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Thread: Still No Judges for AI

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    Re: Still No Judges for AI

    I don't know how many actually show up.
    I do know, however, that it was on the news the other day that they were in town for the tryouts and it was definitely a mob scene.
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    Re: Tryouts???

    Quote Originally Posted by TopCatDC;4066888;
    Confusion is understandable, because they edit the show to make it look like 10,000 people show up at a stadium, and someone screens them and then sends the good ones (or "interesting" ones) in to the judges. But that's not how it works.
    1. The 10,000 people show up in the summer and are screened by 19E production assistants (about 10 at a time). Each person sings a few bars of their song, and may be asked a question or two about their background. Usually less than 200 are forwarded into the next round.
    2. Weeks later the actual 19E and Freemantle production / talent staff come back to town to hear and interview the selected people. They do not make a decision on the spot. Afterwards they conference among themselves and select about 25 that they want to put before the judges. They call the auditioners back, and offer congratulations or condolences, and tell the chosen ones when and where the judges taping will take place in a few weeks.
    3. Finally, the judges roll into town with a TV crew and the audition episode for that city is taped.

    So, the judges aren't needed until the tapings in the fall. Previously, the taping had to be worked around holes in Simon's UK X-Factor schedule. But that barrier is gone, so the schedule this year has more latitude.

    (David Archuleta's book gives an interesting behind the scenes look at the contestant selection process and schedule.)
    Oh okay. Thanks so much for the explanation.

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