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Thread: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    So much for preconceived notions!

    Figured J Lo would be a b*tchy diva, like the pretty girl in high school who has no problem telling someone what all their faults are. She turned out to be the opposite, to the point where it got annoying. Sometimes these people just need to be told "no, this is NOT the path you need to take in your life". When it's quite obvious, say it.

    Steven Tyler - another 180 here. Figured that with his drug use and with him being the senior member of the panel, he'd be more like the male version of a babbling, rambling Paula Abdul. Instead, he was coherent, articulate and expressive.

    I guess a leopard can never truly change his spots, at least not in one season. We still are subjected to backstories that aren't necessary . . . . the guy who'd spent time in the wheelchair and the guy who was homeless for a time both held their own while singing. And, like in previous seasons, too much camera time given to those who should have just stayed home. Forget that they were put in front of the judges, some we saw shouldn't even have been allowed in the parking lot!
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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    I turned the tv to Idol just because there was nothing on when it began that any of my family watch. My husband moaned and I promised to turn it after we watched a few minutes. We ended up watching the whole thing. I found ST to be surprisingly balanced in what he contributed. He was blunt, but tried not to just be completely mean. He was a character, which is an important role. He was so stinking funny (at least to us). He also had moments when he just couldn't contain his smile at the joy of the contestants and I loved the interaction he had with JLo and Randy.
    JLo showed what a marshmallow she could be. Saying no to these people was difficult for her and I do hope she gets better with that aspect, but I liked the fact that she really wants to be there and she was able to laugh at herself.

    I really enjoyed the show.

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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    I haven't watched much of Idol the past two seasons. I really thought it was going down hill and wouldn't be around much longer.

    I have to say though the new judges have breathed new life into this show! How refreshing to see judges being upbeat and having fun at what their doing. They were able to let people down without crushing them with rudeness.

    Keep up the good work Stephen, J Lo and Randy!!! I think I'll be a fan once again.

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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    Let me start by thanking all of you by posting here last night, I completely forgot this was back on till I saw your posts. Thankfully my DVR has a better memory than I do and started recording, bless it's little efficient heart, lol. I missed most of the first half but what I saw of the second? I was thrilled!

    I've always been a fan of Steven and Jennifer and I loved seeing them doing so well. Their chemistry with each other and Randy was great and I thought they were much more effective than Ol' What's His Name with the accent, bad hair, and love of low cut tees.

    I hope this is a harbinger of things to come and the show continues to focus more on the talent and less on the wrecks, I have never liked that part about auditions because most of these people are truly delusional and I don't like seeing their dreams crushed with reality like that.

    Speaking of crushing, I really wish somebody had crushed Port-a-Potty girl! She was annoying and couldn't sing, why oh why are they subjecting us to her? Thank goodness for fast forward, I will be using it often when she's on. I thought there were some solid hopefuls in the auditions, however, based off the shenanigans from previous seasons? We all know that the majority of those shown in the auditions don't have a snow balls chance in..... of making it onto the voting portion of the show.
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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    Usually I don't like the audition shows at all, but I enjoyed last night's episode. For the first time in a LONG time they seemed to focus air time on the auditioners that could sing as opposed to the ones that could not. I think that is a step in the right direction.

    I also thought it was refreshing to not hear Simon berate someone. ('That was appawwling....!' ) All three judges seemed to get along very well, and I think the people that auditioned could feel the warmth and fun in the room, which had to have put them more at ease. I think even if you were confident in your voice it would be intimidating to stand in front of Simon knowing you were facing a possible eye roll or a heaving sigh that could keep you from your dream.

