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Thread: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I adore Adam Lambert and I think he did a fabulous job mentoring them. I'm so sick of hearing "It was nice" "I liked it" "He/She will do well with it" "feel the lyrics a little more" from past mentors. I was impressed with Adam saying plain and simply "It's boring!" He actually gave advice the contestants could use and for once I wasn't falling asleep by singer #3!

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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by I'm MEL;3876647;
    Andrew's Hound Dog reminded me a little of TUrb's Under My Thumb - a little Kokomo vibe to it. Only it didn't creep me out quite as much as Tim's.

    I though I was liking Adam's mentoring, but I didn't like the performances that resulted from it. Not sure what to make of that. This was one of the worst nights of the season for me. And I haven't been systematically panning the season as some have.
    I think Adam gave very good advice.
    However, several tonight did not take his advice.
    I wouldn't blame that on Adam.
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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I don't understand the negative posts regarding Siobian's vocal ability! I've been amazed at how well she sings and I love when she hits the 'big' notes. I feel sorry for her because the judges seem to have it in for her.

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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Elvis will always be the King for me.

    That said, I will give credit tonight to those who needed to listen to Adam's advice and actually took it.
    Yes, Adam was a polarizing contestant for many, but it's inarguable that he knew how to get on a stage and perform.

    Based on tonight's performances, I think the person most in danger is Andrew. He does the same thing week after week after week and a performer he is not! He's actually painful for me to watch on the stage. Sorry, Mama Garcia!
    Big Mike did put his heart into the song tonight. While I would have liked a bit faster version personally, I do think he totally understood the compelling lyric. And he is a very good vocalist.
    While I thought Tim did better and did heed Adam's advice to a certain extent, he should have followed it more closely. Still, he at least engages his audience way more than Andrew can.
    I loved Katie tonight. I know many find her annoying but I really liked her sassy quality. You go, girl!
    Casey is pretty consistent but I wasn't overly enamored by tonight's performance. And, I still would like to see him engage more with the audience.
    Crystal is always good. Someone upthread said they found her boring and couldn't remember any of her performances. I still think about her Natural Woman and Bobby McGee, among others, and I am always impressed.
    Lee has a powerful smoky, bluesy voice but I wish he was more of an entertainer and took it further. He's good but he has the capability to do a lot better.
    Aaron did OK tonight and I give him credit for trying to change it up a bit.
    I'm sorry to see Siobhan spiraling downward. I thought she should have followed Adam's advice. Although I agreed that the second half was better, it was too little, too late for me. I don't think the judges have it in for her. I think they're just wanting her to return to who she was at the beginning of the competition. She seems to have lost her way. Still, if it came to her vs. Andrew, no contest. It would be Adios, muchacho to Andrew!
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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Crystal - Strongest of the night, hands down in my book. She put energy and something interesting into an as-usual great vocal, and out comes something great.

    Andrew - I liked the look of the big mic, but I actually agreed with Kara that it was his crutch. He didn't perform the song nearly as much as it needed.

    Tim - He didn't follow Adam's advice about falsetto at the end, and you know what? I think he was RIGHT not to. He knows that his falsetto killed him in Apologize and he's been staying away from it ever since. That's really really smart: until he has the chops to go up there cleanly he shouldn't do it, because one more bad song and he will go. And this, this wasn't bad. As others have mentioned, he really did show some nice vulnerability under all that dark lighting.

    Lee - I think his best performance so far. He's far from a robot on stage, but he needed to really get into the performance visibly, and he did that tonight. Nothing new in his voice, but his energy was much better and made me like him more.

    Siobhan - I blame the funky arrangement as much as the "two voice" thing. I know that the contestants choose the songs, but I don't know how much of the arrangements that they do: this just missed the mark in arrangement for me as the fast part sat too low in her voice for her to really get anything into the notes other than "I'm hitting this note".

    Mike - OMG I hated hated hated that arrangement. I appreciate them wanting to change it up, but that song has a driving tension that moves you along with the words and draws you into the lyric. The tragedy is made more poignant by the sense that this WILL go on as the song moves you to its inevitable conclusion. By slowing it down and removing that tension it just ruined it. I don't care about the vocals at all because I just did not like the arrangement. If I were the type to vote, this wouldn't have moved me to pick up the phone.

    Aaron - Poor kid. You could tell (especially by comparing the rehearsal footage from the recap with the live performance, and afterward while he was struggling not to cough up a lung) that he's still a bit sick and he put a lot of energy in to get to just "good". That's a pretty iconic song, and honestly, it needed more hip action, but he really does have a voice I want to hear more of.

