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Thread: 5/11 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 5/11 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I actually preferred Mike / Casey's duet over Lee / Crystal.
    I thought Big Mike did a terrific job though I do think Casey was good on his guitar. And, I sure haven't been a BM fan.
    I really disliked the Mrs. Robinson song and I don't know why so many think it's a cougar song. It really wasn't meant to be one. I do think it and the judges' references to cougars may buy Casey another week on the show, though.
    I liked Crystal's take on the song. Though it wasn't my favorite, it was better than the others.
    I'm still not feeling the Lee love though I'm sure it will be him in a faceoff in the F2 with Crystal.
    Wasn't excited about Mike's solo, either. But, a lot has to do with the song, itself.

    On another note, am I the only person who finds Jamie Foxx to be 1 of the most arrogant seeming people in all of Hollywood? Yikes!! He acts like he invented the cure for cancer!
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    Re: 5/11 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 5/11 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by RealityLovesMe;3900159;
    I'm surprised they don't like it. This sounds similar to what he does every week. I don't think he's worse this week. I think maybe they just overpraise him all the other times. I sense Lee's duet with ____ will get the pimp spot though so Lee is safe.
    Actually, I don't think he sounds like that every week. I think this was not a good song for him, but normally he sounds a lot better to me. With Lee it seems to be hit or miss, and last night was a miss. Loved the duet though.
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