    Jennifer will get better. The auditions were her first experience as a judge and maybe she needed to get the hang of saying NO. All in all, I have high hopes. I think with so much being changed about the show, we might find a new format that will not only be more entertaining to watch, but also produce more unique and successful talent than we've seen come out of the competition in the last few years

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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    I swore I wasnt going to watch this season after the debacle that was last season. But, I flipped through the channels and there is was...AI. So, I said to myself, ok I will give it one minute. 7 minutes later I found myself laughing and kind of connecting to this new panel. Tyler is a hoot and half. Jlo is everything I thought she would be, playing a part for tv. I dont know how Randy put up with them the first day!
    Tyler will be talked about alot. He pases between an old perv and a wacky Paula-type all the while appearing to be having a genuine good time. Tyler is a wordsmith extrodinairre...who knew?!
    Yup, I will tune in to the next show. I sure didnt think I would.

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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    Oh....my....God. I was yawning watching American Idol when, all of sudden, the second contestant was Caleb Hawley. I just saw him perform at a New Year's Eve house concert in Maryland. I and 45 other people welcomed the New Year with him. He sang only his original material (except for a copy of Auld Lang Syne, which I gave him). He's a veteran singer-writer performer, like Crystal Bowersox, so he should have an edge in this competition. However, I checked out his Web site, and it makes no mention of his AI appearance except that he "had a little stint on a TV show." And his Web site still lists a huge schedule of concerts across the country in February and March. So does this mean he got axed by AI in Hollywood? Or will he have to cancel those concerts to stay on the show?
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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    I wasn't sure how this would go, but in watching last night, it was made clear for me that the concept of this show is so good that it can successfully withstand the loss of Paula and Simon. I'm o.k. with Randy being on board still, but I'm on the fence about Ryan.

    Anway, one thing I really liked is that Stephen and JLo seem to appreciate people MORE if they don't fall into the cookie-cutter pop-start mode. The best audition of the night, IMO, was the hyper girl who wants to bridge broadway and pop and Stephen Tyler's response - something like people like her are hard to find and that he's going to work with her or something like that.

    Ain't no way Simon or Paula would have put someone like her through. And, you can see Randy being forced into opening his mind a bit.

    Both Stephen Tyler and Jlo aren't pop/rock stars the way they used to be, but they are credible judges and they MUST know what it takes to make it work - at least on a personal level. Compare to Simon whose big break was forming cookie-cutter boy bands or something like that.

    I'm hopeful that we see more "soul" with ST and JLo at the helm.

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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    ST "hits" that high note, all right, but I don't think he does it all that well. And he does it too waaay too much, just off the cuff. Shut Up, Already!!! It makes me crazy how much he looks like a woman, even with facial hair. Maybe it's the effeminate haircut. And his comments can border way too closely on inappropriate sexual harassment. St, some things need to be ignored, and not commented on. You CAN have a thought without it coming out of your mouth, you know.

    Was surprised by theater girl's voice. She was so physically awkward that it was a surprise to me. The strength and quality was amazing! While she will probably see her most success in the theater, she definitely has pipes to work with. She will play, successfully, to that back row....her gestures are huge, just like her voice. I was impressed.

    I think Travis (the last guy) will definitely be one of the final group (12?) that makes the show, and I think he will be there for a long time! Beautiful voice.
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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    Thought I was going to miss the whole show last night. Didn't realize it was going to be on for 2 hours.
    I did catch a few minutes at the end. I'm not a fan of backstories, at all, so I didn't really need to see the throat cancer victim's daughter. I thought she was OK, but she didn't blow me away. I also saw the last guy whose family was homeless for a while. He, too, was OK, but I wasn't blown away by him, either. I'm not sure I like the addition of 15 year olds on this show, overall and, from what I saw, this seemed more like a Disney channel tryout than anything.
    Since I saw so little of the show, I don't think it's fair for me to totally weigh in yet. However, based on what I did see, I didn't find it to be must see TV for me.
    JLo was about what I expected. That's not saying a lot. I do like Steven Tyler, though, but I don't know that he'll be enough to keep me hanging in.
    I will try and catch some of it tonight, though, as I want to be fair.

    Thanks, all, for weighing in. It's great, always, to see other perspectives.
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