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Thread: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    I only watched the first half hour or so... I though ST was a hoot! I thought he was going to be a hot mess, but was pleasantly surprised.

    On the other hand, I don't get some of those they let thru in the short time that I watched. They were singing and I thought that is not that good and next thing you know they are getting a ticket.

    The 15 year old was one of those I thought would not go thru. She was okay, not great by any means. I think in a few years and more training she would be there. Than again we got to hear Randy's "but you're only 15"

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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    Well, I guess I'll be the lone voice in the wilderness, but sadly, I'm used to it. I thought last night was boring. I actually loved Simon and miss him. Of course, my husband is British and I used to live in England, so I'm a little biased. Their outspokeness was one of the things I loved about the English. JLo was just another clone of Paula. Her constant sweetness got tiring, and if she keeps this up, it's going to be a looooong season. For Pete's sake, if somebody's no good, just say so and move on to the next person. Randy just seemed overwhelmed by the other two. Tyler was pretty good, but his drooling over teenage girls was a little creepy.

    Many contestants had lovely voices, but nobody really jumped out and grabbed me like Adam Lambert or David Cook or Daughtry did in past seasons. I'm not getting my hopes up about the contestants with the tear jerking backstories. AI is notorious for getting your sympathy only to have that contestant eliminated in Hollywood. I remember a while ago they had this African-American woman who tearfully explained in the video that she was doing it to make a better life for her disabled daughter. Poof! She was gone without a backwards glance. I was so ticked off. Since then I've become cynical and refuse to get hooked by these stories.

    I will say that it was refreshing not see any Statue of Liberty's/Tatiana Drama Queens--yet. I really hope they keep it that way. I always hated the auditions because of all the attention wasted on the lousy contestants.

    I think it's ironic that Tyler said he wants to find the next Janis Joplin. They had a Joplin wannabee a few seasons ago and she was the first one eliminated out of the Top 12.
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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Sew&Sew;4155157;
    So much for preconceived notions!

    Figured J Lo would be a b*tchy diva, like the pretty girl in high school who has no problem telling someone what all their faults are. She turned out to be the opposite, to the point where it got annoying. Sometimes these people just need to be told "no, this is NOT the path you need to take in your life". When it's quite obvious, say it.

    Steven Tyler - another 180 here. Figured that with his drug use and with him being the senior member of the panel, he'd be more like the male version of a babbling, rambling Paula Abdul. Instead, he was coherent, articulate and expressive.
    That sums up my reaction to the new judges perfectly. Now if we can get some "WOW!" singers, this might be a great season!

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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    It is still early for me to get a feel on the judges and so far I am neither pleased or disappointed. When the show starts I will get a better feel. I have never liked the auditions.

    I like Jennifer. She has a heart but I don't think it will get in the way of an honest critique. Though she expressed her difficulty in saying no, she was able to do it without too much angst.

    Stephan. Not sure I like his personality but he has the ability of telling it like it is, it seems. Men have to be careful with plastic surgery. I am not sure what he has had done but his face screams alterations!

    Randy was Randy.

    I have a hunch that Stephan will be the one judge on the panel we will look toward to give a hard core review.

    This show was Simon, for me, so only time will tell if I can enjoy it as much.

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    Re: 1/19/11 Season 10 Premiere Audition Rounds

    I think this bunch of three judges all mesh really well together. Their different personalities all compliment one another well.
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