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Thread: 5/25 Season Finale Part 1 *Spoilers*

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    Re: 5/25 Season Finale Part 1 *Spoilers*

    I just did a personal at home dial test and was able to get through both times I tried for both Crystal and Lee. Very scientific, I know...lol
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    Re: 5/25 Season Finale Part 1 *Spoilers*

    I wish we could discuss dial tests in here. It would be exciting.
    I'm charging my phone right now. Our voting starts in 2 and a half hours! lol!

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    Re: 5/25 Season Finale Part 1 *Spoilers*

    109 votes for Crystal out so far...
    306 votes...
    423 votes...
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    Re: 5/25 Season Finale Part 1 *Spoilers*

    First time I have voted this year and I just had to vote for Crystal.
    She was fantastic!

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    Re: 5/25 Season Finale Part 1 *Spoilers*

    Finale night

    1. Lee - The Boxer - This is a weird question but does he have braces? It looks like he has bands on his back teeth. Yeah, Mr. Cameraman...back the heck up. Too close.

    2. Crystal - Me and Bobby McGee - She sounds great, as always.

    3. Lee - Producers choice - Everybody Hurts - This could be really good or really bad. I actually really liked it, though.

    4. Crystal - Producers choice - Black Velvet - Hit a couple of sour notes, but overall did really well. Great song for her.

    5. - Lee - Beautiful Day - No originals? I like that...the originals all sucked anyway. I like that they can have a song that fits them instead of a song that fits just one of them. I like him singing this one. It sounds great.

    6. - Crystal - Up to the Mountain - never heard this one. I like it, though.

    Either could win and I would be fine. I think Lee will win, though.
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    Re: 5/25 Season Finale Part 1 *Spoilers*

    I voted for Crystal at least 100 times. Love that redial.

    She was in fine form tonight, amazing! ...gave me chills

    Lee was just meh and swallowed up by band and choir.
    Ain't Love Grand!

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    Re: 5/25 Season Finale Part 1 *Spoilers*

    A friendly reminder that DialIdol talk is not allowed in this thread.

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    Re: 5/25 Season Finale Part 1 *Spoilers*

    The last songs were interesting - I really wonder who picked them? Anyone know? Why did they go with already-done songs instead of originals? At first I thought Crystal's might be an original because she's eager to record some of her own work, but then I saw a post above with the recording artist (thanks for that!). I am curious to know if Lee chose his own song?

    Lee was okay tonight, but I agree that he was often overpowered by the production. Crystal's voice was much more "on display" with the songs she sang, and she did a lot with them. I simply love Lee's voice and would buy his album, whether he wins or not. Crystal is amazing and did such a great job tonight, so if she wins that's fine with me, I just wouldn't buy an album by her. Not that I would turn off the radio if she came on, but wonderful as she is, she's not something I would choose. I can still appreciate her talent though.

    I agree with the point made by others that tonight's performances will probably not make or break either singer - their fan bases will vote for them no matter what. Maybe some people watching were undecided and could be the deciding votes, but since Lee and Crystal aren't very similar singers, I'm not sure many will be on the fence.

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    Re: 5/25 Season Finale Part 1 *Spoilers*

    Interesting tibit from Jim Cantiello of MTV (who is in the press room at the Nokia) via Twitter:

    Press conference! Lee has 500X more personality than he did on the show. Also Lee + Crystal picked their own first singles. INTERESTING.
    So, that puts a dent in the "producers picked the more well-known song for Lee" meme.

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    Re: 5/25 Season Finale Part 1 *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by RealityLovesMe;3913729;
    If your favorite doesn't win this season, will you all watch next season?

    My fave rarely even makes it to the finale so I am sure I will be back next season. Unless there isn't a next season.
    Of course. The only season I was truly heartbroken was when Chris Daughtry was elimated. And even then I came back. I might be disappointed if my favorite doesn't win but I've always come to appreciate the final 3 (David Archuleta excluded) so I'm usually happy w/ whoever wins.
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