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Thread: 3/30 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 3/30 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I also like Casey, but I don't find him hot or sexy. Cute, sure, but sexy? Nah.
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    Re: 3/30 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by jammyjoe;3867230;
    Tim Urban was asked by Usher to imagine that he is the woman he’s in love with while singing.

    Unless Tim is gay or bi...wouldn't that be hard to do? I'm surprised Usher even said that because Tim couldn't deliver. Then Tim had to do it all over again to imagine a woman in front of him while Usher stands out of the way, LOL.

    I think the term is called "making love to the camera". IMO true talent can do this in thier sleep. I don't think it would matter what Tim's sexual orientation was he just isn't very good so it came off awkward.
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    Re: 3/30 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Who knew Usher would be so constructive in his comments and suggestions? Such a contrast and step up from Miley; I thought he was great. I was a little worried when he had his glasses on as they sang, but loved how he'd take them off from time to time to be more personal. Kudos to him for a great job.

    Last night had 2 great performances in Crystal and Lee. Crystal was just so fantastic and I loved how she was able to step away (though not far-lol) from the piano and just sing. And she knocked it out of the park when she let her range go higher--loved it!! Lee was great as well; I wish he'd just get some more confidence and smile some more.

    I think Andrew's performance might've kept him out of the bottom 3. I really loved it and it confirmed (for me) that he deserved the praise he got when he did Straight Up. But he's such a wild card that I have no idea what next week will bring. Hopefully, he's got his groove back and will make a great song choice.

    Siobhan...poor thing. I felt so awful for her, though she didn't sing well at all. I thought they were abnormally hard on her (and a couple of the other singers) and was glad to see Big Mike give her a big bear hug. Poor Didi as well-- why couldn't Ryan just drop it? He dragged that on way too long; it was uncomfortable. So she might get some sympathy votes for that.

    While I think Casey's good looking, his standing around with his guitar has gotten old. I'm done with everything being turned into a country song. Blech! The other singers were just okay. Noone else stands out from last night.

    Do you think there's any way we can petition Fox to kick out the bottom 5 and bring some of the Glee kids on?? I bet they'd get lots of viewers for that and it would kick things up a notch. Otherwise, this season is BO-RING!!! Let's just move to the Top 5, choose a winner, and call this season DONE!

    p.s.-- I, too, wondered about Aaron singing Ain't No Sunshine so soon after Kris. Kris knocked that one out of the park...I hope they bring him back again; I miss him on my t.v.!!!
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