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Thread: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I guess I'm just not getting Lee. I think he's improved but I still think he's pitchy and off key and I didn't like what he deid with the song at all.
    Mike is not my favorite, but he did a really good job tonight.
    Casey did look totally embarassed to be on the stage tonight. Not good at all.
    I enjoyed Crystal's bluesy and jazzy performance. Perhaps not her best ever, but I still find her vocals on a totally different level from the rest of this group.
    Aaron was sweet but forgettable once again.
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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by KennyLuv;3894172;
    Crystal - That was a wonderful performance. The judges did not get it. But Harry got it. She was Crystalizing Sinatra. Never heard anyone do something like that before. I am sure the judges watched the rehearsal and had enough time to understand what she was doing. But their brains just can't think outside the box.
    I've watched the performance back again and I have to say...

    As little sense as Randy EVER makes, he made even LESS sense tonight about Crystal. He's just dead wrong on this, and it almost sounded like the others were taking their cues from him tonight.

    But to me, again, the biggest sin was committed by Simon, because after Mike sang, Simon went back and boosted Mike by equating the level of Crystal's performance with the two before her. Which is... just impossible. Casey's performance was one of the biggest stinkers ever on this show by ANYONE, and Aaron's weak reedy voice was exposed for the crime it is. So for Simon to bunch those up TOGETHER with Crystal's performance? That still gets my goat. Even if she's done better on other nights, even if Mike AND Lee MIGHT have been better (debatable with Lee--I think he and Crystal were pretty much exactly on par with each other tonight), its just inconceivable to "score" Crystal, Aaron and Casey even approximately in the same ballpark. Her weakest performance ever would likely still be ten times better than them, and tonight she was probably far more than that multiple better than these two jokers.

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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I agree with Ellen, I am distracted by Harry's organ also

    my favorite in order tonight

    Big Mike

    I hate to age myself but Lee reminds me of Steve Lawrence who sang with his wife Eydie Gorme.
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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Here are my thoughts about the contestants tonight:

    Aaron- He is adorable, but not my cup of tea

    Casey - I thought this was his worst performance

    Crystal - I loved her dress and thought the judges were way off about her performance.

    Mike - I think he is boring and the judges are just trying to justify why they used the save on him.

    Lee - He was in his element and was by far the best of the night with song choice, performance, and style, etc...

    I think the bottom three will be:

    Mike, Casey, and Aaron

    Casey will be the one leaving.
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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    May 04, 2010: The Top Five

    I wonder if the producers entertain unsolicited suggestions. Frank Sinatra, while not one of my favorite singers, is a bona fide music legend, universally revered and well-respected as both a musician and entertainer. In his heyday; he was known not only as a consummate crooner; but also a crafty, ultra-smooth, sexy, song stylist. Even though he wasn’t always acknowledged as much, he gradually gained a reputation as master class vocal technician and was often referred to as a musician’s musician. While Big Band is, as Harry Connick said, open to new interpretation, presentation, and adaptation, it requires strict and dedicated vocal discipline, effortless control, and flawless technique. And it’s not limited to technical proficiency, even when that’s done, this genre demands something else to bring it to life; a consummate entertainer. There’s the rub! There are no master class vocal technicians in this group, nor any consummate entertainers. I tried to enjoy tonight but couldn’t. I couldn’t help but compare tonight to past seasons and former contestants. I imagined these songs in the care of vocal technicians and wonderful stage performers like Elliott Yamin, Melinda Doolittle, Latoya London, David Cook, Kelly Clarkson, and Tamyra Gray. I also thought of Justin Guarini and Katharine McPhee, who left Idol to become wonderful jazz singers. All these contestants owned this theme on the AI stage. I’m no producer but I am a loyal fan so I ask you, wouldn’t it make more sense to fit the theme to the contestants rather than the other way round? The remaining contestants sing well, I think, but none are master class vocal technicians. None are perfect candidates or perfect messengers for Big Band. With so many themes at their disposal, the AI producers chose this theme for Crystal, Big Mike, Casey, Aaron, and Lee? Why? Big Band is not one of their strengths. Why set them up for failure? You’d be hard pressed to find a worse match of talent and theme in the eight year history of American Idol. Surely the producers know at this point contestants strengths and weaknesses. Why not pick a theme that maximizes their strengths and lead to great performances and great television? I assume themes are decided at the administrative level and that contestants have no say in the matter?