    Katie - I kinda liked this. The "story" really helped her out, though I really didn't quite believe it as much as the package told me she wanted me to believe it, but she and Aaron both have these really mature voices for such young 'uns and hearing what she puts into it (even though her performance isn't quite at her voice) was nice.

    Casey - Yeah wow, that really was the same song. You know how every Randy Newman song from a Pixar film sounds the same? Every Casey song is like that. Did this one come from A Bug's Life, Toy Story or Monsters, Inc.? I don't remember... And he stands completely planted behind his guitar every time, no movement below the navel. Particularly in Elvis week, someone with his charisma, looks and voice should shake it more. Even Aaron shook it more than Casey, and that's a crime.

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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by TopCatDC;3876690;
    Well, I think we can retire all the rhetoric about this being a lousy season.
    I think last night confirmed this season as a train wreck. Katie, Crystal and Lee were the only ones with solid performances. The rest were a hot mess.

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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    April 13, 2010: the Top Nine Again

    (Maybe it’s me but where was If I Can Dream and My Way?)

    1. Crystal Bowersox. Saved is one of Elvis’ many gospel root songs, but there wasn’t much gospel in the Crystal version. It needed a gospel choir, cymbals, drums, and tons more energy. Crystal is a good singer, and I like her, but she never quite seems to squeeze all she can from a performance. My favorite performance was Midnight Train to Georgia but even that didn’t rise to the level of greatness we saw nightly in seasons six, seven, and eight. Still, I think hers was the best performance of the night, so you can pretty much guess how I feel about the other eight. The trouble, as I see it, is this: Elvis is basically gospel, rock and roll, R&B, rockabilly, but there are no authentic R&B, rock-n-roll, or blues singers in this group, so none were able to capture fully the raw gospel blues rhythm that shaped so many of Elvis’ songs. Because Elvis personified energy, showmanship, raw sex appeal, and wide ranging audience appeal, something none of these contestants own in combination, tonight was a disappointment for me, this despite the fact the judges heaped praise on almost all of them. I want to be fair here. I think Big Mike has the making of a prototypical romantic R&B crooner but is not there yet. It doesn’t matter that Middle America doesn’t like his style, R&B adult listeners will. Crystal and Casey, two blues singers, are also miles from home. Crystal has the chops. That’s obvious. That should translate to beautiful music in studio, but she lacks showmanship, so will have trouble drawing concert crowds. Casey could prove problematic at the check-out counter too. His best work comes from southern rock/blues; two male-dominated genres, so the sex appeal that works so well on Idol won’t translate to increased record sales. He needs country music; that genre is dominated by arresting, beautiful ladies and pretty dudes, and all are idolized, and well-supported.
    2. Michael Lynche. I think Big Mike sang it well; connected with the lyrics, but he needed so much more. Candi Staton crafted a fine R&B cover of this Mac Davis classic but Candi was never an American Idol contestant. I agree with Simon; it was indeed a wasted opportunity. He could have owned the night with a powerful, energetic, gospel soul (with choir) version of the inspirational If I Can Dream. In the end it wouldn’t matter much what he chose or how well he sang it, the numbers aren’t there, but If I Can Dream at least offered him a better chance to boost his popularity and vote total. The other problem with this song, a fine song by the way, is this. In The Ghetto tells the story of a young man who, born into poverty, turns to crime to make ends meet, and is ultimately shot dead while attempting a robbery. It’s a story that must be told start to finish, but AI doesn’t allow that, so the story (and the performance) was left undone. I love this behemoth, so I hope he survives this. But if not, go pro. Big Mike would make a fine DE. While NFL fans and judges can be just as picky as Idol, it pays better.
    3. Siobhan Magnus. Her version of Suspicious Minds was a mix of pop ballad and R&B, but ultimately neither. My Way was the rejected but obvious vehicle for who she is. I will say this: she’s definitely headed in the right direction. No, she hasn’t yet found that delicate space between art and awe; e.g.; musicianship and merriment but I liked this better than last week’s performance. Candi Staton's R&B version might have worked here but there’s no screaming in it, so unlikely to interest Siobhan. I don’t know if anyone can crack the Siobhan code. I love this kid but she’s a musical conundrum. I’m probably the biggest freak here; a life long fringe-dweller, which explains my rankings, but even I have trouble understanding Siobhan sometimes. She seems to think that labels shouldn’t matter; that art and talent is enough. If only! The music industry doesn’t work like that. In order for her to succeed as a recording artist, she will need investors (19 Entertainment?), and they will likely pour millions of dollars into the project. They can’t do that without a marketplace; hence, the label. The music industry is based loosely on talent, but not art. It’s the money that matters. Someone should explain this to Siobhan.
    4. Casey James. Lawdy Miss Clawdy was not fully articulated either. He seemed to be one with his lyric (the song is about a man who dumps his lover after learning she’s been cheating). The song choice fit him like a glove; the subsequent pain was well-projected; and there was nothing musically wrong with the performance. Just one problem, but it’s a big one: it paled miserably compared to the original. So I guess the answer is as simple as it was too big for Casey. It’s hard to criticize Casey here because he did everything right; just didn't work.
    5. Aaron Kelly. Blue Suede Shoes was yet another wasted opportunity; it rang false from the start. You Were Always on My Mind was the vehicle to feed his emotional soul. Aaron has changed recently. In the early rounds, he was a consummate artist and story teller; an honest broker. Lately, his art has been sacrificed to Justin Bieber pop glitz and glamour. If I could, I’d advise him to forgo the sticky hair gel and face paint, and reconnect with his roots. He’s a natural and sensitive country singer, and an artist. Justin Bieber is neither.
    6. Lee Dewyze. I was tempted to promote Tim Urban here but couldn’t. Lee owns a million dollar voice but that doesn’t mean much without a heart and personality. Every song, no matter the genre, is performed and presented exactly the same. A Little Less Conversation is about a man in need but true to his nature, Lee shouted the lyrics and walked center stage to collect weekly accolades. The real world will require a lot more Lee; a lot more. Would you actually navigate two hours traffic and shell out hard-earned bucks to watch this boring dude?
    7. Katie Stevens. She looked great on stage, but I didn’t like the performance much. But I’m certainly not going to criticize. What does she know of Elvis for Chris sakes? She’s a baby. Plus, she’s also a work in progress; and like Tim, is actually learning how to sing and perform on national television. That can’t be easy.
    9. Tim Urban. Didn’t like this performance much either. If you’re going to pick a slow, sensitive, romantic ballad, you’re pretty much forced to hold and round off notes. Tim's was more talk than song. But at least he located his romantic center, so perhaps the ladies will keep him around long enough to finish his on-the-job training.
    9. Andrew Garcia. You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog is another Elvis song about cheating and leaving; presented here in semi-jazz; every bit of it unlistenable.
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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Working my way through last night's show and holy cow -- Tim Urban came out of left field with that performance!! Definitely didn't see that coming but I loved it. Lee and Crystal were awesome as well. Just saw Siobhan and zoned out. I don't want to feel that way about her. My fear about their using the save on Mike and it coming back to bite them, I fear, is going to come true.
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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    OK, this is for everyone who compared last night's performances to Elvis's originals and found our contestants wanting:
    [mod edit]

