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Thread: Brett Loewenstern Season 10

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    Re: Brett Loewenstern Season 10

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Sew&Sew View Post
    I suspect Brett was nothing more than cannon fodder. He had no chance of being the next American Idol. He was expendable. They needed a few who were just quirky enough to get our attention, but could be easily dismissed without any real backlash.
    Sanjaya anyone?? He lasted waaaaay too long!

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    Re: Brett Loewenstern Season 10

    Brett comes off as having ODSSI an over-developed-sense-of-self-importance. I dunno, for a high school kid he's just way too cocky and has too little true presence. Yes, you may have a decent voice but judging by how many get the golden ticket to Vegas it's clearly not enough. The hair flipping and prancing turned me off and I was none too upset to see him go.

    Personally I find these humane mouse traps rather ineffective. Better to lay down some glue and when you hear the critter scream you take a shovel to his head.

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