so much. I'm not hearing what they are hearing.

    Bring back Melinda Doolittle and Elliott Yamin-- THOSE were singers! Amen!

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by TeacherLady View Post
    Yes, I can certainly see why they saved her for last.

    I'm not a fan of Lauren A. at all. I hope she'll be able to win me over, because I think she'll be in this competition for a l-o-n-g time.
    Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.
    Don't care for Haley either.
    They just try too hard - don't care for that pretentious style. I rather understated.

    Loved Thia & Pia!
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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Okay, I must have missed something here.....can someone explain what all this talk about 5 is?

    Loved Lauren and Pia! Those have been my two favs since day 1.

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by mustang03gt View Post
    Okay, I must have missed something here.....can someone explain what all this talk about 5 is?

    Loved Lauren and Pia! Those have been my two favs since day 1.
    Tomorrow night they are going to cut to the Top 5 Guys & Top 5 Girls.

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Simon is on Jay Leno and he just said he was nicer than ST and JLo and that he would have put Chris Medina through and that it was mean for the current judges to tell him no.

    Gotta admit that I seriously missed his honesty and candor tonight and last night.
    Randy at least tried to tell the truth.

    Much of tonight's performances were painful and just as last night, TPTB saved the best for last.

    ETA - Simon is definitely wearing eye make-up.
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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Yes, it does seem like they're racing through this season for some reason. Personally, I'd like more time once they give us the vote - whittling down 12 apiece to 5, right off the top, is just way too fast! Let's have the time to see them develop, to get to know them better, before we get rid of them.

    Though I still think it's rough, at this point, to eliminate 7 at once, here's my take, chronologically:

    01 - Ta -Tynisa -The less said about her, the better! That was truly awful, though she does seem like she's very likeable and has a good personality. What a shame to spoil her one shot at this, so clearly.

    02 - Naima - Love her and her wonderful voice; I just wish she presented herself more naturally and a bit less affectedly, a little less polished in her performance. Still, she's a fabulous talent and has an appealing back story. She's my #3.

    03 - Kendra - Could not like her. Good voice, she can sing, annoyed by her pronunciation sometimes, and despised her artificiality and fake sultriness. Not for me.

    04 - Rachel - She made a terrible mistake, in presenting herself like this. She struck me, even in Hollywood, as out of another era. I think she could be far better going for more modern with an edge, but she'll need more experience. She is definitely talented, though.

    05 - Karen Rodriguez - This was outstanding singing and she comes off as one of the most natural, sweet girls here. I adore her singing in Spanish. However, I absolutely am fed up with the cookie cutter *#%* and though she can sing most anything, I really, really, really wish she'd never done Whitney! Whether she gets voted in or is a Wild Card, I think she deserves to stay, though I can't quite decide on voting for her.

    06 - Lauren Turner - I loved her performance, loved her singing! I also felt bad for her being the one who stands out by not having all those beauty-queen looks we're seeing here. I hope she gets in. Terrific performance.

    07 - Ashton the Diva - The judges called that one right! Definitely appeared the diva tonight. She can sing, but I didn't like the performance - too much the diva instead of going for likeability and pure wonderful singing. Hated the outfit for this first night (save it for Rock night, if we have one), but she is a powerful singer. They acted like she was their first pick for a Wild Card.

    08 - Julie - Now here's my pick for a Wild Card! Yes, I readily admit she didn't give her best tonight, but I really like her and think she's talented enough to deserve it. She impressed me to no end in Hollywood or Vegas and trying out. She comes across to me as a genuine sweetheart who can really, really sing beautifully. I want her to get to stay.

    09 - Hailey - I can't stand this girl. Couldn't stand her in Hollywood, can't like her now. She puts me off. She is far too artificial and pretentious. She was very good tonight, but I really would far rather Karen Rodriguez, Julie or Lauren Turner got in!

    With all this confusingly close level of talent, I don't want the ones most obnoxious to continue when there are so many deserving and just as talented, if not moreso.

    And now we come to my all-time Best of the Best:

    10 - Thia M. - Outstanding!!!!! Best of the Whole Night, for me, and no two ways about it! This girl has everything. The most amazing tone, Voice, sweetness, sincerity, the whole thing! Loved her! Definitely my #1 among the ladies.

    11 - Lauren A. - After not being good enough in Hollywood and messing up there, I really, truly enjoyed her performance tonight. It was young, energetic and fun. Unfortunately, I don't think it was a vehicle for great vocals. But she did a wonderful job as a dance singer, and had everyone grooving along. Unfortunately or not, this may give her a spot. Personally, I think #8, Julie, has more talent and the misfortune to choose the song she did.

    12 - Pia - Definitely outstanding! Very impressive. Terrific ending, and loved her singing. I'd put her as my #2.

    Now, if we were only going down to 9 or 10 after tonight, from 12, I'd be happier about it. This is a tough one and I hope the judges choose the best choices when they add in their Wild Cards.

