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Thread: AI 10: Spoilers

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    AI 10: Spoilers

    Reports are arriving about who made the cut in Hollywood. (Once again, Joe's Place is doing great detective work.)

    This looks like a fairly solid list of the folks who survived "The Rooms" episode. Also, word leaked out over the weekend that the "Green Mile" episode hasn't yet happened. So there are no semi-finalists, yet. (Probably to keep us from blabing about them all over the internet!)
    1. Alexander Ryan Age: 17 Hometown: Glen Rock, NJ
    2. Ashthon Ahmirr Jones Hometown: Nashville
    3. Brett Loewenstern Age: 17 Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
    4. Brittany Mazur Age: 21 Hometown: Tucson, AZ
    5. Casey Abrams Hometown: Colorado
    6. Chris Medina
    7. Clint Jun Gamboa
    8. (Michael) Colton Dixon Age: 19 Hometown: MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE
    9. Deandre Brackensick
    10. Erin Kelly
    11. Haley Reinhart Hometown: Palatine, IL
    12. Hollie Cavanagh
    13. Jacee Chipcoon Badeaux Age: 15 Hometown: Lafayette, LA
    14. Jackie Wilson Hometown: Nashville
    15. Jacob E. Luskn Hometown: Los Angeles
    16. James Durbin
    17. Jerome Bell Hometown: Lubbock, TX
    18. Jessica Cunningham Hometown: Portland, Maine (Tried out for Idol 7 times; Made it to the top 50 on AI9 and Hollywood on AI8)
    19. Jimmie Allen Hometown: Franklin, TN
    20. John Wayne Schulz Age: 23
    21. Jordan Dorsey Hometown: New Orleans
    22. Jovany Barreto
    23. Julie Zorrilla
    24. Karen Rodriguez
    25. Kendra Chantelle Campbell Age: 22 Hometown: Maryville, TN
    26. Lakeisha “Keisha Renee” Lewis
    27. Lauren Alaina Suddeth Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
    28. Lauren Turner Hometown: NOLA
    29. Naima Adedapo Hometown: Chicago, IL
    30. Paul McDonald Age: 27 Hometown: Nashville, TN
    31. Rachel Zevit (DISQUALIFIED or QUIT?)
    32. Robbie Rosen
    33. Scott (Scotty) McCreery Age: 16 Audition City: Milwaukee
    34. Stefano Langone
    35. Ta-Tynisa Wilson Hometown: Chicago
    36. Thia Megia Age: 15 Hometown: Tracy, CA
    37. Tim Halperin Age: 26 Hometown: Ohama, NE and Fort Worth, TX
    38. Tiwan Strong Hometown: Racine, WI

    So, that's the buzz so far, we'll see how it changes and shapes up.

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    Re: AI 10: Spoilers

    Sure are a lot of folks from Nashville & the surrounds.

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    Re: AI 10: Spoilers

    Yeah - I wonder if removing Simon Cowell from the judging panel has anything to do with a sudden influence of (I'm assuming) more county flavored artists?

    Also, FYI , Steve Tyler inadvertently confirmed in a press conference today that there are, indeed, still 40 contestants; they haven't chosen the semi-finalists.

    UPDATE: At the end of the conference he said they had "20 finalists". He said "40" at the beginning, so I don't know if that is Tyler's drug-addled brain, or one figure was "the company line" and the other was true, or what.
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    Re: AI 10: Spoilers

    JoesPlace says the announcement of the 20 (Green Mile taping) won't happen until mid February. They speculate it's to avoid leaks.

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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    I couldn't find an appropriate place to put this post under AI so I will put it here unless the mods think it should be moved.

    I found out today that a young man from our local high school will be shown auditioning tonight on American Idol. I know nothing about him other than his name, which is Robbie Rosen.(NYC auditions) I don't know how far he got in the show but it will be cool to root for a hometown contestant (that is, if he's any good).

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    Re: AI 10: Spoilers

    Joe's place has compiled photos of the Top 40 suspects:

    Photo created by Fallen Angel Gabriel. This copy of the photo is hosted on my Picasa site, as per forum rules.

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    Re: AI 10: Spoilers

    I don't know what happened to the thread I created a few weeks ago with Joe's Place's spoilers. Anyway, JP is reporting that Rachel Zevita voluntarily eliminated herself because she was offered a music scholarship which conflicted with the AI season.

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    Re: AI 10: Spoilers

    If that is the list, then they may be up to their old tricks. How many of those did we see featured last night? Two with one of those supposedly dropped out. That makes me sad, I really liked a couple from last night. The kid at the end had the kind of voice I adore (Travis). I really liked the singing waitress (Devyn), don't see her in that bunch of photos. *sighs* please please let that list be wrong.
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    Re: AI 10: Spoilers

    I agree that Devyn and Travis should be on there. I also liked Kenzie and I just heard a girl named Sarah that I really liked.
    So who made it from the first night? Did the girl with the flower in her hair?

    I think Brittany Mazur was shown last night being told she made it to Hollywood but we didn't hear her sing. Same goes for Aaron Sanders and Jessica Cunningham (she was dressed like Posh Spice or Trinity from the Matrix, I recognize her hair in the photo, above )
    It makes me frustrated to realize that some which I loved aren't there and yet these three we don't even know anything about them. I would have loved to have heard them sing!
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    Re: AI 10: Spoilers

    I am irritated that tonight Jacqueline and Paris didn't make it...I thought they were both great - much better than some I see who made it!

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