    Give the kids country, disco, broadway - if they bring back something original and fresh we praise them and applaud their talent. But haul out the Elvis catalog, and we want them to match our memories of The King? The sexiness, the hips, the R&B, gospel authenticity - we don't see it so we knock the performances. Why the sudden shift in standards?

    Did you expect last week's songs to be as good as The Beatles?

    In all my years of watching Idol, I have never heard an Idol match or surpass the original artist. Never. Yet, that's the expectation I'm hearing from a good number of tonights comments.
    • Clay Aiken's Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me equal to Elton John? No.
    • Chris Daughtry's Hemorrhage equal to Fuel? No.
    • Melinda Doolittle's My Funny Valentine equal to Billie Holliday? Frank Sinatra? Chet Baker? Barbra Streisand? No.
    • David Archuleta's Imagine equal to John Lennon? Don't make me laugh!
    • David Cook's Billie Jean equal to Michael Jackson? No way!

    Seriously, if matching the artistry of the original is the new standard, we might as well just write off all nine seasons as a complete bust.

    Maybe I just don't get "Elvis", but my expectation of last night was just another week in the Idol salt mines. Drop off a box of sheet music and let the kids rustle through it and see if they can craft something original and entertaining. No more, no less. The fact that the choices were limited to songs previously recorded by Presley was merely the week's gimmick.

    Somehow it seems last night's theme crossed into sacred territory for some people. Which is understandable - but I just want to point out that the comparison is unfair to the contestants. They should be compared to each other and to past Idols and judged accordingly. Not compared to our memories of the music our youth. (Or, your parents youth. Or [gulp!], your grandparents youth.)
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    Re: 4/13 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by jsciv;3876741;
    Siobhan - I blame the funky arrangement as much as the "two voice" thing. I know that the contestants choose the songs, but I don't know how much of the arrangements that they do: this just missed the mark in arrangement for me as the fast part sat too low in her voice for her to really get anything into the notes other than "I'm hitting this note".
    The contestants do their own arrangements, so it's all on Siobhan for that.

    IMHO she has gone from unique to awkward. She isn't interesting anymore, she is just trying too hard and losing any originality that she had.

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