    Footnote: When I say "Hollywood," I include Vegas and the whole earlier process leading up to this week, in giving some of my impressions.

    Tomorrow will be interesting. As for tonight, we heard good singing, some poor performances, and some outstanding. It feels like the talent pool is far higher than other seasons, for rounding out the whole, though. I still want to see more development - so slow it down, producers! And please give us all a break from the music we've heard way too much - bring some new and different selections!

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Ta-Tynisa - Someone has it out for her. The same one who told Jordan to sing "OMG." Why don't you just push her down the stairs instead? It would save our ears a lot of grief! How evil must you be to tell someone that Rihanna was the right way to go tonight? At least from an image standpoint, she was the best. She looked great.

    Naima - To the lounge, we go! What was she thinking with that loungey version? Naima had nothing going for her tonight and yet her talent pulled her through (not he designing talent). Her voice is gorgeous. But her chances of making the top 10 are a lot slimmer now. I think we can all agree that she sings well, right? But even Gordan Ramsay wellington rots in the garbage.

    Kendra Chantelle - Nice idea but poor execution. She should stay away from songs that require soul and passion. This just isn't the genre for her. She tries to sing a song like this and I notice that she is too bland. If she sang a Britney song, I'd be praising her. Christina Aguilera just sets the bar too high but I do admire her effort. I hope she will do better if she challenges herself a little less.

    Rachel - umm ... She meant that as a joke, right? Worst Idol performance ever? Maybe. Way to ruin a mediocre song! Way to make everyone feel dirty and uncomfortable! She made Brett look like Aretha Franklin. It is hard to find words.

    Karen - Boring. Really, really boring. It was like she was aiming to be mediocre. She didn't seem to be trying to win a competition at all. Her voice was really good though. And I really warmed up to her during her judges' critiques. If I give Naima a pass for having a great voice, I must do the same for Karen. Yes, it was bland but it was also very pretty!

    Lauren - I don't see an idol in her. I think it is because I don't see how she could impact this music industry with the way she has been singing. I like the power her voice has and I think she can hit some impressive notes. Aside from that, I don't think she is a unique talent and I wouldn't buy anything she puts out. She doesn't interest me. At least I don't hate her.

    Ashton - I love this song! It tells a beautiful story. I recommend everyone listen to it because Ashton didn't do it any justice. I think it would have been a great choice for Ashton if she had more than 90 seconds to sing it. She just repeated the same part over and over again. Since the audience doesn't know what "Love All Over Me" means and hasn't heard the song before, it probably didn't make much sense to most people. Awesome song but wrong format to showcase it. I think the confusion distracted from her voice. Its a good voice and she has some style to her. That's great considering so many girls are bland this year. Isn't she also one of the oldest women on the show? Way to represent for the geriatrics, Ashton!

    Julie - But she can be Miss USA one day. She's gorgeous and there is no talent portion. Are you watching, Donald? Yeah, didn't think so.

    Haley - Why? Why this song? I am so tired of this song. I almost muted it. This one is out of her league. She attempted a lot of difficult vocal tricks but never succeeded. The song doesn't have to be that difficult. We don't care about difficulty. We voted for Kris Allen. She didn't get the memo. It was a desperate performance to me. She threw in everything but the kitchen sink and I think she does that for all her performances. For that reason, I don't want to see her advance to the next round.

    Thia - The youngest one is the smartest one. It was not the most difficult song we heard tonight. Did it have style? No. Did it include mind-boggling runs? nuh-uh. But it was good! No extra credit for Thia and no style points either. It was a good singer singing well. One of the best of the night.

    Lauren Alaina - Well, this didn't impress me. I think it is safer to sing a song with loud music to hide your vocal flaws. Lauren Alaina was hiding behind the music tonight and I don't have much of a problem with it. She wants to make the top 10 and she has just as many fans as foes. She didn't prove either group wrong and I think that was enough for her to advance. She had all the advantage in the world coming into this show and she didn't blow it so that is good enough. Side note: she looks way older than 16. The makeup and the slithery movements just aren't age appropriate to me. Didn't she give Steven a pseudo lap dance during the group round of Hollywood week? I think she looks 30.

    Pia - I think she is overrated. I read spoilers and she didn't live up to the hype. She is still in my top 3. I thought she was straining toward the end and I fear this is as good as she gets. I think she could have executed the song better. Her voice sounded like it was at its limit. But other than that, I think it was a great song choice and I think she is a great singer. I still think her look needs to be softened quite a bit. I didn't love her wardrobe and I think her hair and makeup were too harsh. If she becomes comfortable enough to show some style and personality, I think she could be the winner.

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Babbred View Post
    Did Randy say she got the first standing O of the season? Didn't 3 of the guys get one last night?
    That puzzled me at first but I think he meant she got the first "standing O" from all three judges.
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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Just a friendly reminder, all Dial Idol and Vote For The Worst discussion is to be contained in the DialIdol VFTW thread!

