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Thread: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Frank Sinatra night, should be interesting. I love that Harry is backing them up.

    1. Aaron - Fly Me To The Moon - Meh, not my favorite.

    2. Casey - Blue Skies - Yeah, no. The judges are going to rake him over the coals for this one. It sounds off tempo.

    3. Crystal - Summer Wind - Love her dress. I like it. She sounded great.

    4. Mike - The Way You Look Tonight - I kinda like this. He sounds great singing this song.

    5. Lee - That's Life - Yeah, this is what I am talking about. I think he did excellent.

    Loving the band tonight, too. I

    Unfortunately I think Casey may be going tomorrow.
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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    My fav of the night, Lee. Hands down! He just had the whole feel of what the evening is supposed to be. Sinatra wasn't the gretest singer, he just put the song out there. I saw swagger and I saw confidence and I liked what I saw.

    Crystal.... I liked it, she has a bit of the torchy singer going. She was not in her usual element but she did it (as opposed to another). She can do nothing wrong in my mind.

    Mike, decent, not my fav but scads better then the next two. And a good #3 in this competition.

    Casey, get thee back to thy guitar! Please! Wow, did he look completely ready to bolt!

    Aaron, why do I think I keep hearing the same song out of you for weeks now? It serviceable, but the only performance I kind of said wow to was Angie.

    On a Bowie note, I'd love to hear Crystal do Man Who Sold the World.
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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Maybe the producers realized that these kids are a bit at sea when it comes to arranging music to show their strengths, but what ever the reason, bringing Harry Connick Jr. in to mentor and arrange (i.e. "produce") was exactly what the season needed. Most sounded really good, and a few (Crystal, Mike, Lee) really showed that they can stretch far beyond their original limitations.

    I have no idea what the judges heard in Crystal's performance that inspired their cool remarks. But from where I sat the lady aced it; she has never looked lovelier or been in better voice. The pans for Casey, unfortunately were understandable. Casey's vocal quality has never been great, and this arrangement exposed every flaw.

    Here is where I think the contestants stand after tonight, with letter grades for tonight's performance.

    Crystal Bowersox A-
    Summer Wind
    Judges, WTF? Sure, sometimes one or two judges totally miss the boat - but all four? Crystal's Summer Wind started with an intimate Jazz feel, and then amped up to a big band finish. And she was right on top of it the whole way. Especially after the first two guys, you could tell you were in the presence of someone who really gets what the arrangement is all about, rather than being dragged forward by it. Oh, well - the fans know what they have to do.

    Lee DeWyze A
    That’s Life
    I was ready for Lee to slide down the list this week, but instead he really surprised me with a commanding performance. He managed to deliver jazz phrasing on the lyric, yet keep his rock tone in the vocal. Lee can sometimes look a bit lost, but he showed tonight that teamed with the right producer, he can deliver the goods. Congrats to Harry and Lee for that bit of club jazz and Rock swagger.

    Mike Lynche A-
    The Way You Look Tonight
    Without a doubt the best singing of the night. Mike doesn't have to adapt to Jazz, he knows the style. Add to it Harry's great arrangement and you have Mike's best moment of the season. It was worth "The Save" to get Mike to this point. But was it the best performance of the night? I have to give that to Lee, but just by a hair.

    Aaron Kelly B
    Fly me to the Moon
    Aaron did a nice job, and Harry goosed the number with a first class arrangement (as he did for everyone). Aaron's problem is that at this stage of his life, he's a kid with a really good voice - but he's not an artist. When he sings to his Mom he connects to a song, but otherwise the material is completely beyond him. Nobody is going to believe a sophisticated lyric like "Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars" coming out of this kid's mouth. Aaron isn't growing anymore, but he has the young demographic pulling for him which may keep him safe for a week or two.

    Casey James D
    Blue Skies
    This was a chance for Casey to break out of the Guitar Man mold. Instead, the song crushed him. Casey had a lot of factors working against him. He's used to hearing his guitar; tonight he had to find his pitch inside a sophisticated arrangement where every instrument is playing something different - and none of it is the melody. He's got R&B in his bones; tonight instead of singing on the beat he had to riff off the beat. He's all about guitar licks and gospel wails; these songs require intimate attention to the phrasing of the lyrics. In the end it was all too much and everything just went wrong. To make matters worse, his R&B partner Crystal was majorly dissed tonight. So expect all the R&B fans to put all their force behind Mamasox - which will leave Casey in even worse shape, vote wise.

