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Thread: Ellen Quits American Idol

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    Re: Ellen Quits American Idol

    Sounds like Nigel was willing to keep Randy on, but not Ellen or Kara.
    He never likted the 4 judge concept. And, from interviesw, it sounds like he wasn't too happy with Ellen.
    I am not sorry to see Ellen go; I didn't think she looked like a proper fit at all.
    She always looked very uncomfortable.
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    Re: Ellen Quits American Idol

    I enjoyed watching Ellen on the show, but I understand why she felt the need to leave. She is nurturing young talent on her own now, with her own recording label, so that responsibility plus her daily talk show and specials probably turned out to be too much for her to handle.

    To me, J-Lo is not a good choice. Those who watch Project Runway will remember that she backed out of being a judge for the finale at the last minute. When this was discussed, it was mentioned that she has a habit of "backing out." That impression has stuck with me, so even though she is signed, will there be episodes when she is a no-show?

    I'll have to use that old bromide - guess we'll have to wait and see.
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    Re: Ellen Quits American Idol

    LOL! J.Lo is a singer before an actress, actually she's a dancer before a singer. So she is actually more of a performer. Like Paula I don't think she has much merit in judging a singing (or acting) competition. She's should replace Li'l Mama in Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew.

    Not renewing Kara's contract and replacing her with Steven Tyler may be a big mistake. For one, Steven's face is not meant for TV. Ugh! Where is Pierce Morgan when you need him. Randy should just go. He is stale, irrelevant and doesn't come across as smart and although he is smarter than Paula, that is not saying much. If there is one judge I want to get rid of, it's Randy and not the others. I think he should quit now before the ship sinks along with him.

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    Re: Ellen Quits American Idol

    On Ellen's webpage, there is a clip of her doing the Alex/Twitch routine. I haven't seen anybody talking about it here. It was posted on 8/16/10 and it shows the behind the scenes training (Tabitha helped) and was pretty cute. She even wore the jacket that Alex had on and Alex was still on crutches.
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