    Dial Idol/Vote For The Worst Season 10

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    March 02, 2011: The Top Twelve Girls

    1. Pia Toscano. Last night I said the girls we better. I take it back. But not because of Pia. She’s the one. The only female with the talent, musical maturity, and intangibles to win it all. Honestly, I think she’s the only contestant, male or female, that’s ready for prime time. She has it all: beauty, elegance, radiance, powerful pipes, range, vocal clarity, and perfect pitch. If you need more, she also pays attention to both her lyric and her music, and always projects an honest emotion. She understands and respects the artistic contract between singers and their audience. This was the best vocal of the night by a wide margin, the one true show-stopper, but that’s not saying much, as her competition mailed it in and quit the fight early. I’m hopeful others will bring to the AI stage what I saw in Vegas, but If asked tonight to pick the contestant most likely to win it all, I’d pick Pia.
    2. Kendra Chantelle. She loves a good old fashioned torch ballad, and is actually quite good at it, but is no match for Christina Aguilera’s pipes and power. Rather than challenge the original, she’d have fared better with a softer, more lyrical, scaled down version; e.g. Adele. She clearly musical; a true artist; she gets it, but is not a belter, and is actually better without that. Her smooth tone and beautiful soul are more than enough, she doesn’t need anything else.
    3. Lauren Turner. An accurate cover of Jully Black’s tribute to the great Etta James. She sang it well but I don’t understand the song choice. Is that who she is, what she wants to be? If so, she’s on the wrong show. You wouldn’t think it based on the number of units sold recently, but Idol’s goals haven’t changed. It seeks out winners that can sell records. Seven Day Fool won’t do that. The performance itself, however, was actually quite good. Still, I don’t see anything unique, special, or commercial here.
    4. Lauren Alaina. Except for the fact that she’s a little girl singing grown-up themes, there wasn’t much wrong here. Vocally, this was a darn good copy. Reba’s fantastic and this is a fun song, but the Reba catalog is loaded with great songs, so why this one? This kid’s got the right stuff too but is simply too young. It’s not easy to balance business and morality for one so young. Yes, the Disney machine does it very well, despite frequent criticism and backlash, but I doubt Idol wants to go there. She’s a sweet kid, with an effervescent personality, but as seen in the early rounds, is emotionally fragile. The Idol stage is very much a Thunder Dome, where battles are fought and losers harshly evicted, and I don’t think she’s got the mental toughness to see it through.
    5. Haley Reinhart. I like her. She’s got potential, but like Lauren, is not a finished product; e.g., too young. She’s a good singer; a good actress; copies her Idols well, but is not real. She’s not yet an artist, and has no identity. At the moment, she’s an affectation, but is at least going about things the right way, learning from the best (Alicia Keyes and Joss Stone); so she’ll get there. I love her voice but didn’t love the performance. She sang it well but I didn’t believe it.
    6. Thia Megia. I don’t think she’s a great singer either, but she got this one right. This was a beautifully crafted cover of Irene Cara’s Out Here On My Own; pitch perfect and straight from the heart. Can’t help but pull for Thia; she’s been at it for years, so I wish her well. I doubt her time on Idol will be a long one. Not because she can’t, but because there are so many who do it better.
    7. Naima Adedapo. I agree with Randy here; it pails in comparison to Fantasia’s, but the two are very different singers. Naima never tried to copy Fantasia. Steven called her a young Ella Fitzgerald. Don’t know if I’d go that far. She seemed to be channeling Billie Holiday more than Ella, and for the part, it worked. I liked the performance very much, but no where near as much as I like her. She’s a very intriguing woman.
    8. Ashton Jones. Not much wrong with this performance either. It was an accurate copy, but Monica’s Love All Over Me is not an Idol song. Beyonce’s Listen is. If Monica, why not Angel of Mine? It’s a much better song. Ashton is a Toni Braxton clone; so is Monica; sultry and sensual. Some say she’s cocky but I don’t care. I like her. You wouldn’t know by this performance, but she’s very talented (see audition, Vegas). Unlike some, she is marketable, so should use her time on the Idol stage to forge a career in contemporary R&B.
    9. Karen Rodriguez. Not a great singer but a nice, enjoyable, if subdued performance. I ranked her here because I Like my system, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she made top ten. Of the twelve girls, she’s easily the most photogenic; the camera absolutely loves her. In the absence of a truly memorable performance, a beautiful smile and adorable personality can save the day. I like her, but as often happens on the Idol stage, small voices and delicate pipes get reduced to liabilities.
    10. Ta-Tanisa Wilson. She was definitely sharp. JLo and Steven either weren’t listening or didn’t care. It was a fun performance but not one that will garner big votes on Idol. Nothing commercial here either, but she’s a good kid; sweet and likable, so I wish her well.
    11. Rachel Zevita. The song did not look good on her, and, worse, I don’t think she sang it very well. You’d think her Idol history would lead her to something with more depth, melody, power, and emotional appeal.
    12. Julie Zorillo. Not Kelly Clarskon. Not on the American Idol stage. That’s simply not done, especially off-key.
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