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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Aaron - The big voice did not come out today like it did not on many other Tuesdays. But I have heard his big voice before. I think the kid is still very very nervous and probably shaking inside everytime he goes on stage. I can't see any other reason why his voice just won't come out, and the band just drowns him.

    Casey - Off-pitch right off the bat. And continues struggling with the song. Not a total mess, but a mess. I used to like his vibrato. But now I have realized that Casey uses vibrato to mask his inability to hit the high notes. And does not even bother to try to hit the high notes. For the first time Kara gives an unbiased opinion about Casey.

    Crystal - That was a wonderful performance. The judges did not get it. But Harry got it. She was Crystalizing Sinatra. Never heard anyone do something like that before. I am sure the judges watched the rehearsal and had enough time to understand what she was doing. But their brains just can't think outside the box.

    Mike - Another wonderful performance of the night.

    Lee - Probably his best. For the first time I heard him hold a note for longer than two seconds.

    Crystal and Mike - the best two tonight.

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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Loved Lee! He'd have made Sinatra proud. Crystal was good, but not as good as usual. Mike was good, but am still hoping he doesn't go all the way. Aaron can go home already. Casey's performance tonight is hardly worth mentioning. Need I say more?

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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Weeks ago, the judges urged Crystal to step from behind the guitar and outside her comfort zone. Who remembered the barefoot singer standing on her little rug as she sang tonight?

    Crystal totally sold me on one of my favorite songs (love the Sandler & Young version!), and week after week shows us how versatile she can be. Lee is improving, but Crystal can be confident yet vulnerable at the same time. The judges are full of it.
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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by BTW;3894218;
    Loved Lee! He'd have made Sinatra proud. Crystal was good, but not as good as usual. Mike was good, but am still hoping he doesn't go all the way. Aaron can go home already. Casey's performance tonight is hardly worth mentioning. Need I say more?
    I recorded AI tonight and based on the reviews here ... I can't wait to watch it! Lee and Crystal are my picks. I liked Crystal from the start, and Lee is just growing and growing on me!

    ETA:And from what you are saying about HJC, maybe they should try to recruit him as a permanent mentor ... or even a judge.
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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I don't like Sinatra at all! Just not my cup of tea. I wish Randy would stop saying this is the most talented group ever...BS! Far from it. Lee was the stand out and I think Casey will probably go home.

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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Sometimes the judges after they have watched the replay will on results night say they were wrong.

    I wonder if that will happen tomorrow night ... and if it doesn't, it should have.

    Crystal was wonderful tonight. Lee was wonderful tonight. Mike still looks and sings like he's in a Las Vegas lounge ... definately not a headliner.

    I liked Aaron better than Mike.

    I love me some Harry Connick Jr. ... I saw him live about 20 years ago with a big band, he was marvelous!

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    Re: 5/4 Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I really liked the production value tonight. Giving the ship-jumping band leader the night off and allowing Harry to conduct the orchestra was brilliant.

    My girl Crystal...the only girl, Crystal. I loved that she wore a classic 50's gown - it added flavor to the evening. I loved that she was playful with striking the piano keys as she left the bench to begin singing. While normally I would love an intimate cafe/cabaret performance this was not the night to do it. She needed to sing to the hundred plus people in the audience, not fifty seated around tables. IF she could have found a way to bring the personal message at the beginning of the song with, perhaps, volume increases/decreases or something to bring it up a level, I think she would have placed higher tonight.

    It sounded from comments as though Casey tanked somewhere between rehearsal and performance. It was noble of Harry to give him the excuse of not hearing the band as well as he should. We have heard previously that the acoustics are dreadful for the singers, so that may have happened...but, still...as Kara said his held-notes did wobble.

    Poor Aaron...his voice is just too thin to take on a "smooth" jazzy ballad. Maybe in a few years.

    Now Mike has smooth down pat. His teddy-bear voice just ate up his song. His choice was also of the intimate variety and he pulled it off where Crystal didn't.

    Then there was Lee. He does look a bit like Harry (around the mouth area) and I wish I could have appreciated his performance more than I did. Maybe it was the "rocker" coming through like Ellen said; maybe it was that I felt he pushed the song too hard, though it can be "pushed" successfully, I just didn't like the way he pushed it.

    My rankings:


    Oh and I really didn't appreciate that Ellen plied inside jokes with her friend, Harry, during every one of her critiques - though she did have more to say tonight than usual.
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