    1. Crystal Bowersox. Not much in this genre or in Summer Wind for Crystal. Another night; another wasted talent. Frankly, I wonder if she’s even interested or committed to her best work. Why should she? Even though I like Big Mike, Casey, Aaron, and Lee, and think they sing well, neither is a serious threat to win this thing unless Crystal allows it. I picked Aaron Kelly way back in February, and he’s done well so far. I’m forced to stick with my pick, but I’ve seen enough to know the best singer; that’s Crystal Bowersox. Her most recent performances seem to baffle some of the judges but not me. I sensed a month ago her job on the Idol stage was done; the mission accomplished. Although unpopular at the time, my impression doesn’t seem so far-fetched now. Crystal is a powerful singer with a distinctive and classic blues technique, but it’s been three weeks since we last saw that from her. Why? I have no proof, of course, and this is pure speculation, but is it possible she’s holding back; deliberately coming back to the field? I don’t know the reason for the last two performances but they were not what we’re used to; both curiously atypical Crystal Bowersox performances. Even if my fanciful theory proves out; that she’s orchestrating a second place finish, I doubt she can change the outcome so late in the game. Props to the make-up geeks. Crystal looked beautiful again tonight. She's come a long way since baggy t-shirts and jeans, huh?
    2. Michael Lynche. Not one of my favorite Big Mike performances but he sang it very well. A classic romantic R&B interpretation of a classic pop standard, The Way You Look Tonight, a perfect fit of man and music, proved a welcome and refreshing respite on an otherwise boring and uninteresting evening. It’s all a matter of when because he can’t win. The numbers aren’t there, and, he gets little or no love from Simon. Both are obvious. This, in my opinion, was the best vocal and best performance of the evening; the only contestant to truly connect with both his audience and his lyric, so dude gets major props from me. Good job, Big Mike.
    3. Aaron Kelly. The first half was a sleep aid commercial, but he kept working at it and was rewarded and reflected in the second half, which was much better. Actually, the performance got better with time; unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to finish what he started so the performance was left undone. I liked this little dude from the start. Now that he’s back on form I can sing his praises again. Not the best singer but infinitely likable and very precocious. AI is in its ninth season, and I’ve yet to see a more mature and confident sixteen year male on the AI stage. He is a bona fide country music superstar in the making. Ellen said there was no country in it. She might want to go back and listen to the ending. That was as country as it gets.
    4. Lee Dewyze. Judges are heaping way too praise on Lee; and some of it is manically undeserved. His cover of That's Life was mediocre at best. If I were Lee, I'd be very wary of such comments. Is it possible Lee learned nothing from last season? Their voices are different but Lee is arguably a Kris Allen clone; e.g., a good singer with a handsome face. But Kris Allen is a better singer and is not only handsome, he’s pretty. Yet, Kris Allen is having a hell of a time selling records. Why? I offer two reasons. 1) While Kris picked good high quality compositions for the most part; e.g., Live Like We’re Dying is the best song ever from an Idol winner (that’s not debatable; experts back me up here), and went on a busy and hectic tour to promote his music, the result, while not disastrous, was a very un-American Idol type number. The real problem was that Kris is a boring stage performer and a business novice, so couldn’t positively influence commercial flow. Worse, he got no help from 19 Entertainment until his single was dropping like a rock. A single has one purpose here; to promote album sales and boost gate receipts. 2) Many Idol viewers didn’t accept the final decision; many still don’t recognize Kris Allen as the legitimate winner; despite the fact he received more votes; despite the fact Idol winners around the world are chosen in exactly this way. But the fault is not all his. It is the duty of his A&R team (19 Entertainment) to influence commerce; teach him how to act; how perform; how to win over his audience. In short, it is their job to create a commercial commodity and shape a marketable image. It is their job to go out and promote and market his product. And they did this on some level, but in my opinion, what they did was too little too late. They didn’t do all they could. So why would Lee Dewyze, a Kris Allen clone, escape a similar fate? I don’t think he can. Like Kris, Lee is too docile, non-combative, and way too malleable. But unlike Kris, Lee has no real identity and no concrete music vision. He will sing and be whatever and whoever he’s told. These judges have offered so many contradictory and contrived critiques, there are nights I don’t even recognize him. Lee started out a very cool authentic post grunge rocker, but because of advice he received from the judges, slowly but surely morphed into a chart-friendly, easy listening, pop rocker with no real direction, no substance, and no soul. The goal of Idol is to make money; if they are to stay competitive, that’s how it should be. 19 Entertainment needs to make money as well; the goal of any successful business. What I don’t like is this. In the beginning, the judges actually tried to help the contestants become better singers and artists. For whatever reason, they didn’t do that this season. Critiques this season were a kaleidoscope of wildly different opinions that addressed neither talent nor music. This had to confuse and frustrate contestants; especially meek and impressionable contestants like Lee Dewyze. It’s almost as if the judges were more interested this season in protecting Idol and their jobs than helping the contestants become better singers. In short, if I were Lee, I’d go back to the beginning, before Idol, and re-discover and re-connect with my roots; whatever it was that fed my soul and made me one with my music. I’d also get some advice from those in the business and learn from them; learn how to fight for control over my music and ensure that the final product reflects who I am as an artist. If he tries to be all the things he’s been told to be, he’ll end up confused. Worse, like Kris, he will have trouble selling records and end up with a waning music career just months after it officially began.
    5. Casey James. Horrible song choice. I like Casey too but this was quite possible the most uncomfortable performance I’ve ever seen on Idol. Dude was so nervous I thought he was going to faint. Didn’t like this performance at all. I went back and listened to Casey’s last two performances. I found very little vibrato. So I assume he was very nervous tonight. When a singer gets that nervous, the nerves manifest themselves in loss of vocal control and if left unchecked, a prevailing, distracting, and unpleasant vibrato. Like Kara, I couldn’t take it. This was a very tough night for Casey. I’ll miss him but he was fun, and had a good ride. If nothing else, he knows now he must find a way to command the stage.
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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    In regards to posts about the judges' critique of Crystal last night, I think they do some things for a reason. They know that negative comments on a good performance will bring out more intense backlash voting for that contestant. (Or that's my theory, anyway - we've seen it many times before.) I have no concerns about Crystal's being safe tonight. Hope I'm not wrong. :|

