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Thread: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    this season stinks. I have a feeling that the judges are going to be REALLY sorry for using their save on Mike last week. I think someone better is in trouble tonight.

    I love Lee and Crystal (in that order). Casey gave a great performance too.
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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Over at Entertainment Weekly Adam Vary is back to report on the "behind the scenery" of last night's studio broadcast:

    'American Idol': Ryan completely loses his everlovin' mind on the scene of Top 9.2 performance night

    Wow! We just saw half of Ryan's odd behavior on air last night.

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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by combatcutie;3876816;
    this season stinks. I have a feeling that the judges are going to be REALLY sorry for using their save on Mike last week. I think someone better is in trouble tonight.

    I love Lee and Crystal (in that order). Casey gave a great performance too.
    I think Andrew is on the very bottom this week. Personally, I think big Mike is the next one which one account for the 2nd one that has to go this week. If so, as sad as that is, it would be a kind of quirky irony, I think, that they "saved" Mike only for the the viewers to vote him off again the next week.
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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by StarryElf;3876791;
    The contestants do their own arrangements, so it's all on Siobhan for that.

    IMHO she has gone from unique to awkward. She isn't interesting anymore, she is just trying too hard and losing any originality that she had.
    I agree to this statement..she was interesting because she was different/unique, she has lost that. Whether it is due to her not knowing who she is (maturity) or allowing "them" to mold her she is certainly falling into the ranks of the "if onlys"

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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by cantstopwatchin;3876777;
    Working my way through last night's show and holy cow -- Tim Urban came out of left field with that performance!! Definitely didn't see that coming but I loved it. Lee and Crystal were awesome as well. Just saw Siobhan and zoned out. I don't want to feel that way about her. My fear about their using the save on Mike and it coming back to bite them, I fear, is going to come true.
    I agree with all of your statements. Siobhan seems lost to me and she needs to get her groove back very quickly. I love her originality and sense of self, but she isn't clicking right now. Tim, Lee & Crystal were my favorites, with Casey right behind them. I have been critical of Mike's over-the-top antics all season, but was so glad to see him dial it down this week. This is his first performance. My guess, along with alot of other posters, is that Andrew will be eliminated tonight. I am just not sure who will go with him, and fear that the save has been mis-used last week.

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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Crystal: Great as usual. Such a treat to hear blues/rock coming from a female on this show. And the comparison to Bonnie Raitt could be a fair one.

    Casey: Great as usual, but I always hate it when these AI guys sing to "excited" fans in the audience . It's visually distracting and turns the focus away from the performer. Casey and Crystal are the best performers this season, and I would love to see them in the Top 2, jammin blues together.

    Lee: Geez, I just think this guy shouts the same way each week. If Lee survives past the down-to-earth Casey, I'll be disappointed.

    Siobhan: Dear girl, I love your quirkiness. Yes, the song was disjointed, but it was so weird I actually liked it. You are still missing some connection to the audience tho.

    Mike: Great vocals, just not memorable. Not sure why....Maybe he's got too generic an approach?

    Aron: Boring.

    Andrew: Cool vibes and personality. He just needs to get serious and tell a story with a song, like Tim did last night.

    Tim: Beautiful voice, credible interpretation. The producers must not like Tim, because they did something incredibly unfair: They showed Ryan joke-dancing while Tim was singing. Taking focus away from a contestant while they are singing is so wrong. It's like the producers were telling the audience not to take Tim seriously as a contestant. I can't imagine Ryan doing that while Clay, Ruben, Jordan Sparks or Adam Lambert was singing a sensitive song.

    Katie: Fantastic vocal control but belongs on Broadway.

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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I'm wondering about the contestants doing their own arrangements. I have a fairly strong musical background, but I couldn't do some of the arrangements, or re-arrangements, that we hear on the show. Sure, slow the tempo down, speed it up, take the key up or down, but some of the things the band does, in my opinion, are beyond what most of these contestants are able to come up with. If all these kids are THAT talented, they need to be using their skills somewhere besides American Idol!

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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Lee, Casey and Crystal were my faves.

    I just wish someone would tell Casey to stop grinning ear to ear when he's singing about misery and pain. It makes it appear he doesn't even realize what words he's singing, much less connecting with them

    Maybe he could give half his grins to Lee, then they'd both come out about right.

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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Casey and Lee were my faves from last night. I wasn't crazy about the song Casey chose, but I still love his vocal talent.
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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by TopCatDC;3876784;
    OK, this is for everyone who compared last night's performances to Elvis's originals and found our contestants wanting:

    [mod edit]

    Give the kids country, disco, broadway - if they bring back something original and fresh we praise them and applaud their talent. But haul out the Elvis catalog, and we want them to match our memories of The King? The sexiness, the hips, the R&B, gospel authenticity - we don't see it so we knock the performances. Why the sudden shift in standards?

    Did you expect last week's songs to be as good as The Beatles?

    In all my years of watching Idol, I have never heard an Idol match or surpass the original artist. Never. Yet, that's the expectation I'm hearing from a good number of tonights comments.
    • Clay Aiken's Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me equal to Elton John? No.
    • Chris Daughtry's Hemorrhage equal to Fuel? No.
    • Melinda Doolittle's My Funny Valentine equal to Billie Holliday? Frank Sinatra? Chet Baker? Barbra Streisand? No.
    • David Archuleta's Imagine equal to John Lennon? Don't make me laugh!
    • David Cook's Billie Jean equal to Michael Jackson? No way!

    Seriously, if matching the artistry of the original is the new standard, we might as well just write off all nine seasons as a complete bust.

    Maybe I just don't get "Elvis", but my expectation of last night was just another week in the Idol salt mines. Drop off a box of sheet music and let the kids rustle through it and see if they can craft something original and entertaining. No more, no less. The fact that the choices were limited to songs previously recorded by Presley was merely the week's gimmick.

    Somehow it seems last night's theme crossed into sacred territory for some people. Which is understandable - but I just want to point out that the comparison is unfair to the contestants. They should be compared to each other and to past Idols and judged accordingly. Not compared to our memories of the music our youth. (Or, your parents youth. Or [gulp!], your grandparents youth.)

    TC makes a very good point and I happen to totally agree.

    On the one hand, I think it's nigh difficult for someone to not, subconsciously, compare a singer doing a cover to whoever originated and made a hit out of the song. That's done in various venues all over the world anytime a singer or a band do a cover of a prior recorded song. And, people will always compare it to the original. That's human nature.

    However, as far as comparisons with the Idol contestants, I will only speak for myself here.
    I don't have the highest opinion of this show finding real talent.
    It's kind of like The Bachelor finding his real love on TV.
    Sure, through the years, AI's had some who have gone on to win major awards and recognition. But, so many of them have just faded into obscurity after their time in the "Idol sun."
    I watch the show for entertainment, principally.
    Heck, I'm just glad after the course of an evening if I can erase the image and memory of a song like 8 Days a week or Under my Thumb that's been completely decimated by 1 of these "amazing, awesome, etc. talents".
    I remain eternally optimistic that real talent will shine on the stage, but I'm realistic enough to understand that talent, like anything, can be a very subjective thing.
    And, involving the viewing audience in the voting is going to reflect just that.
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