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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by I'm MEL;3894336;
    In regards to posts about the judges' critique of Crystal last night, I think they do some things for a reason. They know that negative comments on a good performance will bring out more intense backlash voting for that contestant. (Or that's my theory, anyway - we've seen it many times before.) I have no concerns about Crystal's being safe tonight. Hope I'm not wrong. :|
    Agree. The contestants in most danger seem to be those who get the "That was pretty good for you."

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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    What were the judges listening to last night?
    Crystal was AWESOME!!! I agree it was not necessarily her best, but it was still much better than the others last night.

    A guy better go home tonight

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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Loved me some Lee last night. Absolutely fantastic. I truly hope the judges praise didn't hurt him with people not voting for him b/c they assume he is safe.

    Crystal was second best for me. She looked gorgeous too.

    The rest of them, ugh, who cares
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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by I'm MEL;3894336;
    In regards to posts about the judges' critique of Crystal last night, I think they do some things for a reason. They know that negative comments on a good performance will bring out more intense backlash voting for that contestant. (Or that's my theory, anyway - we've seen it many times before.) I have no concerns about Crystal's being safe tonight. Hope I'm not wrong. :|
    Totally agree and historically person voted out at #5 has been some shockers (I think both Chris Daughtry & Jennifer Hudson were voted out at #5). I think the judges wanted to ensure Crystal stuck around.

    On another note, I just wish Crystal would listen and learn from Simon's criticism - he is just trying to help her grow as an artist for a successful career. She really comes across to me as someone not very humble, not open to learning and thinks she already knows it all ... not a good thing.

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